36Charlotte, United States
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My self-summary
***Yea, I wrote a novel, but I hope you'll at least scan over it before contacting me. Especially the part just below here and at the very bottom about what I am and am not looking for. Enough with the half-naked dudes with no common interests messaging me already!***

Disclaimer: I'm not actually trying to come off as too terribly grouchy or defensive in my profile, I'm just tired of getting such wonderfully interesting and in depth messages as "ur hot". C'mon, people! Read a little, put a little effort in. I'd love to make some friends, but if you can't be bothered to actually read my profile or compose more than one and a half words, I'm just going to delete your message.

I haven’t updated this thing in a while, so here goes:

First and foremost, I am just looking for friends. I am in a relationship (albeit a complicated one) and am not looking for anything beyond platonic friendship. Local friends, internet friends - it doesn't matter. I don't get out much anyway. Just some folks to socialize with vicariously would be nice.
What I’m doing with my life
I’ve recently come back to the Charlotte area, though the stay will only be for a few months. I have some health problems (Fibromyalgia, arthritis, peripheral neuropathy, chronic migraines, and a whole bunch of smaller related problems) and, for the time being, I am staying with family in the Charlotte area while I get back to seeing my doctors regularly again. Hopefully at the end of the next few months, I’ll be headed back to my tiny house in the middle of nowhere South Carolina.

So, needless to say, I don’t work. However, I did just graduate college in May with a degree in Web Technologies and dual certifications for Advanced Web Developer and Web Designer. I mainly pursued the degrees in hopes of keeping my mind occupied while my body is hating me (thank you, internet courses!), but I hope to continue my education once I’m feeling a bit more like a person again. I hope to go for a degree in Theater Arts, concentrating on costume design. I love sewing and crafts, and I love scifi, fantasy, and horror. I’d love to get a bit more practice and skills in costume design in particular, and possibly movie/monster makeups and such.

Since coming back to Charlotte, my days are mostly filled with spending time with my niece and nephew, and my nights are filled with product testing reviews. I’m a big couponer, freebie collector, yard sale hopper, and all-around cheapskate. I’ve recently gotten into doing product testing for Amazon stuff and it’s quite fun (and amassing me a collection of things that are fairly nice, but I probably wouldn’t purchase if they weren’t free or nearly free, haha).

Other than that, I’m mostly boring. I like doing things – hiking, going to shows (local metal especially), exploring neat abandoned places, hopping around the aforementioned thrift stores, and watching entirely too many seasons of geeky TV shows back to back. However, while I’m here in Charlotte, I don’t have my own transportation and, of course, no income, so it’s pretty much just the last of that list.

I try to answer most messages that actually are messages (though it may take a while to respond, depending on my level of exhaustion and how terrible my memory or communication skills are at the moment). I rarely bother to respond to messages of “ur hot” or the like. C’mon, put in some effort. I’m here for conversation – converse with me!
I’m really good at
Obsessing over German industrial music. Baking cookies. Finding the best yard sales and thrift stores. Computer stuff. Couponing!
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't know? I guess my glasses? Or my brightly colored hair (time for some purple again!)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: For the past few years, it's been mostly Stephen King and the Dune series. I browse some crafty books and books about computers and programming I pick up at thrift stores and yard sales occasionally. I don't have as much concentration for reading since I've been sick though. I love reading, and miss it greatly, but migraines, lightheadedness, lack of concentration - these are some of the issues I deal with regularly that are in direct conflict to my enjoyment of reading. :(

Movies: I have a collection of over 500 movies & TV shows... I have no life and a compulsion for buying DVDs...) My favorite movie of all time is Dellamorte Dellamore (Cemetery Man) – ironic twists of fate, a tragic love story, and zombies; what more could you ask for? (Did I mention the hot Italian chick?) I love horror movies – the gorier and more creative the better. Also, most sci-fi is great too. I have an issue with some aliens – like the little gray dudes with big eyes (or the Asgard in Stargate, if you're dorky enough to get that reference) - and ET. Creepy. But I love the Alien movies. Generally anything with people being horribly slaughtered piques my interest. That and Hello Kitty or Pokemon.

Shows: The Addams Family, Being Human, The Big Bang Theory, The Cleveland Show, Criminal Minds, Dexter, Doctor Who, Face Off, Futurama, Game of Thrones, Grimm, Haven, Hell On Wheels, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Merlin, Metalocalypse, The Munsters, The Office, Sanctuary, The Simpsons (I am slightly obsessed with The Simpsons. I can have entire conversations in Simpsons quotes. If I say something random, there is a 75% chance it is a Simpsons quote, haha), Six Feet Under, Stargate (ALL of them), Star Trek (also ALL of them), Supernatural, Torchwood, Vikings, The Walking Dead, and lots of random documentaries and docu-dramas. I haven't had regular TV or cable in many years, so everything is either DVDs I've snagged off Amazon or random things I stream online.

