33San Diego, United States
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My self-summary
WARNING: This profile is WAY too freaking long. Just skip to the "meet me" section at the end. If I were to sum up my personality in a fairly simple way, I would describe myself as 50% Andy Dwyer, 20% Ben Wyatt, 20% Ron Swanson, and 10% who-the-hell-knows. If that means anything to you, peachy. I want to meet you.

- Ron. That's me. I'm Ron. I know, I know, such an ordinary name for such an extraordinary individual. Haha, just kidding.
- Middle child of 9 (plus a bonus stepsister). This means I'm great at sharing.
- Middle child of 9+1 continued: HOWEVER, I do not miss the fact that EVERYBODY KEPT STEALING MY SOCKS.
- Middle child of 9 continued again: My mother has told me she feels I'm the wisest of the children. I guess the middle child is typically associated as the diplomat. I think that describes my role in the family pretty well. The diplomatic clown (I added the clown in because if you met me you'd understand).
- Seriously, my family has meant everything to me my entire life. I'm the definition of family oriented.
- I'm half Argentinian. I have tons of extended family that live there. I recently visited them. It was a humbling and eye opening experience to how lucky I truly am to be a part of this exclusive club that is my family.
- I'm the type of man that is comfortable taking the lead. I typically volunteer first when it comes to doing something in the public light. At times, I try to put myself in difficult situations where I am not comfortable. Sometimes it's important to take oneself out of his/her comfort zone in order to grow.
- Born and raised in Texas without the conservative nonsense.
- I've spent 10 years in San Diego. I don't ever want to leave but sometimes I get seriously tempted to pickup and move to Japan.
- Japan is my favorite country.
- I drive stick shift.
- I'm actually 5'10. I don't fudge by a 2 or even 1 inch like most guys I'm told on this site. Lying on an online dating site means you have no respect. Not to others or yourself.
- Hi, I'm your IT computer fix-it-guy. I'm even this to my brothers who do IT for a living as well. I like figuring stuff out.
- I workout every single day. Call it therapy. I like to balance it between weights, rock climbing, and martial arts. However, I'm mostly into rock climbing. Love love love rock climbing.
- Realistic optimist: We all have our ups and downs, please do not be a negative Nancy. I like happy people.. Or at the very least, someone who's got a positive mindset.
- I love football. I love the Dallas Cowboys. This really doesn't seem to be a popular trait in Southern California...
- I'm a passionate man. It's fun being me. Though, one can't be intense at all times. When out and about, with friends, or at work I have a fairly mellow demeanor.
- I prefer Box Socials over parties.
- Bullets are my only weakness!
- Some people are always trying to make things from scratch. I'm trying to find out what scratch is made of, and how to make things from it...
- I feel that life truly begins at the edge of your comfort zone.
- Oh yeah, My Myers-Briggs personality type is ENTP, if that means anything to you...
What I’m doing with my life
I work as an IT Engineer and have been working my butt off in the last decade to ensure that I love what I do and that I am completely self sufficient in every way. Also, remember that exercising I mentioned above.
I’m really good at
Smelling pretty damn good...

At figuring things out. I have a very strategic mind. Anything that involves strategy and calculation. My mind craves a certain level of complexity when it comes to things I enjoy.
The first things people usually notice about me
Depends on the person and the setting.
Six things I could never do without
1. My family
2. Good friends
3-6. Everything else I could do without.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Future pet names. The finalists for my eventual dogs are: Mr Balls, Professor Boots, Uncle Socks, and the great Ulysses S Pants.

Serious stuff:
I heart science and the wonders of the universe..



Flow State. It's such an addicting thing: http://youtu.be/AXwLsba2TOY

OKCupid stuffs:
1. Saying your income is tacky as hell. Why is that even on there?
2. Under offspring, it should say "Doesn't have kids, but wants them SOMEDAY". This crap makes you look crazy.
3. The
4. I've read some girls' profiles that say: You should message me if you're not intimidated by my beauty.
Ugh. Gross. Really??? The female equivalent to douchy frat guy painted in affliction.
5. I swear, there must have been a Forbes article or something that said that if a woman wants to get Instagram followers, she should create an online dating profile and advertise...
6. Funny and quite true. This is modern day dating at the core: http://teamcoco.com/video/aziz-ansari-texting-dating
7. I'm not knocking on someone for being physically selective, but, when a girl says "Message me if you're taller than me in heels" is exactly the same as a guy saying "Don't message me if you weigh more than me". We all realize that right?

Oh, and who the hell is Shorty and why should I give a damn about her birthday?
On a typical Friday night I am
The same thing we do every night: TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
*I love video games, science fiction, anime, and football. Yep, I'm a guy and a dork. We all have our passions and quirks*

-When I was a child, I would repeatedly play the final fight scene in the teenage mutant ninja turtles movies' fight with the shredder and would mimic the fighting choreography move by move. I felt like such a badass...

-Also when I was 4, my favorite movie was Gremlins. I would ask my mom to put it on every day even though it scared the hell out of me. It would give me nightmares. But, I still watched it almost every day, hiding behind my couch... sucking my thumb as I peaked around the corner. Oh, the joys of childhood.
You should message me if
You're more than random San Diego party every night (everything in moderation, ya?). You are a genuinely good human being who wants to do more good than harm towards others. Please no gay haters and extreme religious girls. I'm all about dating wide variety of cultures and belief backgrounds, but extremism and intolerance is the ultimate deal breaker.

Wait a second, who are we kidding. No girl ever messages first on this thing :)

***Oh and thank you for reading my novel of random thoughts. If you read this whole thing, kudos to you. Whether you like me or not, I appreciate you :)

******It has recently been brought to my attention that formal educational status is a deal breaker for many woman, so I will throw this out there for full transparency. No, I did not go to college. I am self taught in my career. If this is a deal breaker or a powerful negative to you, then we are, at the core, fundamentally different people. Once again, I thank you for reading my profile, but please move on. I wish you the very best of luck!
The two of us