33Indianapolis, United States
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My self-summary
.. name is an adjective!! I recently found out the benefits of bear, ninja, cowboy vs. paper rock scissors...I like dancing like an ass hole, I create mood altering elixirs,.I'm random.. I like to go on spontaneous adventures constantly.... .. I believe in science and our tendency to improve ourselves and lately I've been crushing it at words with friends..Serious talk: no sports.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm on a quest to make magical life enhancing elixirs... I'm getting better and closer to the truth all the time.. These elixirs probably contain alcohol... Haha
I’m really good at
Being weird...When you're open to it the world will shower you with crazy, like kisses from some other-worldly Stranger...also!...Interaction...utilizing my Mind numbingly powerful weapons of mass distraction... I love plants!! Any kind really but green lush foliage just does it for me I don't know what else to say......Bass guitar.. Ummm beer! Science! Energy! Science... Cthulu.... Also checkers...

update: the checkers thing is fake you would probably beat me at them I'm getting better all the time though...
The first things people usually notice about me
The terrible cowlick that tends to float around my head.... ?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Saul Williams speaks the truth... So does Vonnegut, h.p. Lovecraft, JD Salinger specificaly 9 short stories, more specifically: a perfect day for banana fish...Tom Robbins...h.g. Wells ... Guilty pleasures include king and barker... I love smutty horror... The first book of the dark tower series was like poetry... Haha well at least The first chapter... Amityville horror was one Of The only books that ever seriously freaked me out...mario puzzo's The godfather broke me... House of leaves rocked my socks read it it is worth the thousands of pages!! I mostly read non fiction right now,

Movies: I want to fight this, But Jurassic park is still one of my favorites... This will never change.. David lynch... Twin peaks was amazing but that is more of the tv section...anyway... Also love a good horror like poltergeist, exorcist, paranormal activity, Scifis, especially alien and aliens event horizon 2001, 2012... Anything I love film...I don't know what else If I start I would t stop...

Music: I've been into Charles Bradley, star death, and the white dwarves, t-Rex!, the sword, witch, clagg, the melvins, flaming lips, LCD soundsystem,the cramps!, hot chip, casino music! ugly casonova, the Krewmen, tom waits, le Tigre, fischerspooner, tobbacco, spoon, Saul Williams, praxis, miles Davis, unkle, more to come? moth super rainbow!!!
Six things I could never do without
My amazing friends and family
My matress
Cheese, newt, and Nigel... (You'll get that later)
.. Also!..
.... In no particular order...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Entropy... Space...My bellybutton...Also my want to see the pacific northwest and new zeland...
On a typical Friday night I am
Working... Or wishing I hadn't just paid 7 bucks for this hopslam haha
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I love random adventures and as such i tend to get into really awkward situations, for instance: One time my bike broke down when I was like 20 miles from my house I walk up to a rest area and an awkward sort of forty something man welcomes me with a simple and slightly Neanderthalithic "what happened"...(I may have just made up that word by the way... Seemed fitting... Anyway...) I half mumbled back that my bike broke and my derailer sucks... He responded with a strange grunt and walked away... People come and go including a man with a snake I think I later identified as a rat snake... At a certain point everyone leaves except me and the strange man that greeted me... I'm standing on a rock trying to triangulate my position and relay it to my friend... When I look up the guy is smiling, leaning on his car, and playing with his gigantic penis!!... I looked (it was impossible not to I mean the thing was huge!!) and yelled "oh man that is your penis man!! Put that thing away!" ... He just smiled and continued smacking it around... Rift then I decided I had to get out of there so I started carrying my bike away and calling my friend who didn't believe me, however, assured me he was well on his way... Anyway back at the rest area I sat on a rock, the same I was standing on previously, and was relieved to see the guys penis was not only no longer exposed but he himself was gone...I sat there exhausted and tried to will my friend via telepathy to hurry the fuck up and get here, when who shows back up?!... That fucking guy... He sits next to me and asks.."did it make you angry what I just did right there?..."
Shocked I responded " it didn't make me angry it made me awkward just go away"...
He responded; "have you ever seen a mans penis before?.."
Right then I jumped up and started walking back home and just in the nick of time my friend shows up! "YES!" I exclaimed and immediately started strapping my bike my friends horror and disbelief, that guy watched me the whole time as hhe licked his lips ... Fucking totally weird... Also I kind of curse like a sailor...
You should message me if
You are amazing, are also kind of weird...or an alien...
The two of us