33Smyrna, United States
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My self-summary
Let's see...

For Myers-Briggs groupies, I'm an INTJ. Big 'ole nerd. Patient with people and impatient with things. Perfectly content to stay in on a Friday or play some video game from a decade ago. Compelled to do physical stuff or the energy goes into fidgeting. Definitely not a romantic. Wit, humor, some verbal sparring, that kind of stuff revs my crank. Not into being around my partner constantly, but if you're into cuddling, I want to be your big.

Friends are important and best in small numbers eating food I made. Parties where people yell at each other over the stereo are not for me. Also, I like being home, particularly if there's someone to merge into on the couch who is not a dog. (Or is a dog. I like dogs.) Travel is fun sometimes. I don't seek it out unless it's to do something outdoorsy when we get there.

All that aside, it's hard to predict chemistry, and that overcomes... almost anything, really.
What I’m doing with my life
Writing, businessing, geeking, cycling, and climbing.

Actually, these days, way more cycling. I bought a mountain bike and a road bike, so I'm out of excuses to be indoors.
I’m really good at
A lot of physical stuff that doesn't require hand-eye coordination. Skating, rowing, biking, climbing, hiking, all fun. Baseball, football, tennis, it's like watching a drunk person hula-hoop.

Listening and analysis. My job is to figure out what people want and write it down. Before that, it was lawyering. Both require a sort of empathetic, logical approach to things. That carries over to my relationships.

Writing, talking, and teaching without being a douche about it. I've made a lot of people better speakers with Toastmasters and generally like helping folks excel. I also like condensing knowledge, so I write a lot of long product guides on Amazon.

Graduating from space camp. Did that fo' realz, yo. Flight suit currently fits my left calf.
The first things people usually notice about me
My skin tone, which is like copy paper speckled with brown paint. A lady I interned for called me a daywalker. And height, probably. I'm good at reaching tall shelves. People I climb with give me the stinkeye for skipping all the hard parts.

Also, I have red hair. Depending on the season and my inclination to drag myself to the gym, I may or may not have an imposing chestal region. At present, my chestals are impressively touchable.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books -- anything I can learn from. I love diving into capsule (or not so capsule) topic summaries. Historical fiction ('Pillars of Earth') is also lovely. If I'm standing in line somewhere, I'm probably on

Movies -- most anything with a decent script that isn't horror. Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner are inexplicable weaknesses.

Music -- not free-form jazz, not 70s. Everything else is cool. Solo vocals from female singers who smoke and/or are alcoholics are a big pile of win. Brandi Carlile is making this sentence more awesome by being in it.

Food -- anything not super spicy. I have boring tastes that tend to be protein-heavy. My default wine choice is 'the house white.' Italian, Mexican, both great. I like to cook for people.

Dessert should come first and be made of brownies. Thanks to unfairness, I can eat stuff like that without turning into a manatee.
Six things I could never do without
Chocolate, stuff to read, the internets, my family, whole milk, and sunscreen. Really powerful sunscreen. Like plaster-tinfoil-to-your-face sunscreen.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How I can be so crap at decorating. Gay talent is not equally distributed. :(
On a typical Friday night I am
Probably catching up on reading. Maybe out on a bike or being naked, or at a friend's place with a small group. Playing pool? Comedy clubs are fun. I tend to fall asleep at live shows. Dunno why.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I secretly admire/envy people with good posture.
You should message me if
... you like pasty gingers and you're cute, smart, and kind. Physically, I seem to go for shorter, boyish guys. If you have those three attributes at the start, I'll probably want to talk soon (with actual phones and stuff or in person) so we can see if we mesh.

... you're not intimidated by people with a lot of letters after their name.

... it annoys you that there's not a gender-neutral singular pronoun.

... you're a geek who isn't looking for arm candy.

... unlike other Robin Hoods, you can speak with an English accent.

... you like kinky people.

... you will not judge me for the entire pig gracing my pizza. He would have wanted it this way.

... you represent Publisher's Clearing House and a man attached to a camera is following you around like a cyborg duckling.

... you would like to weigh me to determine if I'm made of wood.

... you like climbing or biking or think you'd like it, and you're cool.

... stuff.
The two of us