43San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
Here's the one-line description: I'm a nice guy with a lot of different interests which make me fun to bring to parties and just to have conversations with one on one.

So the details: first, I'm a big guy. So if you're into more huggable guys, I'm right up your alley. And most people can't tell right off what my race or ethnic background is. People have made guesses all over the map, but I'll let you off the hook: I'm Filipino with some other seasoning stirred in.

I'm a geek. Kind of mild-core, though. I like to surround myself with other friendly geeks and nerds who aren't too far out in the deep end. And date them if I'm lucky. Which is why I'm lurking around here on OkCupid rather than, say, Adam4Adam.

What makes me more conventionally geeky includes my interests in comics, video games, tabletop gaming, anime, Star Trek. I have been going to the San Diego Comic-Con since the 80's, which is pretty much the mecca of all things above.

But I also geek out on artsy-craftsy stuff like sewing, sculpture, design, drawing and writing. And then there's the complete nerd side of me that is into user experience, web development, and trivia.

But I'm also pretty normal. I like to hang out with friends, watch TV, go to movies, play poker, eat at holes-in-the-wall. I like to go out and drink, though I don't get messy. When I am with folks who are crazy enough, I love going to sing karaoke—in a room, but I prefer a stage. And when I'm on my own, I like to explore the nooks and crannies of San Francisco on my scooter. And I always have my fingers dipped into some community-based project or another.

I live a somewhat bohemian life for someone my age-- I live on my own without anyone depending on me and am involved more with doing creative and community-oriented things than, say, sweating about investments and social standing. This may not sound grown-up, but don't confuse my interests and lifestyle as a lack of maturity.

Historically, I've dated primarily Asian men, but I don't have a rule or anything. I mean, I am totally into gingers, but that doesn't really fit my history. I just try to date folks that I'm attracted to and get along with.

I am big, geeky, and generally pleasant.
What I’m doing with my life
I work for a mid-size arts institution, running the website. But I've pretty much always worked in some capacity on the Internet since before the beginning of the dot-com boom (the first Internet bubble, not the current one).

One of these days I hope I'm just as known for writing or even making comics. But until that can pay the bills for me, I write code and push pixels around.

I often go out and speak to junior- and high school students about the LGBT community. It's a great thing about San Francisco, where teachers actually want to give up a period in order for gay people to come and talk about themselves in front of their kids.
I’m really good at
Despite how I describe myself above as a geek, you might think that I'd be socially awkward. I'm actually quite the opposite, and I'm great interacting with folks. And did I mention I like karaoke? I'll admit to being a pretty good singer when there's a TV monitor in front of me to feed me lyrics.
The first things people usually notice about me
I always remind people of someone they know or think they've met before. I am usually not that guy.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A) Books: I'm terrible at remembering what I've read. But here's stuff off the top of my head, which must say something about what's stayed with me: Kavalier and Clay, Ready Player One, The Name of the Wind, The Handmaiden's Tale, Mrs. Dalloway, Native Speaker, The Golden Compass, Game of Thrones, Where Is Your Body, The City and the Pillar. I have also regret reading a few very popular books, including those by Steig Larson, Stephenie Meyer, and E.L. James. Blugh.

B) Movies: I enjoy beautiful, important films along with hilarious, terrible trash with equitable love. I won't even try to recall art house titles—here's the mainstream titles: Showgirls, Flower Drum Song, Bring It On, The Joy Luck Club, The Lion in Winter, most Disney and all Pixar movies, Lord of the Rings trilogy (not so much the three Hobbit flicks, though) Pretty in Pink, The Sound of Music, The American President, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and the JJ Abrams Star Trek movies, Roman Holiday, anything Miyazaki, Flashdance, Elizabeth, Gone With the Wind, Pitch Perfect I & II, Clueless, Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz/The World's End, all them Marvel movies... 'cuz, comics.

C) Shows: I love TV, especially on Sundays. I start with CBS Sunday Morning (on the DVR) and Meet the Press. Then I ignore sports all day until it's time for Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Downton Abbey, The Good Wife, Veep, Silicon Valley... and the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Other than that, I like funny: Archer (not Arrow, ugh), Modern Family, Empire, Big Bang Theory, The Mindy Project, Adventure Time, Orphan Black, Property Brothers and anything on Comedy Central not titled Tosh.0 (ugh). My news day starts with Morning Joe and ends with Rachel Maddow. Also, even in the age of Netflix, I will still watch a marathon of Star Trek:TNG on BBC America, ads and all, out of sheer respect.

C) Music: My perennial favorites are Prince, Donna Summer, ABBA, and Erasure. Besides that, I'm a bit eclectic in my taste (like everyone else says), but I am very clear about my love of big-voiced pop singers: Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, fun Sam Smith, Ariana Grande probably get the most plays from me for current artists. I love 80s pop and 90s hip hop. I like classic jazz vocalists. I like to sing along with Broadway soundtracks. I like radio EDM, especially Zedd and Robyn (who will probably make my all-time list as she keeps working). Basically, if it has lyrics and melody, I probably like it. If it doesn't, I might be hard to win over.

D) Foods: BBQ pork ribs and brisket are my favorite things to eat. I also like Filipino, Korean, Italian, Thai and Japanese, especially sushi. Besides that, I have a major sweet tooth. Also, I drink Coke Zero. A lot.
Six things I could never do without
• Television. Don't dismiss it out of hand. It's the golden age of TV, happening right now. But I do watch some Housewives, too.
• My scooter. It's my pair of wings that I can park practically anywhere. Millions of riders in Asia know what's up.
• My iPhone. If I had no other piece of technology, I could live happily. Hell, if I had nothing else, I'd go pretty far with it.
• A really good bag. I live out my life out and around the City. I need to carry things.
• Coke Zero. It will probably give me a tumor one day. But I could have worse vices.
• A pen. It can write, it can draw, it can perform an emergency tracheotomy. I'm good at two out of the three.
You should message me if
Message me if you're a geek yourself, or are interested in someone who's not afraid to let his geek flag fly. But also message me if you're just interested in someone who just has a lot of different interests, likes to talk about them, and just is kind of nice to have around. I'm that kind of guy.

And like I mentioned, I've dated mostly Asian men. But don't let that stop you from contacting me if you aren't. Especially if you're a ginger. Or otherwise cute.
The two of us