31Helsinki, Finland
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My self-summary
I'm currently in a closed monogamous relationship. While i do enjoy finding new frieds, i ask you to not be a creep - respect my relationship! I might be up for climbing buddies but not having encounters resembling dates. Thanks! ^^


I'm a nerd who's interested in politics, computers, acrobatics, dancing, bicycling, travelling, photography and learning new things. I'm playful, positive and a doer, always busy with something interesting.

I've never tasted kebab-meat nor drove a car. I love woollen socks. I studied NGO work at the university to not always have a bad conscience for not doing enough to save the world. I like to travel alone, focusing on finding new friends.

I love to reflect the things I experience and learn in deep conversations. That's how I learn more about myself, my needs and what I like the most. I want people I interact with to be important to me. I want meaningful relationships - were they friendships, playing, intimate partnerships or something else.

I like boys who could paint their nails, girls who take control and people between genders because I've got no ready answers with them.

Politically I'm in the far liberal-left-corner and a feminist. My sexual and gender identity is queer. I love to play around with gender roles. I tend to move somewhere between poly and open mono.

candy @ IRCnet
What I’m doing with my life
I'm trying to have more me-time and do artsy stuff, like singing, and not scheduling my pastime. I signed up for a circus course and weekend courses for butoh dancing and acrobatics this spring, so apparently i'm doing the body awareness thing right now.

I recently moved into a six person commune in a wooden house with apple trees in the yard <3

Work is communications and volunteer management at an NGO.
I’m really good at
* Expressing my opinions when I need to
* Writing and editing
* Being well organised
* Fixing things
* Cooking vegan yummyness
* Taking photos
* Learning new things
* Brainwashing myself
* The interwebs, watching Netflix and other general procrastination skills
* Diplomacy

I work hard and conscientiously towards my goals in life and usually achieve them. For example: I got rid of 30 extra kilos, depression, smoking and drinking, all at the same time.
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably my red hair and my smile. I also dress fabulously. Usually. When I'm not in my bicycling gear. Or lazy. Or at home, where i usually wear my pink jumpsuit. My flatmate has a panda suit, which i'm eternally envious of.

My personality depends on the situation and the people, obviously. Some general personality traits would probably be kindness, passion about certain things, enthusiasm, reliability, and intelligence. People seem to think i'm brave, optimistic and open. I think that's the outcome of a lot of practice. I am finally embracing the thought that deep down i'm an extrovert after all, and that having been an introvert was because of circumstances. I'm very happy about this progress.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Do people actually read this part? I don't, so here's the summary:
* Geekiness, horror, zombies, fantasy, gore, exploitation
* Feminism, women, queer
* Anything that makes me think
* Anything i can relate to

Boob... books
The story of O, Neverwhere, Hyperion, Illuminatus!, Perfume and i really should go through my bookcase to remember what to add to this list. Neil Gaiman.

Comics are the greatest! Especially gloomy, gothic and morbid ones with sick humor. And all kinds of queer/feminist/activist comics, be it DIY or published. Tank Girl, The Sandman, Dykes to watch out for, Tiitu Takalo, all the nerdy stuff on the interwebs.

Tim Burton, Stanley Kubrick, Takashi Miike, Quentin Tarantino. I really like Asian movies, especially gore and splatter. Troma. Horror, zombies, vampires, superheros.

Warrior made me cry like a baby. Tom Hardy is HOT. I want to organize a Martial Arts film festival.

I'm getting into slow, soft movies with no point. Stuff that makes me cry. But i'm still very allergic to romantic movies because of all the crap out there (crap = romantic comedies).

I cringe very hard if i have to watch anything, where the point is to laugh at someone's misfortune. I feel physically sick. The feeling is pretty similar to when you're watching a movie with your dad and suddenly, BAM! steamy sex scene. Ermahgerd.

I'm totally addicted on Doctor Who. Like bought-the-t-shirt-addicted. I also like Dexter, The L word, Bones, Bomb Girls, Bron and the X-files.

Sometimes i like to watch brain numbing shows, like Charmed. Should this have been in the "Most private thing i'm willing to admit" section? Or would that be watching the life of an ordinary Mormon family with four kids on YouTube for 1,5 years? (But the Shaytards are so positive and FUN!)

I listen to many kinds of music, but I could mention a few genres: punk rock, electro, post-punk, all kinds of feminist and queer music and A LOT of music done by women.

I'm compiling this list on Spotify of music made by women: spotify:user:11101901239:playlist:3ef2eQ7n2v5VO55zglIygc

The best bands/artists at the time:
* Peaches
* Vuk
* Gossip
* Babes in Toyland
* Pintandwefall
* Regina Spektor
* Tegan & Sara
* Ladytron

I don't like fresh coriander or celery. I'm told i have a gene that makes coriander taste like soap.

But anything that fits my diet, I like.

I like Indian, Latin American and Asian flavors. My favorite food substance is tofu. When I don't have time to cook, I just eat raw tofu with mustard. Mmmm, delicious!
Six things I could never do without
Getting excited
Stuff tasting good in my mouth
Expressing myself

I realized these are actually not "things". I am not touching my list. Love is a thing i have in the wardrobe. Tied up and gagged with a used woolen sock full of holes.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Politics, especially gender, sexuality and equality. Kinbaku and rope.
On a typical Friday night I am
Doing random stuff. Watching Bones on the couch. Attending a shibari workshop. Partying in my galaxy pants. Cooking with my best friend. Having an awful time with people i don't like, drinking too much and wondering how i end up in these situations. Working. Nerding at a nerdy event. Watching a movie. Attending a photo shoot.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've had a profile here for seven years now. I've been in relationships, one of which was over two years and mono, but i've still kept the profile. What can i say - i like analysing myself, and tests. Oh tests, my love. I used to take them on TheSpark before there was OkCupid. Did you know that's where this site originated? Oh my what a big social media geek i am.

Shoutout: You can thank anticute for telling me to register.
You should message me if think we could have fun and/or interesting discussions together. But you have to really have something to say, otherwise i can't think of an answer, sorry!

I'm trying to gather a list of deal breakers (if we have a good match, but this was your answer on any of these questions, that's why i'm not messaging you back):
- "Do you think women have an obligation to keep their legs shaved? - Yes"
- "Would you consider having an open relationship (i.e., one where you can see other people)? - No"
- "Would you be okay with your significant other spending a lot of time with one of his/her exes (as a friend)? - No"
- "Do you believe you have the right to forbid your significant other anything? - Yes"
The two of us