38 San Diego, United States
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My self-summary
I apologize for the lengthy ad but I assure you it's not that I like talking about myself too much lol. I just want to be up front about who I am since I'm looking for either true friendship and/or a relationship with someone who can actually relate with me. I'm therefore not into one-night-stands or "f**kbuddies". Thanks ;)

So here's the situation. I'm unusual.

Wait, don't leave! I meant, unusual in a really good way. Well, good to me anyway :)

Just thought I'd let you know in advance so you don't feel the shock (as much) after I tell you just how *unusual* I really am, and so you don't make the mistake of attempting to place me into a "box" and categorize me. I don't fit into boxes very well. They make me claustrophobic.

So you really want to know about me? Well then (*hands you the red pill*)...down the rabbit hole--or wolf den--we go.....

I'm a eco-minded, [very] open-minded, spiritual-minded, business-minded, tree-hugging, dog-hugging, earth-hugging, quirky, non-materialistic, big big animal-lover with a derpy sense of humor. I'm open yet mysterious, an introverted goofball, a fun-loving businessman, compassionately blunt, spacey yet down to earth, and just a little bit crazy. Though I think in order for one to remain sane these days we all have to be just a little crazy, right? Right. See, I answered for you. Because I know you so well.

I do my best to maintain a healthy balance in body, mind, heart and soul and feel personal growth is essential in life. I also love helping others, 4-legged and two-legged alike (and for all those 4-leggeds who've had unfortunate accidents, 3-leggeds as well).

I'm interested in EITHER a real friendship ("benefits" not included) OR if we both end up on the same page in deeper feelings for each other, something more than friendship. But either way for me it has to start out with a genuine, solid friendship first and foremost anyway before I'd even really want to become intimate. Guess I'm a little a-typical that way compared to most men. I just really miss having someone in my life whom I can honestly call a best friend.

My varied interests range from science, psychology and virtually all things spiritual/paranormal (with a dose of healthy skepticism), to business, philanthropy, real estate investing, "green" sustainable technology, helping animals, eco-communities, and working toward doing my part to help bring some light to this dark little world.

If your into the whole personality test thing, here's mine: INFJ
Introvert(89%) iNtuitive(100%) iNtuitive Feeling(25%) Judging(22%)

I'm also.... *drumroll* ....a "furry"!

No, I dont walk around town with a tail or ears, though at the local furry meetups every month, I do have my floofy tail on ^ ^ I just like the fun geeky/nerdy atmosphere of get-togethers, the anthropomorphic art-culture, and the idea of cruising around town and to conventions in a wolfy fursuit (no they're not made from real fur). I will eventually be getting a custom fursuit whenever I can afford one so I can start helping with promoting local rescue adoption events and other animal charities. Actually, the whole furry thing is like a reflection of my spiritual connection with and love I feel for animals and their Spirit.

And NO I'm not into fursuit sex (it's sad that I have to even mention that since the vast majority of furries dont do that but our country's lovely media machine thrives on sensationalism no matter how false it actually is), and if you have no idea what I'm talking about when I said fursuit sex, nevermind. Just....pretend I didnt even mention it. lol).

So yah, moving on....

I'm "deep" in heart and mind ( might fall in! hehheh) so shallowness and superficiality are not my strong points, nor attributes I like in others. Which means, petty things like your weight (as long as you're not so obese you can't enjoy hiking and other activities with me), the curvature of your ass, what you wear, etc aren't really things that matter to me. I want to get to know your heart and mind first and foremost, and hopefully that's your primary focus as well with me.

I love dogs/wolves, they are a huge part of my life & my match must feel the same way or forget it, I don't care how hot a girl is. If she doesn't LOVE animals (of the non-human kind, that is), especially canines, then I guarantee it won't work. ;)

I'm not interested in a sex-based relationship or a 1-night-stand. My idea of being a "couple" is being really good friends first and foremost. I connect with others according to how they are on the inside and their love for/view of animals more than anything else.

I do not do/like: smoking (can't even stand the smell), drinking (unless it's sweet n creamy like Baily's, mmmmmmmm or the occasional glass of wine) or any form of drugs (I get high on life). I'm "420-friendly" only if it's genuinely medical related.

