42 Holly, United States
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My self-summary
attempt at a summary; part, the second.

interjection:"i'm not good, i'm not nice, i'm just RIGHT."-the witch, "into the woods". it's something to think about. it makes more sense in context though, so go and watch, or read it.

I love reading. to people. out loud. I have the coolest (born in august of '97) year old daughter on the planet. I go to spooky-boo goth clubs, to dance till I stop sweating. I love to cook. I wear skirts often. I avoid shirts whenever possible. I have difficulty coming up with a topic of conversation, but, can tangentilize it untill the naked eye of two o'clock anti-merridian with the right partner. I have difficulty relating to the modern world. I refuse to take myself too seriously. I have no faith in the human race, yet will always give a person the benefit of the doubt. I am not what I think. I am working through my first real attempt at a short story. I play pen and paper roll playing games. I don't clean my home, ever, but I nearly always rinse my dishes immediately after use. I don't do on line gaming. I'm not that good at being on line. my hands are not smooth. I do my own brandings. my daily affirmation is "i am a beautifull, and dangerous animal". i think that's healthy. I don't watch television. I do energy work. I'm starting to eat right. I want to get into yoga. I type very slowly.

I am warped, branded, and i read a whole lot
What I’m doing with my life
I am currently working in a wood shop behind the house I rent from my boss. this year (summer 2009) we put out at shows a new product line, wherein i gander at a knotty board, and "draw out" the faces and suchlike contained therein. each is, by it's nature, a one of a kind. been lots of fun, and i get to be creative too. now if we could just nail down the lucrative aspect... I am also (as stated) starting to monitor what I put into this body of mine. other highlights of my present existence include...writing, tracking down obscure tunes, getting back into leatherwork, and playing dungeons & dragons with Gus (August,my daughter). chopping firewood.
I’m really good at
...reading people to sleep. I have taken the art of the "daddy voice", that perfectly pitched sternum vibration, to a new level. also, I can cook well. being humble.
The first things people usually notice about me
that I am not what they expected; or that I am half naked. some people may notice my smell. you'll love it or hate it, but it won't change. I sweat constantly and profusely (and I will only have a cold for a third of the time anyone else does), and do not care for anti-perspirants.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(a) tanith lee,rudyard kipling,clive barker,garth nix,neil gaiman,charles de lint, the thousand nights,and a night, faerie tales,erotic faerie tales, julian may,angela carter,his dark materials, anything I get hold of.

(b) company of wolves,gothic(not the new one),american psycho,mirrormask,terry gilliam,miazaki,hellraiser,secretary,or­​lando,bridget jones (I have made a solomn pact with myself that the next time I am belting out a song,and crying at the same time I WILL for fuck's sake do a high kick)PERFUME.

(c)FRONT 242,the swans,nina simone,gorillaz,assemblage 23,vnv nation,A3,lisa gerrard,shriekback,dead can dance,oingo boingo,nitzer ebb,die warsaw,bigod 20,real life,louis armstrong,tom waits]],nick cave and the bad seeds, Jarboe, and so much more.

(d)anything I cook, ginger, clove, cinnamon, mint, garlic. these are a few of my favorite things...valerie's cupcakes, other people's children
The six things I could never do without
kid, books, 1 pair of carolina linesman's boots, quiet, music, thought.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
grilling something, the game I'm running, the next of my morally ambiguous fables, how I'm going to overcome the body's desire for sleep with coffee, when i'll next get to go and get my wiggle on. how i'm going to get done what i've got to in the amount of time given. visiting tampa. things wooden. fire.
On a typical Friday night I am
anyone who knows a single parent can testify to the omission of the word "typical" from their personal vocabularies in reference to any sort of timeframe. still, for the sake of an answer you don't need a sense of humor to appreciate...actually, if you don't get that, neither of us should talk to the other. it's not that witty, and it accurately describes my friday nights. I will say however that whatever I am up to, I am generally having a whole lot of fun. I have made a positive commitment to involving fun in my life more.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
one of the things that I have seen that will stick with me as personal symbolism is a pair of rutting tigers. I didn't feel the need to join in or anything, but it was arousing. I'm still trying to work that one out. also, my feet are vile. I wear boots all the time, my feet don't breathe. foul doesn't come close. I do not however take any offense when someone tells me to go wash them.

this is now public knowledge, but it is very personal. read it if you have the inclination.
You should message me if
you are more interested in getting into someone's head,than their britches.

you like to go dancing,but do not find it necessary to talk at the club (current 'fave is necto factory mondays) (sorry , but we can get to know one another at denny's later).

you want to start a story circle (god do I hope there are some of you out there)

you want to go roller skating

you like the smell of burning skin

you are also a dice nerd

you have any questions

you want to talk about human behavior with a high school dropout, and technological throwback, ex-rennie (if you don't know, ask) you've never met, because you think he might be onto something.

you want someone to talk to, and are patient enough to wait for the answer to be hunt-and-pecked out.