31Beaverton, United States
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My self-summary
My name is Danielle mostly go by Dani.
I am always changing/growing.
I am a very passionate, spontaneous and curious individual with a lot of love to share.
What I’m doing with my life
I am a mom of four, love those beautiful children of mine!
The past few years have been a lot of focusing on raising kids and forgetting all about me, I'm working on getting reacquainted with myself.
I really am starting to look more into holistic healing practices. I would love to learn more about different practices that may work well for me that I could introduce others too.
I am now an Independent Product Consultant for DoTerra essential oils. I am very excited to learn more about them, not real big on the actual business aspect at this point just looking for alternatives for treating and preventing health issues other than medications.
I am also learning more about crystal singing bowls and our bodies vibrational frequencies. I am very fascinated about energy and how it courses through everything in the universe.
I'm open to whatever options the universe may see fit to throw my way.
I would love to help myself and help others.
I am in love with art in its many forms., totally addicted to tattoos! always planning my next piece.
I enjoy looking at and riding around in cars and on bikes.
One of my favorite times of year is during MX when my man is flagging races. I love taking the kids and watching all the races at PIR.
I'm a fan of sports, I definitely think it's funner to play them rather than watch though.
Video games of all sorts can manage to keep me occupied for hours... me and my 4yo especially love dancing games and shooting zombies.
My son is all shooters,so far baby likes any game with a good soundtrack and bright colors.
we also are big fans of board games!
If I had the energy I would probably sing and dance all day!
I love being outdoors and enjoy simple things like fishing, sitting by a fire, and talking with family and friends.
I enjoy meeting new people and finding out about their ideas/ beliefs/ opinions on life and the universe.
I am seriously craving fun geeky chats into the late hours.
I enjoy smoking weed, it helps me battle chronic pain and nausea and just tends to mellow things out :)
I have a dream that one day I will travel the world and see truly magical sights.
I hope everyday that at least one more person will decide it's time to start being more positive and send their loving vibrations out to the universe.
I’m really good at
Reading Dr Seuss books out loud which my kids find amusing :)
Jump rope
Is coloring a talent? lol
The first things people usually notice about me
my eyes,
my personality
my rapidly changing hair
my long nails
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love books by Dawn Cook aka Kim Harrison. She is by far my favorite author. I also enjoy Stephen King, Anne Rice, and R.A. Salvatore. I also really love children's books my top five being Mr. Poppers Penguins, Stuart Little, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Indian in the Cupboard, and the Phantom Toll Booth.
Movies basically everything, I love movies! Although they tend to ruin great books as they just don't do ones own imagination when reading justice.
Music is good in general, no genre is really better than another just depends on my mood what I want to listen to.
and that really could consist of anything!
Six things I could never do without
my kids
my memories of my parents
positive energy
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Alien life
Video games
How everyone and every thing connects in the universe.
Essential oils
On a typical Friday night I am
playing call of duty with my man, or enjoying movies or crafts with the family.
I would love to be doing things such as night time hikes, enjoying fire dancing, star gazing, skinny dipping and maybe cuddling. My Friday night is no different than any other night for me. I'm a mom, all Friday means is no classes for children the next day.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
hmmmm I'll come back to this
You should message me if
If you feel even the least bit interested.
If you would like to take dance lessons with me :) i'd love to learn ball room and swing but need a partner.
If you would like to chat over drinks of some sort.
If you enjoy blazing and getting down on some delicious munchies!
If you want to go skating.
If you can teach me something new.
If you would just like a chill friend to hang with and have fun times.
The two of us