50Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
Ethereal, independent Rastamon who espouses "friends first" who are inerested in going deep, wherever that takes us, or doesn't, and not mating and dating. If u don't truly like me enough as a person to be a friend I won't want to date you even if we have total chemistry. I mean I will want to, just won't feel good about it. Ohhh to share similar sensibilities. I don't dwell in the grey areas. Know right from wrong good from bad and don't care what outsiders think. Love uplifting people who want to share fun or ineresting time, long term. Quirky creatives cool if you are positive and stable, really. Manhattan would be nice unless you are near water, trees, or adventures. "Plays well with others."

Pitch= personality: natrual, self-styled, strong, confident, physical, deep spirited, intellect, affectionate nature, fiercely independent, reliable, honest, decent, caring, fair, positive, inquisitive, a little innocent, fancyfull but not fancy, unbridled, creative, and most of all, devoted... to unconditional 1ove.

I was born 1961 but don't tell cupid since I chose to come up in more people's searches this way. If you are not innocently childish at heart i will be too young for u. I care how young you look, act and feel. period. I was mature at 16 and never really got to feel older, though of course i am. a lot. my bod is pretty much the same except for a few grey hairs and some man lines. If you hear my voice you will get it. I climb things and jump off em. Won't jog or lift weights, boring. golf? beware: pun ahead- i will take your cart 4wheeling and get you kicked out of your clubs. dancing... i don't care, i love it.

Passionate about INSPIRATION, in whatever form, not judging it, measuring it or man-ipulating it ... just roll with it. I leaves a mark. Though truly relaxed, am even high energy when daydreaming: i love to write... to explore.

Momentary soundtrack to i profile: cowboy junkies Sweet Jane LINK=

Activities as in outdoors, not bored games or mind games. Friendly, peace full and honest, lo drama, high communication direct, open minded, overstanding, not judge-mental. Am romantic as in picturesque, not CasaBlanca, though it is a beautiful story. I love making new friends because of the beauty of friendship and getting to know and share with free thinking honest people, not to fuck and possess.

Friendships are long term relationships that create themselves, this is very different than dating with intent. Although the desire may be deeply sexual, the objective is not sex. I know my strengths and weaknesses. I love working on them (the weaknesses that is), i don't need to talk about the strengths (tho i just did, duh), they are apparent. That is my practice. I like relationships to evolve natrually and i don't throw people away (unless they have proven to be toxic).

I am rasta, always evolving, devoted, and truth full but not perfect, though i am working on that! i do not like to make the same mistake 2x.

OR, if you are want to see or comment on my journal, or if you want to run away, there is plenty there to help, it is rarely censored. here's the link===>
What I’m doing with my life
doin it n doin it n doin it raaaiiiiiight. ahso, asking stupid questions. being careful not to step on the cracks in the sidewalks. taking stairs 2 at a time, sometimes 3, ooh that's hard. apologizing to all the inanimate objects i skate into, sometimes they come outta nowheres.

learning, growing, and evolving. working hard but enjoying things with less emphasis on day to day dollars. Coexisting with nature within our surroundings is so fulfilling. I don't dislike materialistic people, but prey they see otherwise. Balance.

struggling at parkour and capoiera. learning MMA 2 years now, and it is the only sport i care about, though i love to play almost anything with a lot of movement, even running around with a bunch of dogs, or you, in the park.
I’m really good at
Ducking bullets, keeping my mouth shut, giving your pets fresh water, pleasing, communicating with you and them, random blessings to make someone's day, bringing the diesel, being a good friend, being a good stranger, going downtown, sussing you out, spiritual/inquisitive pursuits, cleaning the lint filter (did u know what lint IS? (Lint is YOUR CLOTHES)) composting, stirring the pot, being bad ass, faking orgasms, focusing on meaning full values, questioning authority, scaling fences, touching tings in museums, inventing new words whether ya like it or not, opening i mouth, biting i tongue, biding i time, getting paid, moving fowad, doing what i say and saying what i do, kissing with all of my entire body, tenderness, messing up a perfectly made bed, walking upon i hands, sliding down stair rails and escalators with no steps. running UP a wall. landing on my feet, or getting right up again, being alone~~together, smooth skin, hard body, curling your toes, smelling nice natrually, suspending disbelief, hauling wood, hosing shit down, mischief, playing in traffic, climbing or riding anyting. if i can't do it, i'll stare at it for the longest to figure it out. ordering every meal as though it matters (beware if u have no patience for virgos)

i make people feel relaxed... unless they are uptight, then you will feel seriously unHinged!
The first things people usually notice about me
~~ There's only one ~~

if you see me in the wild, or maybe a club, and haven't yet met me, the experience may be someting like this: if ya don't have 11:11 seconds, here's a short version of traffic's Low Spark of High Heeled Boyz, just swap the heels for the wheels -

Coming= i eyes
Going= i tail

and Swagger

casual yet well mannered, friendly, inquisitive, helpful, open, playful, adventurous, positive, unveiled, fe real.
i like to dance dance dance,
i will dance alone.

i am the same person every day as i am while on holiday,
and seek that in others.

If Manhattan is an island, why don't people act like it?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Anything wild or zen full, especially at the same time. i do like romances such as kill bill, wild at heart, and T2! books should be deep like lolita or poems by rimbaud, unless they have a lot of pictures. little prince, peter and wendy, cynthia heimel's sex tips fe girlz, stop, this is embarrasing! i am more into doing than observing, only if it is deep will i stay seated, and then i will be riveted and time stand still.