I have unusual (though I prefer to think of them as "pioneering") ideas about certain things in life & enjoy philosophical/spiritual & deep/meaningful long conversation. I'm sincere, candid, communicative, not that much into sports (unless it's dog-related sports like agility competitions and such), and I'm a big fan of cuddling and long walks through the forest. :)

Other stuff:

I've got a sense of humor that makes some laugh hysterically and others give me that "huh?" look. Which is why I usually keep it well-tamed and within the confines of my mind, creative writing, and the internet (where all weird things belong) ;-p

I tend to be a bit of an UN-social butterfly...a cocoon if you will. Or maybe a caterpillar. Yes, that's it. Like one of those cute fuzzy ones....anyway, I'm working on that.

I am a prince of dog-lovers, a likable oddity of the human race, and an un-catagorizable a-typical male...humanoid...of some sort.

Sometimes I really wonder which mother ship I fell out of.
What I’m doing with my life
or rather, what my life is doing with me. Answer?

Learning to consciously manifest my reality.
On the more earthly/mundane end of the spectrum, I'm an entrepreneur and involved in manufacturing/product development/marketing, with some lucrative business prospects in line currently.

I am working toward inner-freedom, and working toward my financial freedom so I can have more time to do my part in working for world peace and Enlightenment.
Work work work work work! It's all good :)

That and looking for some real friends, or maybe even a lifelong mate. I seriously need some positive, spiritual-minded friends in my life again though. :-p
I’m really good at
Working with immense challenges to meet my goals in life, being an entrepreneur, maintaining a healthy skepticism while remaining extraordinarily open-minded, loving animals, helping people, helping animals, creative writing, creative thinking, thinking outside the limiting sphere of conventional "wisdom", music, being caring, understanding and patient with others and their needs.
Deep meaningful conversation.
Being empathic toward the suffering of others, human or nonhuman.
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't know. They never tell me, I never ask and I'm not that psychic (yet).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Fav movies....
LOTR 2/3
Close Encounters
Ace Ventura
White Fang
Never Cry Wolf
Eight Below
Roadside Romeo
Lion King
All Dogs Go to Heaven
The Fox and the Hound (I know, I'm such a kid when it comes to animal toon flicks)
What The *Bleep* Do We Know
The Peaceful Warrior
The Matrix trilogy
The Green Mile
Terminator 2
Donnie Darko
Practically anything by Michael Moore
Anything healing and spiritually uplifting

Fav shows...
Don't watch TV that much, but I got hooked (for a while) on Big Bang Theory, and sometimes the talent shows (A.I., X Factor, AGT). But not that often. Mostly it's just spiritual/paranormal/science documentaries I keep I eyes out for.

Fav books....
The Jewish-Japanese Sex and Cookbook and How To Raise Wolves (Jack Douglas)
Learning Their Language: Intuitive Communication with Animals and Nature (Marta Williams)
Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home (Rupert Sheldrake)
The Gods From Space (Dr George King)
The Magic of Healing (Dr. Richard Lawrence)
The Heart of the Soul (Gary Zukav)
The Seat of the Soul (Gary Zukav)
Too many more to list

Fav music....
Too many to list. I enjoy all forms of music (except for anything with sexist/violent lyrics, like hardcore rap or death metal). Josh Groban, Jamiroquai, Metallica, Loreena McKenitt, Godsmack, Enya, Danny Elfman, oldies, 80's and beyond, new-agey stuff, relaxing instrumental, bla, bla, bla into infinity....

Fav foods: Almost anything, but I'm in the process of becoming primarily vegetarian (more-so for the animals themselves than for my own personal health), other than some seafood and eggs. I am concerned about personal diet and healthy eating though--I've educated myself through the years on America's disease-promoting processed "food" industry enough to basically know what to stay away from.

Other Interests:
Personal growth/spiritual growth, intentional communities, healing the planet, eco-communities, healing with natural methods and spiritual healing (successfully, I might add!), long walks/hiking, long meaningful conversations, helping others to grow spiritually, learning new things, religion, paranormal research, metaphysics/quantum physics, animal communication, karma, reincarnation, science, camping, bonfires, listening to music/creating music (piano, drums), video production, challenging social norms & limiting beliefs, UFOs, reading, creative writing, romping around/snuggling with big furry dogs, watching movies, thunderstorms, zoo, seaworld, snowboarding, working with real sled dogs up north (yes, been there done that...& want to do it again!), enjoying Nature, meditation, Yoga, sitting in silence.

Anything animal...anything zen...listening to the sound of one paw clapping... ^__^
The six things I could never do without
(not necessarily in order of importance):



God 2.0 (the non-orthodox version) ;)



Mother Earth *runs outside to hug the trees*
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Creative-thinking, philosophical-thinking, thinking musically, thinking about the future, thinking about the planet, thinking about how we can save the world, thinking about the ignorance of this backward human race, thinking about how I think too much...

