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My self-summary
pour mes amis qui parlent le francais.... je devine que ce n'est plus important que je n'ai pas utilise' ce site depuis 7 ans mais je suis la! On y va!

alors, j fait quelques sorties au passe et a eu mal au coeur enfin. Je suis en contacte avec un peu de mes exes donc tu dois preuver toi-meme

Sup que onda. Soy justo una muchacha vieja buscando un hombre guapo para tomarme al paraiso. Si tu eres el hombre, hablame.

I can't see likes.
ok intro profile-
I practice a lot of piano (jazz, r & b, I will not lie, I do not practice funk lol)

Those are my favorite forms of music, but also I like some rock (of all kinds but no punk please, and no heavy heavy metal) and country every once in a while. (yeah let's keep it real, it's closer to almost never lol)

I speak 3 languages outside of English- Spanish, French, and Japanese. I'd like to learn sign language... I'm at a point where I can have a basic convo with a deaf person, and I have deaf friends too so I want to get better.

I'm in school for a French TCP major and Spanish TCP minor... I work in Holly while I'm in school.

I like to write fiction, and poetry. I also write songs.

I read mostly fiction, sometimes non-fiction.

I used to play a lot of video games, but I don't have time now that I have a 7 year old daughter, school, work, errands for Grandma, nursery, etc. As for the club scene/bar scene, I try to go out with friends when I can.

That's the extent of my entertainment (for the most part) so if you wanna get me out of the house, don't just take me to a tired restaurant. It's cool, but I'd like to do other things, too. I come up with places to go also. Museums, concerts, attractions in different cities- let's spice it up!

I am getting out of a long-term relationship, and like I said earlier, I am not a fast-mover anyway, but I'm not a turtle either so if you want just talk to me and see what happens.-DC
What I’m doing with my life
I told you that in part A
I’m really good at
Well, I have mastered the Biker Shuffle by Big Mucci..... have you?
The first things people usually notice about me
how tall I am lol I'm only 5'9", jeez!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books- The Poisonwood Bible, The Bone Collector, Joyluck Club, um, Un Coeur Simple, Marrow of Tradition, Quicksand, Kindred, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, A Wrinkle in Time, Dr. Seuss Sleep Book! Things Fall apart, Indian Summer, Malinche de las Manchilas

movies- The Piano Lesson, The Horse Whisperer, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the newer one), Spiderman series, Pirates of the Carribean series

TV shows- That OJ trial show that documented the stuff we didn't see during the trial, it was good, and it was well-written that was my sh**, Judge Judy, Unsung (you have no idea how much I love that show, in fact my whole family was just glued to a double episode the end of January '17), and the first season of Empire (I didn't think they could outdo that, so I just hear about what's going on in the other seasons and laugh but I don't watch anymore) ....and though it's old, the Wayans Brothers lol and a whole lot more shows. (Oh, and Hell's Kitchen lol)

music- hip-hop, r & b (new, 90's, 80's, 70's, in fact, any year's), blues, gospel. New Wave artists, techno, pop, rock (many forms of rock...except the new punk, and heavy heavy heavy metal. (like Lamb of God)) (but Rob Zombie's ok..and Korn, Godsmack, even Staind...etc

I'm feeling right now 1/27/17 a track by Ro James (but not his album, sorry...) this song could be good mood music. Decided to buy the track after hearing something this girl said about the album on the radio, but I'm sorry the album is leaning toward the whack side, but this song is pretty dope... doper than Green Light in my opinion

food- pinto beans and cornbread, baby! Keep it soul! also like japanese, chinese, mexican cuisine, fast food, pizza though honestly, I'm getting a bit tired of it. I half-assed did some Indian cuisine, I substituted Indian Paneer cheese in this recipe for steak lol. But everything else was there, the ginger, the chilis, etc...

Have you noticed that Racheal Ray only cooks Italian food on her show, and nothing else? If you're Italian, and all you cook is Italian food, how does that make you a superior chef?
The six things I could never do without
hmmmm... 0. God, and my family. Without them, I wouldn't be here!

1. My little girl

2. my keyboard

3. my middle finger lol just playin just playin.... only in bad traffic

4. Good financial decisions.

5. My quick reflexes (livin' in the hood just ain't easy. even when you've graduated from it... the skills come in handy)

6. My recipes
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I will not lie to you, since last Saturday, I have been thinking about going out dancing. I wore good shoes and was flexible and energetic despite just getting off of work and I had so much fun. The crowd also gave good energy.

trying to set up a vacation with some of my friends for this summer

balancing the fun of raising my little energetic bundle of joy, le couchemare de l'Education Department, and my work etc.
On a typical Friday night I am
well now that I have some babysitting through my ex, I can go out a little more than I could when I was with him lol 'cause he don't get to see her through the week now and things are different. Other than that, I still use Facebook a lot and Youtube for oldies and and discussions lol
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've got little boobs!!!

this fact hasn't changed from over 7 years ago except for when I was breast-feeding lol but it's ok! I can STILL work 'em baby
You should message me if
you wanna be friends

you want a casual date

you like green eggs and ham.

or all of the above.