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My self-summary
I imagine that there are average, ordinary people in aggregate, but I have never met one individually. Nobody I've met is ordinary.

I'm a schoolteacher by day, and by night I'm still a schoolteacher, but I'm tackling other challenges. I'm really excited to teach, something I actively worked toward for nearly ten years before finally making it. Achievement Unlocked! Before quitting private industry to pursue my passion, I worked in the hotel business, taking care of travelers lost and found. I really enjoyed making guests happy. Now, I am doing my best to make it as an educator. It's no picnic, but I haven't looked back.

I've been in the Bay Area for nearly twenty years, though I still feel somehow connected to my small-town, lost coast, Redwood Curtain roots. I came to the Big City for fun, adventure, and well, employment. While I can have fun doing most anything, I am fond of board games, rpgs (or adventure games), walking, cycling, movies, theater, and photography. I am particularly fond of crossing books off a very long (and alas, ever growing) virtual "I need to read that" list. I have a significant weakness for puns (it's a character flaw). I freely admit my geekness. To paraphrase John Green, being a nerd is allowing yourself to be unironically enthusiastic about stuff. While I'm not a Real Genius, I do my best at least to keep up. I am not your everyday bow-tied Lothario, if only because these days I only wear the bow ties on Fridays and special occasions.

I'm polyamorous. This means I believe that it is possible to be involved in more than one honest, loving relationship at a time. The more you love the more you can love. It also means that I value communication, I try to act with integrity, and I recognize that my friends and sweeties will do likewise. Perhaps this is less a lifestyle than an orientation. I am in a long-term primary relationship with a fantastic and wonderful partner. Though we may date others from time to time, ca_snowflake is the person I am always pleased to come home to in the end.

These days I'm looking to make friends with smart, funny, and open-minded people who find as I do that this crazy mixed-up world is fascinating, and full of power, wonder, love, beauty, and truth. I love to flirt. I very much love to flirt. As far as anything else goes, I have no idea what to add, so I'll leave it to you to inquire, if you please. Be well. Follow your muse. Don't forget to be awesome.
What I’m doing with my life
As nice as it was to be a returning student. I earned an history BA, and a teaching credential, and am now a high-school social-studies teacher. After getting to this crucial point of my Ten Year Plan, I am really pleased to eventually find out how much I love to teach! History & civics (poly-sci) are right up my alley. It's wonderful to find something I feel passionate about doing, even though it's a bit later than I might have hoped. So, yeah, I am a teacher now, and loving it. Egads, how is it that I didn't appreciate this education thing when I tried it the first time? History, English, even Math! I enjoy every opportunity I can find to construct new knowledge, to fill in and correct my mental map of the universe.

Just like I did at the time, many of my students just don't see the point of this widget they're building called an education. Teaching them about that value is just as important as teaching them how to connect history with their own lives. The idea of making connections between disparate elements (in history, sociology, or whatever), of gaining greater understanding of how we are what we are, it's wonderful. What's even more wonderful is that I now get to help other people make those connections, too!
I’m really good at
I like to hope that I am good at listening to people and making them feel comfortable around me. I'm pretty good at making people smile (which is extra nice, because I really like to do it).
The first things people usually notice about me
I have a flirty, bawdy sense of humor. I also aim to act the gentleman. You might think preceding two sentences are mutually exclusive, but they're not really. I try to recognize when to be one, when to be the other, and when a mix of the two is efficacious.

I try to be kind and helpful. I am unscented.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Let's see... Sometimes I like lists.

BOOKS: I've loved McTeague by Frank Norris, Kaffir Boy, by Mark Mathabane, The Quiet Pools by Michael P Kube-McDowell, The Postman by David Brin, um... all the Honor Harrington novels by David Weber (guilty pleasure), all the books by Terry Pratchett (even Strata), Jim Butcher's Dresden Files. ...and much more.

MOVIES: Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, Punch-Drunk Love, Gattaca, Kinsey, The Usual Suspects, The Princess Bride, "Brother, Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin", Grosse Point Blank, Master & Commander, Gods and Monsters, The Seven Samurai, Some Like It Hot.

