32Oberlin, United States
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My self-summary
*Thanks for stopping by, and to those of you who are in another state or country for that matter, thanks for the interest but I'm not in the mood for a road trip...I get those enough for work, oh and if your going to rate me, I think you at least owe me a message I'm flattered and all but talking is bit more impressive to me then getting a few stars on a website.

Also, been getting a lot of repeats lately and if your gonna pop on my page a lot...say hello at least? Clearly something got your attention so just send me a message already!

Oh and lastly, if we talk on messages you stop then 3 months later reply back, I'll be nice but I get very quickly whatever plans you had just went south and your in damage control...thanks for letting me know I'm second choice*

I have read a lot of profiles where people say "they want to meet an honest guy" or "I wanna meet someone who is there for me" and then you probably go for that douche bag in the hipster hat who treats you like shit. Meanwhile a nice guy is sitting right here...

I'm pretty blunt and while the way I act and the things I say may in fact come off negative, I am more then likely in a sarcastic way making fun of a situation, I always think of myself as a viewer in this world and enjoy the show.

A big thing about me is trust, I get that lies are gonna happen but little ones that are minor are one thing, it's the big ones that cause damage and...I've been dinged around a lot in that department. So it takes me awhile to open up to someone to let my guard down. I'm friendly and nice and all but to get to know me you gotta settle in for a long haul.

While I get a lot of girls on here want the guy to message first, I'm surprisingly shy about it. I try my best to get over it, but ladies if your actually interested after reading this long rant of a profile I encourage you to message me. I don't wanna waste your time making you read a message you don't really wanna respond to. If you do catch my eye I'm going to make an attempt but I'm also kind of dumb at reading things, so even if its just a "hello how you doing" type of message I'll do my best to respond.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm currently driving around the Cleveland/northern Ohio area as a delivery driver of various things. I've delivered hams, envelops and paychecks. Also I did in fact deliver pizzas but that was a different job.

I'm also starting to get my crap together, you know saving money trying to meet new people. Though I find I tend to hang close to my group of friends more often then not. But I never say no to expanding it...

A reason (like so many of us) I am on this site is I'm trying to get myself out there, my line of work I usually meet people in their forties and up, so meeting people close to my age is a challenge. I wanna get to know someone, date and all that but work towards something long-term.
I’m really good at
I don't really like gloating about what I can do...honestly I don't you'll find I tend to keep quiet about accomplishments and stay humble...but we do have to fill this spot now don't we?

I guess I'm good at martial arts, I try my hand at writing as well, Guess I'm a good driver as more often then not I'm drafted to drive everywhere when my friends and I have to pack into a car for a trip somewhere.

I also have a good read on people, honestly you'd be surprised what I can learn about a person in a matter of ten minutes if I analyze it. And its usually pretty accurate.

Also if you need something nerdy tracked down, I can probably find it for you...and maybe cheap.
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair, or my hat I dunno what else.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm gonna try and not put 700 million things here...

movies: Clerks, Serenity, The Dark Knight, the Marvel movies, and a bunch of others. I rarely meet a movie I have not liked in some way.

Music: It's always changing and evolving but I generally stick to rock music and techno. Some of my faves include The Who, Bad religion, Mumford and sons, Black Flag, Rollins band, Rush, The Beatles, Paul Van Dyk, Orbital, Massive Attack, Paul Oakenfold, Nine Inch Nails, The Jam, and a lot of others. About the only genres I don't really like are rap and country.

Video Games: I like a lot games, rpgs, some sports ones (read if it is something you can't get a ball for less then 14 bucks I will get the game), strategy, fighting games you name it.

TV: Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire, Top Gear, House, Castle, A bunch of cartoons (I know) and many others.
Six things I could never do without
Phone, GPS, Music, Wallet, My Shades, and a hat
I spend a lot of time thinking about
All kinds of random things, I'm all over the place usually, it could be the task at hand or trying to figure something out like a puzzle...I got that whole house thing where he is doing one thing yet at the same time figuring something else out. But I don't walk away suddenly...I do try to excuse myself first.
On a typical Friday night I am
After a long week on the road I can usually be found at home in front of the tv playing a video game or watching something on blu-ray or netflix. Or possibly sleeping as I feel drained
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't let people first anyway, it takes a bit as i said for me it is hard to open up and trust someone. It really hasn't helped that the people I have opened up like that to in life has all pretty much destroyed any of that wanting to do it. Maybe someday I can again...

Also I liked the ending to Mass Effect 3
You should message me if
You read all that, seriously you deserve some commendation for that. And you actually wanna have a conversation and get to know one another.
The two of us