Music: As I said above, I have a thing for German music - especially German industrial and/or medieval and/or folk and/or metal. I used to have a rather small list of the bands I really obsess over, but I'm bored and decided to expand it to include some of the non-German bands I listen to regularly. The short of it is this though: I am completely infatuated with German industrial-inspired metal type bands. I grew up a metalhead though (all kinds of metal, but especially "Scandinavian" types) and keep it in my regular rotation. I do like some other random music as well - old blues, classic rock, 90s alternative. It's just the loud, angry, (and particularly) German stuff that gets me through the day (or night). So, onward to the "slightly more extensive list": Amon Amarth, And One, Angstfabrikk, At The Gates, Behemoth, Belphegor, Corvus Corax, Cradle of Filth, Cultus Ferox, Dark Funeral, Das Ich, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Die Krupps, Dimmu Borgir, Einstürzende Neubauten, Eisbrecher, En Esch, Finntroll, Hecate Enthroned, In Extremo, KMFDM, The Kovenant, Leonard Cohen, Letzte Instanz, Lord of the Lost, Megaherz, Ministry, Nick Cave, Nile, ohGr, Oomph!, Pig, Rammstein, Satyricon, Skinny Puppy, Slayer, Stahlhammer, Tanzwut, Tom Waits, Unheilig, Vogelfrey, Voltaire, Wolfheart, Wolfsheim

Food: I am a vegetarian for personal reasons. I don't preach about it, and I am even pretty good at cooking non-vegetarian meals (or so I've been told). That said, I love me some Thai food (especially Pad Thai Tofu and spring rolls), cheese (though I'm picky about what that cheese goes on), and raw fruits and veggies. I'm actually pretty picky about the cooked veggies I eat. I have a lot of food sensitivities that limit my diet more than I'd like, but usually as long as it's fresh and not hot or spicy (I'm allergic to capsaicin), I'll enjoy it.
Six things I could never do without
I could never come up with a list like this. You'd be amazed at the sacrifices you could make just to keep breathing.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The past and the future. And how I can pass the now more quickly.
On a typical Friday night I am
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I should probably note a few things here:
A) I am not religious at all. If you're super hardcore about your religion, don't bother to message me. It's not that I have anything against religious people, but I am never going to be religious and I get enough of the questions/debates/"worried about your soul" stuff already. I am a secular activist who tends to upset religious folks with my blunt honesty and fight against religion in our government.

B) I am not a bad girl. I look gothy and I like weird and dark stuff, but I don't want to be your dominatrix. I don't want to cyber or have phone sex with you. I don't want to hang out with you so you can show all your buddies the freaky chick you met. Please, if this is what you're looking for, just go away.

C) I use cannabis, both recreationally and medicinally (cannabis is AMAZING for Fibromyalgia!) This is something I've done for over 10 years now and will continue to do for as long as it's feasible. I don't drink, and I don't like any other drugs (except my prescriptions), but I quite enjoy smoking a bowl before bed. Plus it's great when doing my crafts or house cleaning. ;) I don't mind if you don't smoke, but if you're anti-toking, please don't message me. I am a (medical) marijuana activist, and am fighting every day for legalization (both in my state and nationally). This, like my religious views, isn't going to change.
You should message me if
You have heard of and actually enjoyed: And One, Das Ich, Einstürzende Neubauten, Eisbrecher, In Extremo, Letzte Instanz, Megaherz, Melotron, Oomph!, Rammstein, Tanzwut/Coruvs Corax

You are Blixa Bargeld. Or Raymond Watts. Or Nivek Ogre. Or vampire Tesla... ;D

And okay, if you see me stalking your profile and think I'm interesting, go ahead and drop me a line. I rarely initiate contact, but I am known to browse for people with common interests (especially when it's after 3am and I cannot sleep). I usually do a search for one of the bands I love and poke around the profiles that come up (because if you like cool music, you're likely to be a cool person). I'd love to make some more friends with common interests, but I'm more likely to look at your profile, think "that person is awesome!", then think "but I'm not that exciting, so I'd just be wasting their time". I'm not self deprecating really, just boring. :P

Oh, and I'm open to male or female friends. I'm conflicted on whether to mark my orientation as "bisexual" again or not. Technically I am, but I'm not looking for dates (of either gender), I've been exclusively in monogamous relationships with males for over a decade now, and marking "bisexual" previously ended up recruiting ladies with the wrong idea about what I'm looking for. Again, I just want FRIENDS. I usually get along better with males, but I wouldn't mind some more female friends. I'm not the type of girl to chat about shoe shopping and trendy makeup tips though. :P
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