SHOWS: Are we talking about shows like Glee or shows like Avenue Q and Les Miserables, because I like 'em both.

MUSIC: Girlyman, Erin McKeown, Tom Waits, They Might Be Giants, Too Much Joy, Big Star, The Decemberists, the Velvet Underground, the Replacements, and the duo Garfunkel and Oates.

...and FOOD: This is not an inclusive list. Coach sushi, borani kadu, saag paneer, orange beef from Le Cheval in Oakland, pez espada con tacu-tacu (a Peruvian dish from Fresca in San Francisco... a dozen years, and I'm still talking about it), red bean buns, ceviche, ice cream, high tea, Zachary's deep dish pizza, homemade tortillas, Shan Dong chicken dumplings, Onendaga salt potatos, enjira, and cornbread. Of late, I've pretty much eliminated wheats and other grains from my diet, to some positive effect.
Six things I could never do without
In order to be truly happy, I only hope for personal connection, an opportunity to expand my understanding of the universe, joy in the everyday world, a vigorous and healthy imagination, wonderful people to assist me in discovering these, and time in which to do it.

I like to think I've got most of my bases covered, but there's always room for improvement.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Alternate Histories. How might our civilization developed if they'd managed to solve the crises of the Roman Republic? How would the West Coast of North America be different if the weather had been a little less foggy and Drake had seen and sailed into San Francisco Bay. What might the nation have been like if Captain Ulysses Grant had died of drink in California in 1854. How might life in the country be different today if we hadn't lost RFK and King in '68? How can I convince students to make personal connections between the past and the present?

For a while, I was also thinking about cadastral surveys--those surveys which produce plans and maps denoting property boundaries--and how they have affected modern society. What is the meaning of 'real personal property' and how does the imposition of such affect communities? These surveys were seen as necessary to modern societies based on concepts of personal responsibility, but they've had the effect in many places (Mexico, Turkey, elsewhere) of undermining community ownership of land and effectively destroying the villages they sought to protect. It's fascinating. me anyway. Um, your mileage may vary. Don't worry, it's not all that likely to come up in casual conversation.

Also historiography. What makes an event historical? How can we understand history to work in the greater scheme of things? As history is constructed, it falls within the agency of individuals. What damage can be done, and what damage might be repaired, through the writing of history? Again, how can I connect students to this?

Finally, I've been thinking a great deal about the craft of teaching. Now that I'm nearly actually a professional pedagogue (although hopefully not the dull kind), I am trying to wrap my own head around how to present information in ways that will help my students construct knowledge. Everything is connected to everything else, our task as participants in this civilization, is to figure out how. It's a complex subject, but fascinating to entertain.
On a typical Friday night I am
There really are no typical Friday nights, are there? Another OKCer noted that this question really means something on the order of "What do I do for fun?"

One week I might be holed up in the house preparing for next week's teaching. Another week, I might be visiting a friend in the city, catching up on a three week backlog of Doctor Who. Still another week, I might be cuddled up with my partner watching a summer movie on opening night. Yet another week I could be playing boardgames with a houseful of badgers. Really, it's hard to say what a typical Friday night looks like. You'd have much better luck getting a coherent and consistent answer by asking me what I'm doing a typical Sunday night.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My books outweigh me, by quite a lot. I decided that it might be a good idea to catalog all this, but the job still daunts me (and taunts me). I suppose this can be one of those summer things.
You should message me if recognize that the word Available at the top of my profile means that I am affianced to a wonderful woman who means the world to me, but also that I am not averse to dating (and that she's not averse to me dating). I am currently also dating another wonderful sweetie. Yes, this means we're poly! Or non-monogamous, if you prefer (I have come to realize that the p-word has its own baggage). I'm not really looking more sweeties, but nobody has a problem with meeting and making wonderful new friends. How many times can I use the word averse in a paragraph? You should write me if you are not averse to folk who love to play with language, whether in prose, or in verse!

More importantly, you should message me if you want to do so. Cheers!
The two of us