28 Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
you probably dont have enough badges to date me

What I’m doing with my life
I'm from south Louisiana. I graduated in ecology at LSU. I then was an ornithologist (google it) for 2 years for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. I moved to LA awhile back and now I am a biologist for an environmental consulting firm. I also manage a luxury apartment property in Santa Monica, so if you want to waste $4,500/month on a 2bd2ba, I'm your girl.
I’m really good at
Drawing, painting and anything crafty.
I like to paint birds... go figure...
The first things people usually notice about me
meh' yall know.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Ender's game, Call of the wild, A song of ice and fire series. mainly, I like sci fi and fantasy. I usually am reading a book. I just finished American Gods and didn't like it so much.

Dance Gavin dance, emarosa, modest mouse, we came as Romans, bring me the horizon, in fear and faith, enter shikari, eye alaska, hands like houses, Memphis may fire, city and colour, local natives ... stuff like that mostly but I also listen to things like girltalk, earth, wind and fire and Katy perry.

I'm not a big movie person but I like comedies like knocked up, the hangover, stepbrothers and grandmas boy

TV shows:
Nature and animal documentaries, metalocalypse, blue mountain state, workaholics, archer, the league, adult swim, and anything terrible/awesome on TLC, like, hoarders, 19 kids and counting and my strange addiction. don't kill me but the kardashians. Legend of korra. I also prefer the regular show over adventure time.
oh and remember that show, "Im with busey," well I didnt know who busey was at the time but that show changed my life.

I eat animals and hate condiments.
but less about me, how can I make your sandwiches?
The six things I could never do without
- Prada heels
- Playstation
- grand prix level dutch warmblood (its a type of horse)
- beach house
- 1969 boss 429 mustang (it's a type of car, not be confused with another type of horse)
- hot boyfriend

But since I'm somehow managing without those things, I have no idea.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Dinosaurs. They truly put me in awe. I think about them and they remind me how insignificant I am. I can not even fully comprehend how small of a time scale I am alive for. The universe is so voidfully vast and it is constantly changing throughout time. So each section of time is a completely different universe than the others! Earth and it's amazing life and landscapes are just way less than a speck in the grand picture.

I am just lucky to have known that dinosaurs existed, but they make me sad/angry because I know I am missing out on so much in the future, past, and even present throughout the universe and it entirety. Things that I can't even imagine and will never know any sense of.
I feel like throwing up when I think about it. I know that I will never truly understand everything.
On a typical Friday night I am
Might solve a mystery or rewrite history...
(and wait for it)
Duck tales! Wooo ooooo

Okay, but more than likely I am drunk and doing something fun. I have a great group of friends and I like getting into a little light hearted mischief.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I struggle to stay content. I get restless if I'm not working on something or on goals.
You should message me if
It's better to say that you shouldn't message me if you wear fedoras, like affliction shirts and/or use scissor hand signs in photos.
lets get serious here: Almost all of you completely suck. 99% of yall. I've never seen a complete lack of interesting people since the last time I walked into a Starbucks. like jesus fucking christ, do all of yall "love the outdoors and hiking"? all of your profiles are lack luster and disgustingly vague. "I love music," Oh really??? so if I play children of bodom in my car are you going to just love that? prob not, so I dont leave the child locks on. geez. Please be more specific. How boring are you? "I like to laugh" for fucks sake, who doesnt? a plant? I bet you don't like the taste of gasoline either. How obvious. and yall say "I'm funny and I like to make people laugh!" OH MAN. Can I tell you how unfunny your profile is? Don't say youre funny, you should do so by being funny. Oh? Youre sarcastic too? doubtful at this point. This all adds up to that youre probably a murderer and have a creepy dildo shed. I want no part of it. I would also find more enjoyment in pissing out acid than be reminded AGAIN that you can play guitar every other section at a sub par to mediocre level. I got it the 1st time and still don't dick-fucking care. and the messages that all of yall send me. wow. "hi" "whats up?" "*Youre* smile is amazing." believe me, 'short little nothings' does not make me want to talk to you. did you even bother reading my profile? or some send messages that are a paragraph long but does not reference anything in particular thats specific to me. pssshhhh, I know how to cut and paste to a china country ton of people too. numbers game. i respect that, Mr. Copypasta, but not going to ever hear back from me. OHHH and so many of yall "guys" have messaged me to tell me how scary my pet lizard is. Please. Just. Dont. If I wanted to date a little girl I would have saved myself time and listed myself on here as a lesbian.

Really, I'm saving yall (and mostly me) some trouble by revealing that I'm kind of a dick.
if youre so bold. You can just go through my pictures. Its just proof that I'm a real person, have real friends and a real life.
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Oh, I guess ASCII doesn't work around here?