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My self-summary
Limited Thyme Offer-
Get the App and Carbon Date me-
No Frackers Please !

You may Call it Madness,
But I call it Hi Dee Ho !

Read before moving on-

This is no SOC ramble
It's a 4 minute read
Rhythm o' words-
The sound is all

" It's real, It's Actual"-
Zip A Dee Doo Dah Indeed.

"One never knows, do one ?" - Fats Waller
"En Avant !" - Tennessee Williams
"Walking On Water wasn't built in a day"- J. Kérouac
'Sploghm !" - Slim Gaillard
"Strange How Potent Cheap Music is" Noel Coward

I am certain
J'suis ben sur que
there IS a Rhyme for orange SOMEWHERE

YOU fill in the blanks.
It's fun and not OVERLY challenging.
no typos here-
Not on yr Nellie-

No salesman will call-
Monet Bach guarantee on ALL
In Stock traits-
Lacuna Beach- No GAPS

Brevity- Soul- wit
Full sentences in person
Pith sans vinegar here
Smiling my way through this silly sweet
goofy old world

'Let us go then you and I ' -Tommy Eliot
'C'mon let's go !'- Ferlinghetti
Different form same idea
You get the picture or not
I'm sure YOU do.

And YOU exist outside of this silly ether
Even abba
the group,
not the rhyme scheme,
said "Take a Chance"
Eternity in a grain of sand and all that
1066 too-

The iamb
I am
Eye yam
aye A.M.?
Use 's' not 'z' in harmonise
colour not color per io
That's about it for acronyms
Ergo "Elle, Oh Elle !"

Lopsided optimist and ever so witty
Only baggage is carry-on
It's Real !- it's Actual !
Took years to get to this point

But that's real & actual.
Factual too
As am I.
How bout you ?
New York In June ?
Why the hell not ?

1000 questions taken-
More than plenty to get an inkling
Scientific pairing ?
Paring maybe
Holy Smokes !

This ain't Rocket Surgery
It's 'La chimie" chemistry, if you will.
The eyes have it-
I believe in something at first sight

Humour gets us through the dross-
There's no alchemy-anywhere ever
Chemistry w/ catalyst of 1+1 >2

Dotty Parker was funny but led a horrid life
Wit can mask a passel o' stuff
Acting and persona different entities.

This is persona of online variety.
Time to cut loose- carpe what remains-
Wrong decision better than none
YOU know that.

Noel Coward was right
Dear Mrs. Worthington
Keep yr daughter off the blasted stage

There's a thyme and a place
Twixt the Gloaming
and the Dawn
A state of Grace
Beyond words.
Mercy !
The cynic as romantic nexus.

Hugh Greene ( Graham's brudder then head of BBC) Said-
"Because there's a Flat Earth Society don't expect me to sing 'Across the Word in 80 Days' "- Just so.

Jimmy Durante, when asked why he sang with his sandpaper pipes said
"Crosby can't last forever !"
Ain't No use Taliking' bout
Eddie " Rochester" Anderson
To someone who's never heard of Jack Benny
That's obiter

Nothing has to make sense
'ya gotta start somewhere tho'
That's where personal interaction comes in.

Thanks for dropping by
and write... ASAP on The PDQ
The postman doesn't ring twice if he rings at all
But I answer each letter, relatively quickly
Just like Perry Como !
Hot Diggety Dog !
What I’m doing with my life
rambling through this wondrous gone world
with a gleaming eye.
in spite of,
not because of the odds.

Want Shirley Ross to my Bob Hope
Allen to my Burns to My Allen
Peaches to My Herb
Darby and Joan after LSD
Mrs. Calabash to my Durante
Too much 5th Business
Not enough Monkey business.

"If we're treading on thin ice we might as well dance"
Latter day Willie Moore even down to Montreal

Dig! Infinity!- Lord Buckley
I’m really good at
Writing real real gud (sic)-
though this squib might seem to contradict that statement.
Most things can be distilled to 10 word summary.
En Avant- C'mon ! Time's a wasting.
The first things people usually notice about me
Rashomon to be sure
Who is that guy and what does he do ?

Boy George thought I was Jerry Spinger
for one whole week in London.
Some short singer Called Jas. Blunt Thought I was John Madden-

It just goes to show that perceived reality is just that
'Who's that patrician WASP who waves his hands while speaking?"-

Different people notice different faucets.
Tap dance ?
Water run just the same
But they do notice.
Just being myself.

I do know it will either
work out or not
When I get 'there' I might head back
But I'm gonna get there
Wherever the hell it is

Wanna come along ?
I ain't never giving up on anything.
Even the wasted years weren't wasted.
These Old blue eyes gleam come what may
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
'Pon My word i cain't keep up with all I must read 'ere Thanatos
Actually that's more twee than true
I think Boswell's Life of Johnson shall, sadly, remain unread.
So much to learn so litle thyme

If You Read Poems-
Heart's Needle- W. D. Snodgrass
John Berryman
Creeley Snyder and
Most of All Whitman
Body Electric indeed !
( trust me on this one)

Music has been my life
for better or worse-
Mostly better !
I listen to old stuff that no one has ever heard of-
Everyone should have a copy of
Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music-
Louis Armstrong's Hot Fives and Sevens
Stars Fell On Alabama- Jack Teagarden-
Billy Murray, Nora Bayes, Josef Locke
And Holy John McCormack
The garden where the praties go
Kate & Anna because they're Meshpucah
In a Lopsided Franco Hibernian Caledonian way

"Are you in voice ?"-Spike Jones
"I believe I am in voice !"-Doodles Weaver

Forever Ealing ! The Warner Bothers-
Alistair Sim slow burn double take
Six things I could never do without
Needs and wants are different.
Books , my old guitar,
pen and paper
rambling and talking to people
that's all I need.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Empiricism can and MUST
be trumped by heart
Dealing with what has to be dealt with
and not avoiding anything.

Fewer words, more action.
Fix it in the mix
En avant in two-step dreaming of 3/4 valse
Rhumba Tango-
Reason & Passion meld and surrender
In some kind of wondrous reaction
On a typical Friday night I am
Burning Flags of my country
while marvelling how
The Earth is bigger than the Sun.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Whatcha' wanna know ?
Ask me something- c'mon now
I likes a challenge and a challenger !

I like the tough questions.
Minutiae ? Pish Posh !
I have NEVER ever been called boring !
I'm The Funniest Nicest Kindest Whip Smart Pain in the ass you ever gonna mete ( sic)
You should message me if
You want to.

My lapsed patrician background obviates me being the one who contacts first.
'twas ever thus.

So write,
Right ?
Alightaroonie !
Damn Straight !
"I'm home about 8 just me and my radio"-
Thanks Mr Waller, I owes ya big time.
P.S.- I am more than capable of cogency, but that little thing was fun and void of guile.
The two of us