67Medford, United States
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My self-summary

How is your experience with online dating? Very interesting, isn't it?

IMO, It's difficult at our age to connect with mates as we seem so settled in our ways and the baggage we tend to collect sometimes proves an obstacle that makes it hard to relate. But we continue to seek companionship and love. Isn't that our nature?

I am seeking a woman counterpart in this mystery we call life. Someone who has liberal tendencies like me, open to new ideas and experiences.

Life is so curious and we tend to pass over those unique opportunities. Doesn't it feel like, 'Wow, I'm over sixty and life seems to have just flashed by... where am I now and where do I want to be in twenty years? Who will be there with me?'

The synopsis goes like this:
I am not a Christian, but I am very spiritual.

I am honest and forthright...I always ponder the questions that are unknown and mysterious.

Irish/Dutch/English heritage.

I have many interests that are eclectic and fun.

I can be serious and I can be capricious

I drink alcohol on occasion, I like both beer and fine wines. Southern Oregon has some good ones.

I detest cigarettes! I am not 420, had enough as a young person... say no more.

I like the outdoors, but I will never climb Everest, go caving or hunt wild animals.

I don't run marathons and I don't compete in hard core sporting events. Golf is usually my delight. I like riding my bicycle in town or on a nice trail in the woods.

I did my time on fast motorcycles and don't really care to re-explore that experience. However, A Ural with a sidecar has caught my fancy.

I don't have a 'bucket list' and I'm not on some trip to 'squeeze the juices out of life...'

I am seeking someone who is slightly hippie, but can be sophisticated, easy on the eye, not seeking momentary self gratification or thrills. I can embrace the inner-journey, and still do business with ethics.

I have a good job and I'm looking at retirement soon (like this year...)

I have done community FM radio for fun. I love sharing the music that I love and delving into my ethno-musicologist learning.

I have artistic and musical interests and tendencies, although I can only dream of being a proficient musician.

I was born in LA and raised in San Francisco. I have a gentle nature, but I am NOT gay

I like viewing baseball and soccer live and in the stadium. I have many fond memories of ATT park in the summer.

I ride my bike on casual and contemplative rides. I am not a 'Ricky Racer'

I can cook for myself, I can clean after myself, I am very mechanical, but I won't fix your car. Ask me anything about your computer...

I have a degree from a small, private university.

I am communicative and smart.

I want to buy a house before I retire. I like small living spaces.

I have all my hair and like it when you put your fingers through it.

I like kissing you, touching you and I like holding your hand as we walk together in public. I know people think it's weird that older people show affection. Who cares?

I am faithful and when I commit, I'm 'All In'

I have done 'The Work' and realized that it is very complex and never ends. Please don't come at me with the 'steps' attitude or the whole EST like thing. Been there, done that...

Most important, I look forward to learning about you!

Be well.
What I’m doing with my life
Living in the present, watching the clouds and stars in wonder.

Have you seen the photo from the Hubble telescope showing a zillions of galaxies? Not just stars... Galaxies filled with billions of stars. Doesn't that picture make you feel amazed??

Now is the time to engage the lessons we have learned from age and experience.
I’m really good at
I am great at so many things, you will be amazed!
The first things people usually notice about me
Physically, I still look real good for my age, I have all my hair and teeth, I'm not hanging all over my belt, (okay, maybe a tiny bit)

I have a good sense of humor, I would rather smile than frown.

I have a young attitude, without being pretentious or tragically hip...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Movies: Usually epics, film noir, mysteries, some action films, classic B&W. Most definitely foreign films.

TV: I don't care to view broadcast TV. I usually watch productions on line. OitnB, GoT's, Boardwalk Empire, Portlandia, House of Cards, stuff like that...

Music: I love nearly all music. I am particularly fond of ambient/electronic (Balligomingo, Massive Attack, Chemical Bros, Dead Can Dance) Classical pianists (particularly Chopin, Satie, Rachmaninoff, Debussey, Dustin O'Halleran), world music from far off lands (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Frifot, Hamza el Din), most rock (Zep, Dead, CSN) blues (Black Crowes, Albert/BB/Buddy, Stevie Ray) and jazz (Duke, Louis, Count, Miles, Bird, Coltrane). Pandora is ALWAYS on in my home.

Books: too many to list. Currently into 'Dance with Dragons', the fifth Game of Thrones book by Geo R R Martin. Jared Diamond, classics, short stories.

Websites: The Guardian, Utne Reader, Wash Post, Huff Post, Native & American Indian News, Mother Earth News, The Daily Beast, The New Yorker...

I made it through the 'self-help' guru phase. I came out in one piece and found that I'm really 'okay'! Yet, I resonate to Eckhardt, Amma, Wallace Black Elk, Alan Watts, Parmahansa, and many more. But, I have the right to disagree with some of those concepts.

Food: I like eating many new and unique foods from all regions of the world. I am particularly fond of Indian and Italian food.
Six things I could never do without
-The hugs of my children and grand children
-art/music that expresses the positive spiritual qualities of humanity
-good friends
-the cool breeze blowing in my hair
-learning new ways to see the world
-The soft whisper of my lover in my ear
I spend a lot of time thinking about
LIFE, which is an incredible phenomenon. It NEVER ceases to amaze me.
On a typical Friday night I am
Whatever suits my fancy ...
Sometimes out with my wonderful friends from the area. We might be out enjoying a cool beverage or a warming coffee in town, maybe at the Green show.

Sometimes I attend lectures or theater. From California, I'm a bit spoiled on good wines. But So. Oregon has nothing to be ashamed of. The wines here are very good.

PBS has a lot to entertain and educate me. I give to PBS religiously.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't share private things on an open forum.

Okay, one thing: I'm far sighted, I can't see well close up. So I will put on glasses so I can see YOU!
You should message me if
If you don't live too far from Medford, OR

IMPORTANT: If our match percentage is high, and If you have perused the questions and answered a fair amount...

Be relatively healthy and emotionally stable. Be REAL
The two of us