31Nashville, United States
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My self-summary
Living a life of uninhibited self expression is what I strive for more than anything. My defining passion is the creative pursuit. Whether it be the music I write, how I dress myself, the decor in my home, or the food I cook, I'm always fascinated by aesthetics.

New to Nashville!
What I’m doing with my life
I just moved here in June, still trying to sort out some bits and bobs. Currently working as a chiropractic assistant; a stepping stone to greater things surrounding my decision to relocate.

I'm also a massage therapist. It's significantly changed my life and the way I conduct myself. I've been practicing for a few years now and am incredibly grateful for how it has enriched my life.

I have a professional degree in Linguistics with a concentration in TESL and Second Language Learning/Teaching. I mostly studied second language acquisition in children.

I'm a musician and play keyboards/synth in a dream pop band, and air organ, accordion, and ukulele on my own time. In my spare time I enjoy home renovation, reupholstery, and refinishing furniture. I like to keep myself busy with creative endeavors.
I’m really good at
Therapeutic massage is probably the one I hear the most, but it's my lifeblood. I really love what I do, and since I'm no longer novice in my training and experience, I can focus more on the finesse.

More generally, I'm good at critical analysis (that's pretty much what my degree is). I'm a spatial thinker and I tend to be really good at pattern recognition and puzzles/riddles, which I quite enjoy doing.

I'm a rather good listener. I love hearing about other people's experiences, passions, and worldview.

Also, one of the most frequent compliments I get is on my penmanship. It's very clean and uniform, and some people have even thought that it was a font, incredulous when told it was handwritten.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My main obsession. My favorite artist is iamamiwhoami. Nothing has ever inspired me as much as this audiovisual project. Here's a video of theirs that is pretty spectacular:
iamamiwhoami - y

I could go on about this for ages, but for the sake of simplification, my current rotation includes Sylvan Esso, Boxed In, Day Wave, and Joanna Newsom.

I try to read as often as possible. My tastes are always changing, but I definitely have the dear to my heart favorites. e.e. cummings wrote a play called Him and it is absolutely brilliant in my opinion. His use of language is so whimsical, yet darkly beautiful. The Little Prince/Le Petit Prince will always resonate with me, and reading it in French was even better.

I don't watch movies as often as I would like, but I really enjoy foreign films. Anything by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, David Lynch, Jean Luc Godard, or Lars von Trier.

TV shows
Arrested Development, always. I can watch this series multiple times and still laugh profusely. Jessica Walter is the best!

Doctor Who. Yeah, I'm one of those.

Mad Men, but mostly because I'm obsessed with mid century modern.

Traditional Japanese cuisine was my comfort food growing up. I love sushi as well, but I'm talking more like sukiyaki, okonomiyaki, shabu shabu, kamameshi.

Recently introduced to Ethiopian food. Absolutely delicious.

Working at a wellness center, I eat pretty healthy/clean. I try to avoid processed foods, dairy, and refined sugar at all costs.

Just for good measure. I know saying craft cocktails today is sort of a blanket statement, but I lean more toward a calculated mixture of different spirits as opposed to, say, a single spirit with some sugary mixer. My current favorites are Chopin vodka (soda with lemon/lime, yum!), Four Roses (bourbon, anyone?), and the Glenlivet 12 (just recently got into the world of scotch). Oh, and red wine, always and forever.
Six things I could never do without
A nice, hot Epsom salt bath with lavender and eucalyptus essential oils, candles, and ambient music playing in the background is my idea of bliss.

When I'm having a really rough day and force myself to attend a yoga class, and the sense of accomplishment and relief after performing shavasana.

Those quiet moments in the morning accompanied by French press coffee, sunlight creeping through the shades, and self-reflection.

Creativity. Creation is so much more interesting than entropy. Expression and the representation of all things beautiful in this world.

Thoughtful, courteous demeanor. It seems mundane, but it means quite a bit to me when someone asks if I prefer my full name over the more common, shortened nickname (which I do). It's a small pleasantry, but appreciated nonetheless.

And finally, language. Probably due to my education, but I have such a profound love for every aspect of it. Bilingual in French; nous pouvons nous parler français !
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Language education, chord progression, patterns... but lately I've been trying to focus on nothing. Meditation is a tricky thing, innit?

A big clue into who I am: I have hundreds of voice memos in my phone of musical snippets. In other words, any time I have a melody in my head or lyrics (generally in the form of couplets), I record. I'm that creep who's always whisper-singing into his phone. I also record found sounds (nature, machinery, echoes, etc.) just for fun, and for possible incorporation into musical ventures.
On a typical Friday night I am
Having a dinner party with friends, seeing live music (or even performing some myself), singing karaoke with my family, or curling up in a chair with a mug of tea and a good book.

I'd like to eventually add "making dinner with a handsome man" to this list.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I almost exclusively sing-talk to my nieces and nephew, oops.
You should message me if
Something in my profile really resonates with you.

You're an engaging conversationalist. I receive many one line or one word messages. I'd like to delve deeper than idle chit chat.

You're ready to meet someone new and have some adventures in this game called life.
The two of us