Also dogs, wolves, animals in general and how to help heal the human-animal relationship on this planet. ^..^
On a typical Friday night I am
There is no "typical" Friday night for me. I could be playing, I could be petsitting (which, if it entails snuggling with a doggy or two while watching a movie, then that is always preferable!), I could be meditating. I could be working online. I could be studying. I could be sleeping (catching up). The possibilities are endless....

Though, if you really like what you've read in my profile thus far, I'd really love to be spending it with you. :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Oh my. What a conundrum! If I speak of my private thing here, it will inevitably change at that instant from being private to PUBLIC and if it's public then I wouldn't be able to put it here in the first place which has created an eternal paradox which will soon tear a hole in the very fabric of the space-time thing or something-er-rather! Hm. Anybody got a spare wormhole I can use?

Yes I know. I'm a dork. ;)

Actually, here's something. I can't stand horror flicks, or any other movies where animals get harmed or killed. Especially dogs/wolves. I can't stand animals suffering, even if it's just a movie. I can deal with human-related violence/death far better. I know, I'm such a misanthrope. meh. :-p

Due to my love for animals and interest in all things psychic/paranormal/etc, one of my interests in particular is in animal communication (telepathic) and animal healing. [*audience suddenly leaves*] Hey...where did everybody go?? lol

Well anyway, it would be cool if you have an interest in either of those as well. But if not, that's fine too, just as long as you don't think I'm insane. Or if you think I'm insane I guess that's okay, just as long as you pretend and keep it to yourself. lol ^^

You should know up front that I am currently in the process of healing a debilitating illness (temporary, for no longer than 3-7 more months). No worries, I'm not in a wheelchair, don't need help getting around, it's nothing catchy, icky, etc, I look and walk normal. I just have some limitations for the time being. I use public transportation which gets me anywhere I need to go just fine (so no need to be my "taxi driver") ;-p. It's just something I've had for some years (adrenal dysfunction, chronic hyponatremia and chronic fatigue immune deficiency "triple-threat" lol)
I'm more than 60% healed with that now (yay!!).

In terms of the illness though, I look "normal" (whatever that means) but just temporarily have some physical (and in certain respects, mental) limitations. It fluctuates all the time, but generally no long jogs, no running, no driving (sucks), and of course...gotta keep the sexual activity to a minimum :( Mentally it primarily just affects my memory and concentration and half the time slows my thought process down a bit.

This is one of the reasons why my primary interest for now is seeking FRIENDSHIP (no "benefits"), unless you really want to take it further (though I'm still limited for now in what I can do in terms of sexual activity ;)

So I think, that's about it.

Oh yah one more private thing. I also have an interest in "werewolves" (the cryptozoological kind, not the Hollywood/Twilight version), and a few other paranormal oddities I've researched over the years. Ok, I think I'll stop right here now that you think I'm certifiably insane ;-D
You should message me if
...if you've managed to read this far without asking yourself out of regret why in the heck you decided to read this far.

Well actually, not just that. Here's what I am looking for in a woman:

Let's see. You gotta love animals (not just tolerate or like...LOVE!), be the communicative type, very patient, caring, understanding, enjoy unusual/nonsensical humor (optional, but a big plus), selfless, supportive of my life goals, NON-materialistic (in other words, you don't need to buy stuff to feel good or be bought stuff to feel loved), sincere, honest, NO major trust-issues, have a respect and reverence for Mother Earth, nurturing (in an empowering way), empathic (I can't stand apathy toward the suffering of others/the planet), you don't habitually assume negatively of things/people, interest in animal communication (major points, but not necessary), open-minded in life (spiritually and in other ways). It would also be awesome if a major part of your goals in life involves helping others (animals/people/the planet) and working for peace in some way.

If you're willing to wait for my health to improve, and in the meantime use this as an opportunity to get to know me (not just my temporary symptoms). As stated earlier, I would not want to rush into anything like a relationship anyway before being very close friends anyway.

You're not a big party person/drinker and you don't take drugs. So if you're a smoker, it can't be on a daily basis & you've gotta be in the process of quitting.

In terms of having a relationship, I'm not just looking for a girl to "hang out" with, I'm looking for someone who is capable of GIVING in a relationship as much as she is capable of receiving, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I need to be with someone who is capable of (or at least have a desire to) uplift & empower me in life as much as I desire to uplift & empower her.

I've always disliked superficial relationships/friendships. So your looks alone won't buy my Love.

But your heart undoubtedly will. ^ ^