Lots of food, particularly if it's natrual and doesn't deliver death upon i plate. It doesn't matter alot whether you like the same, so long as you are eager to share. i prefer green and crunchy. or something whipped up by tom Carvel.

Music - reggae and rock plus some hip hop, rap, jazz, and classical, and yes, it doth matter. the sounds of water, trees, stillness, and birds work fine as well. although reggae inspires, i still rise into trance when csny plays almost cut my hair, and pink floyd can bring the sweetest tears to i eyes. i love madonna true blue no matter what anyone anywhere says.

Since u asked, i do have some favourite times: 11:11, and 11:34, (ask me why?) and of course, 4:20, otherwise, time is just an accounting, and i have no further use for it. i lose it constantly, whatevs.
Six things I could never do without
This is not up to us. Would like to think there is nothing i could never dowithout, but am grateful for love, truth, space, living things, the special friends, teachers and family in i life, generousity of spirit, dark chocolate, pussy, skymall, and inspiration.

The glass is full full, but that does not mean we shall always drink of it.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Ohhhh, stupid things. every ting and no ting. what to eat. is it cold out? fire flies, sea horseys, if the ice cream truck will come by this time of year, why we have so few role models, and how to self mentor, and what to be for Haloween. simple and, timeless pleasures. i have thousands of tiny dreams... they are in the moment, like breath, or poetry.

If you are curious whats important to me, you can look a few tabs over at the journal tab of this here profile--->

OR click this link yo--->

i am a writer and like to be transparent if not effusive. feel free to comment, question or criticize, i usually learn someting. i don't hide imperfections. Spend lots of time thinking about i friends and people i meet and how to create.

"all we need is what we have"
On a typical Friday night I am
Whimsical, not nessecelery making plans, random, flightful, laughing through the tears- immersed in vinyl, blading or skaboarding central park or a river, letting the terrain lead, staring at the sky, playing with dogs who don't have cranky masters, riding it till the wheels fall off, spontaneously combusting, "dancing like nobody is watching, singing as though nobody can hear (hopefully), loving like there's no tomorrow, and i add, writing like i am on a mission."

Fear... is not an option.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i was born in the back seat of a greyhound bus.

i can talks to the animals.

If i din't look like my picture, i would surely not have selected it! i can do the abs/torso shot but u have to ask. it will be mine and current if its not good enough just say so and i can send u someone elses - there be some serious competition round here.


No, really, Not gonna happen. ohk k k k k ... I was on tv twice, but no one knows this so shhhhhuttup. first was actually called Dream Date, i was really young and it was still Manhattan Cable, crazy shit. Truss me, m no dream date, never was! second was the morning show, i really wanted cathy lee afore she had work done. regis said some dumb shit, i could tell he was jealous.

i keep vampire hours, n don't believe in mirrors.

i am an intensely private person so you will just have to wait for the autobiography to finish

Don't miss the chapter "I was a problem child...and proud of it"
You should message me if
You literate! oh yea, ahso, You can do SOMEting besides Text! You want to eat me alive. You are secure and positive and don't need someone else to Vali-Date you, OR you're as dumb as a rock, m flexible like dat. You are rediculously strong. or you are just tempted. we don't have to IM and meet like tomorrow. i get that there are alot of guys better looking than me and more of a sure thing who would promise you the moon and the stars and actually mean it. but if you don't require that, give a shout. its casual, we haven't even met yet! BUT, just coz i'm a guy, no 1-night stands PLEASE! I can't believe i have to write this. Is that supposed to be some sort of compliment?

You're willing to take the bait. you wake up in a good mood, you laugh in your sleep, you share your doggie bag, its good if you have some sort of job, and you like your boys ripped and dreaded.

You value growing and learning in a friendship. you like ineresting people who love to smile learn explore share evolve, and you can cope with intentional(Y) creative spelling/grammar. new words and meanings are created ... text is a writer's paintbrush. 26 letters? puhleeze.

You're still g_listening... you find yourself irresistable! you do not have a mean streak or harassment tendencies or play games, and you are honest about what you believe you are seeking and are open to the possibility that it may wind up being someting else. you are not closed minded nor into presumed outcomes. your social circle includes people older and younger than yourself, besides your family. you don't post pics with your neices/nephews and shots of bridal parties wearing all that gear, you are independently healthy. able to leap faith in a single bound. you realize that it doesn't so much matter someone's chronology if you aren't in their pants. you own some of life's ironies and know we shall all endure more. you are more than just a pretty face ... desire is easy to come by, hee hee, inspiration is boundless.

You are more about the journey than some sort of search. you wish to explore with someone who is spontaneous, honest, courageous, communicative, kind of innocent, and imaginative, who is focused on expressing him true essence rather than manifesting your idea of prince charming.

You Dance, and you know of a club that can handle me (tip- look under an open sky).

You can tell me what to do OR how to do it, but DON'T tell me what to do AND how to do it, if you please!

i only wish to get to know people who are their own master, or have the tools already to be, have an inner core of strength and realism, and are devoted to goodness - that is integrity. i am not into addicts in terms of substance abuse, anger, hostility, shoes, man-ipulation, self-aggrandizement, mood swings or drama. attitude can be exciting, irreverence titillating, but kindly do not message if you've got your panties in a wad.

And lastly if you are nice young lady in your 30's, it's not gonna happen, though I am flattered... Hee heee, gotcha!

If ya made it this far here's a treat, lauryn hill video link -

***WARNING: Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies, projects, advertising, sales, or any other reason-you DO NOT have permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered( a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. **
The two of us