34Pittsburgh, United States
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My self-summary
I wander through the days wondering what I am doing. I enjoy the time I spend not in this reality. I work writing code which will eventually do something. I also look for ways to solve problems in better ways. I am constantly thinking and solving problems even when there are no real problems to solve. I am compassionate and honest some might say to a fault with the honesty. But that is what works for me, I appreciate honest people.

I also enjoy life as much as I can, I like going up to the "mountains" (they are hills around here). I would love to live in the country as I like the tranquility of nature. Also having space of my own to have a wood shop and big garage would be lovely.

I also am drawn by water and find that the flow of a stream or the currents in a river are a good example of how to live my life. I attempt to live with the flow of whatever comes my way. I am looking for someone who might just fit into the flow of life that surrounds me.

My thoughts flow with logic and as such I find difficulty in satisfying silly rules such as grammar. The constraints keep people in line and don't encourage freedom of thought and expression. If you are one of the people who insist on grammar know I try, but the concern on the top of the list in my head is keeping up with the flow of my thoughts.

I am introverted, very kind, bright, and dreaming, always dreaming.

I also suffer from Major Depressive disorder, on occasion this rules my life even if I would prefer it didn't. I seek to find enjoyment in my life, and to understand my reality. I also have asperger's syndrome, so I'm not wonderful with reading emotional cues, and this is a major reason I appreciate honesty and dialog.
What I’m doing with my life
I work in Technology, IT, systems administration and engineering. Trying to work my way into a job in information security and am studying infosec in my spare time attempting to learn everything I can.
I’m really good at
Well good is a quality judgment and well I'm not a fan of quality judgments. However, if a quality judgment must be made about me I may as well make it. So I am really good at procrastinating and avoiding questions which I don't like.

I'm also fairly proficient with a computer and other electronic equipment. I can also fix most things although I seem to be able to break things almost as well. I am typically able to fix what I break so it turns out alright.

I'm also good at listening to people. Also I have a knack for solving problems even if I don't know much about the problem. If it interests me I might throw my mind into it and not stop until I figure something out.

To me a problem to solve which interests me can keep me going and happy for a long time. Sometimes I wish I wasn't able to solve some of the problems to continue the search for a solution.
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair perhaps, or my blue eyes. Or its my general good looks and charm... Ok its the hair and eyes. Although I've been told by some I am charming I don't understand it but if others say so who am I to not appreciate a compliment.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: The Stranger, The Castle, Amerika, Cryptonomicon, The Sea Runners, The Trial, The Rebel , Snow Crash, Adrift. I also have a thing for science books and books on technical issues.

Movies: Fallen Angels, Diva, Apocalypse Now, 2046, 3 Iron, Yes, Deer Hunter, Hard Boiled, GO the korean version, Attack the Gas Station, Canibal the Musical, The Royal Tenenbaums, The God of Cookery, Assination Tango,C'tait un rendez-vous, In the Mood for Love,Battlefield Baseball, Wong Kar-Wai, L.A. Confidential , Shoot em up, Charlie Wilson's War, Wind many many others.

TV: Eureka, Dexter, Weeds, and basically anything on history channel although I'm not a big fan of the war history items anymore. I also am into the Discovery channel and TLC and then SCFI channel.

Music: The Postal Service, P-funk, Flogging Molly, Ramones, Joy Division, Johnny Cash, Les Claypool, Herbie Hancock, Jurassic 5 ,luna, lindsey stirling. I'm somewhat eclectic in my taste in music but for the most part am not a fan of country music.

Food: Sashimi I'd say sushi but I hate rolls. Just about anything I cook. BBQ and Southwestern are my styles of choice. Or perhaps anything spicy. I just love food I guess and Cooking.
Six things I could never do without
I need computers for my work, also like tech so they are items which would be difficult to go without. Although truth be told I wish I could be without technology.
Good Food
A very comfortable bed, or hammock
Air Conditioning (I tend to overheat easily, I think I wouldn't need the air conditioning if it stayed at 70 or lower most of the time.)
My dog (I miss her since she passed and haven't been able to get a new dog as of yet)
A car is nice to have, probably wouldn't travel too far without one.
Love and companionship.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Truth and how people believe in truth and that people need to stop seeking a ultimate truth and accept that the world is made up of functional truths which allow people to have a common starting point to argue around. Perhaps also the idea that everything in my reality is in truth just an extension of my mind.

Perhaps I Just think about the way things happen around me and I notice but take no care in dealing with.

Why out of ten conversations in a restaurant I inevitably overhear one that I just don't want to hear.

Oh yes and where I can find the money for a warehouse to house myself and all the things wandering in my mind as well as the antiques, wooden boats, and old cars I would love to restore. I must add to this one that I also want a place so I can start my electric car project. I think it also must be a good space for me to have a photography studio, as I find a renewed enjoyment from photography.

Also right now how the hell Ok cupid rates me as more adventurous than most. I admit I am willing to try almost anything, however, lately haven't been all that adventurous, although I guess I could strive to get back to a place where I am adventurous.
On a typical Friday night I am
My typical friday night I would like to be having conversations with friends while looking at the stars. But I often am alone lost in my thoughts. Or perhaps just wondering why we have built up a society where we work on schedules that are not our own and give up our freedom to live our own lives to some extent.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm somewhat of a fatalist. I've suffered from Major Depressive disorder for most of my life. I have a good grasp of it most of the time. I think I might have a fundamentally different view of the world than most. I am not exactly private about my Depression when it comes down to it.
You should message me if
You are interested and interesting.
Also you read the most private thing I'm willing to admit part and are alright with that.

I just appreciate a bright woman and find a woman with a brain sexy.

You can deal with a somewhat shy, and sometimes (possibly mostly) lost man.

I also am very receptive to people who have issues with mental health as I can relate to many issues. I really get along well with people who are bipolar for some reason.

I'm well aware that most women wouldn't message me first, however, if I sent you a message a reply would be wonderful even if the reply is fuck off.
The two of us