50Eugene, United States
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My self-summary
Don't forget the OkCupid fora:
The site has largely abandoned them, but it's a far better means of understanding folk than just looking at profiles.

I'm close to insane. Probably a narcissist. Almost definitely have Asperger's syndrome. I do love old board wargames and will play almost any games. As far as relations go I can be both violent and tender. Not a safe choice by any means.

Came to an interesting realization. My dancing and rages are the
same shit. And, 'tis remarkably similar to the effects that people
experience whilst undergoing PCP trips. Moreover, my delusions are
likely similar to hallucinogens (for normal folk - drugs affect me oddly). I wonder why people
choose to live completely drug-free, if they can't have this naturally.
Though, the loss of control would bother me, I honestly never have
been able to understand how they can exist without the kind of passion
that I experience, yet see in so few.

Ah, it still wants more. What more is there that can be expressed here in words though? To know me is either to love or to hate me (or perhaps in between). Vanity is a virtue (along with most of the so-called deadly sins).

Wondering why these quizzes rate me so highly on drug use. Yeah, I drink some, I smoke tobacco constantly, but I seem to rate up with fairly hardcore users. Crap, I don't even smoke pot anymore. I tried a couple of things when young (and I eat poisonous things - but not for the effect, rather to develop an immunity), but I'm pretty damned boring now. I won't even take aspirin.

Not even bloody sure why I'm here. I have an internet addiction and tend to hang out, playing on fora. Showed up originally, just for the quizzes, but eventually started contemplating the idea of meeting someone over the net (after falling a couple of times - just to test the waters :P). But, 'tis bloody unlikely that I'll find a match - here or anywhere. My standards are probably too high - top on the list: immortality. :D

I guess I should say more of what I'm looking for, since it's kinda strange. First off, you should have a certain intellectual playfulness - especially when it comes to word use. This has the added benefit of being a good sign that your mind is sharp enough to pursue some of my interests. A free spirit is also a good sign - because my beliefs are kinda hard to handle.

Currently, I'm married, but looking for a potential third.

I am sub genius, lustful, and tender
What I’m doing with my life
Trashpicking. :)

Not Dancing - since the weak little 80's night I found here died
(gods, I miss Eugene), I started following a few local bands, but that wasn't really working. Damne. Wish I could find a place to dance.

Still telling people their code sucks, but proving it by hacking them.

Getting back to my grognard roots - even investigated a touch of eurogaming (doesn't seem for me, in general, but there are some worth bothering with). - whether grognard, fine filly for my fantasies, or merely troll.
I’m really good at
Being depressive. Dancing (mine own style). Acting. Reading aloud.
Disbelieving in everything.

Speaking of disbelief, I'm convinced OKCupid's changed their algorithms.
I'm seeing a fair amount of 90% matches (used to be virtually impossible),
and ran into one which was 95% - YET, the actual element scores were all well below that. Nothing should be that high a match with me
and be still alive.
The first things people usually notice about me
Clothes. I dress oddly.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(a) Gormengast, a lot of old sci-fi (Zelazny, Heinlein, Asimov, Van Vogt, etc)

(b)Walker, Repo Man, Young Guns, Blue Velvet.

(c) BOC, Tull, Who, Yes, Zebra, Stones, Bowie

Asia - pretty much classic rock/ early '80's

(d) Willing to try most anything. I eat boring on my own though.

(e) Favorite Games: These deserve mention. Go is the best game ever.
Many traditional card games count as the greatest fun.
I'll do a euro or family style here and there.
But the focus is on simulations. Mainly military, but definitely
into others as well.
Six things I could never do without
my insanity games pipe

That's about all that I can think of.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Death. Love. The wind*.

What silly thing to wear on the couple of days that I get dressed.

Whether I actually want to share my life again.
Not sure I can love as I once did. Very concerned
that less would NOT be worth it.

Ok, not a lot of time, but now that the fora here are mostly dead,
this is pretty much the only place I can put this gripe out. First, that
the fora ARE dead. But also people who seem to think that a photograph
and a couple mindless blurbs are enough information to make
a potential contact decision off of. I mean, physical attraction is
a sine qua non of relationship choices for many, but is it really
the ONLY thing that will move someone to act? Or, more importantly,
is it sufficient? I guess I figure someone who puts so little
of themselves out there on their profile is a terrible match
anyhow, as they don't want anyone to see enough of their
soul to be able to form any such decision on that basis. They
think the photograph is sufficient. No shock that the average
message comes down to saying nothing when trying to connect
with nothing.

* No, this DOESN'T mean I fart a lot. :P
On a typical Friday night I am
I WAS dancing.

My illness cut that,
and the place I went died,
for lack of my glorious presence.

Must find a new place.

Finding THEM rather than there.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have exceedingly low self-esteem. Most narcissists do.

Plus - I'm better than sliced beer. :D
You should message me if
You think that insanity is fun, and you are near.

You knew me in another life - and want a shot at revenge.

Hell, I'm available for the curious, as well.

And, any fellow grognards, feel free.
Some interesting stuff for y'all here:
or better yet:

As to relationships, you shouldn't mind me
saying, "oh hey, there's this girl...she wants
to watch...don't worry too much though, I
keep her tied in the corner, and if you don't
get too close, she won't bite."

Finally see how the 'available' option works now. :P
Guess I'll break down and enact it.

Turns out I rather married 'this girl'.
But, I'm bigamous by nature (well, seeking a triad),
so, if you're interested....

I probably will reply to nearly anything.
Though, if there's no spark, the conversation
will die. I'm not exactly the kind who can keep
one going, on chit chat.
The two of us