45San Diego, United States
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My self-summary
***Three quick notes:

1) I have not purchased a premium membership. If you "like" me please tell me so in a message I will not be able to see who likes me.

2) Sometimes I have the okCupid app running on my phone or on the computer, so there may be times when it looks as though I'm on line but I'm actually not viewing the site. So, if I do not respond to IMs, messages, or other such communications please be patient and I'll touch bases with you as soon as possible!

3) I do not desire to participate in secret relationships of any kind unlless it is an arrangement you have clearly and explicitly agreed upon in advance with your partner(s) and you have their consent to exclusive-type relationships. That said, in order for us to be compatible even as friends you must feel the same way regarding that topic. Honesty, integrity, transparency and consent with regard to everyone involved is a must for me.

Hi everyone!

I live and work here in San Diego and am currently enjoying a amazing polyamorous relationship (ethical and consensual non-monogamy). I would be happy to explain more about that when we talk.

I am athletic and have exercised most of my life, however, that’s not a requirement in a partner necessarily as my main priority would be connecting on so many other levels as well, such as chemistry, sense of humor, friendship, compatibility, adventure, passion/physical attraction, etc. Therefore, I could also very much enjoy a connection with an individual or couple who do not exercise as much themselves especially if we find that there is a good connection in those other areas.


About me:
- I am totally drug free and do not smoke (anything) including marijuana and would prefer the same in any/all partner(s)
- I enjoy occasional/social drinking i.e. wine, beer or margarita (but not frequently and not to excess)
- Healthy Lifestyle
- tend to remain active
- enjoy good deserts, but emphasize healthy cooking and eating majority of the time
- enjoy exercise
- Love weekend adventures (i.e. walks, drives, exploring the city)
- Very socially conscious (such as issues related to race, gender, socio-economic and consequences of current political economic social structures)
- I am college educated and hard working (But that is not something that I require of you. I want to date you not your money or your job.)
- Only want to relate with others who will be open, totally honest (deal breaker), respectful and expect the same in return from others
-Can cook (& clean)
-Can give a great back massage.

I am not interested at all in:
- random sexual hooks-ups
- smoking of any kind
- drug use of any kind
- excessive drinking

I am interested in:
- people who really love and enjoy life
- sincerity
- people who are by nature kind and compassionate to others
- quality connections that form a strong friendship base and
that can develop, ideally, over time into a lifelong loving

I am fun, healthy and sincere!
What I’m doing with my life
-Exercise (usually 3-4 days per week)
-(2) books that I'd like to write
-Love learning about History (cultures, civilizations, art etc.)
-Like to play (live music, dance, art, outdoors, beach/ocean)
I’m really good at
-love, honesty, organization, passion for life, romance, cooking, cleaning, massage, loyalty, spontaneity, complimenting others.
The first things people usually notice about me
-My smile (usually shining)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I appreciate a great range of books, movies, music and food. What can I say? There are so many different images, sounds, flavors and stories to cherish in this world!

In general, I enjoy any of these things that teach us about ourselves, others, history, business and language, etc. I am not hot on publications, movies, books etc. that propagate destructive messages including hate, racism, sexism, judgment, misinformation, and the like.

With regards to food, I enjoy most healthy foods (an a few not so healthy) :) Some favorites include Italian food, Mexican, Indian, Peruvian (amazing), American Grill, Traditional American, some Soul Food, Chinese food ,... simply put, I love many foods. I do not consider my self vegetarian, however, I am VERY interested in learning a lot more about a vegetarian diet and steering away from fried foods and other genuinely unhealthy choices.
Six things I could never do without
-delicious clean drinking water (several times a day) :)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-Mother Nature, Mankind, Love, Evolution/Creation/Universe, our purpose, those who are suffering (homeless, those incarcerated, orphans, troubled youth), World Leaders (the good, the bad and the ugly) :), Women (awesome and beautiful), fitness, the future.
On a typical Friday night I am
I love walks near the beach, parks, or downtown, drives, adventures, museums, art galleries, movies, plays, concerts, and live music with a sweetheart or a group of good friends. I'm not a big partier/bar/club scene type of person, and don't care to live in that lifestyle as a regular part of my routine, however, on special occasions or for a change of scenery I find my self in those situations once in a while and I usually do enjoy my self when I do. I also enjoy staying in at home cuddling with a sweetheart or relaxing with friends and cooking, playing games, laughing or enjoying a DVD etc.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I enjoy being a deep thinker. Not all of the time by any means. I can let go, relax, have fun, smile, enjoy simple beautiful times and experiences. However, I have a also have deep and curious side about life, human nature, earth, outer space, the passage of time, general physics, quantum physics, chemistry, history and such. Along those lines, I can really enjoy such conversations with partner(s) but it is not a requirement at all. So, PLEASE don't let that stop you from reaching out to me. :-)
You should message me if
-You are a completely honest person (no exceptions please) with those who deserve it.
-You value your body, mind and heart and take good care of your self in general.
-You are a bisexual male or female (f), male or female who identifies as straight but has bisexual interest, or bisexual couple (m/f, f/f or mmf, ffm etc.) who might enjoy forming a wonderful and ideally long-term polyamorous relationship and discover more about yourself and the world around us through exploration and loving appreciation of life and each other.
-you don't smoke (anything) or do any kind of drugs
-You want to be loved and cherished as a fully integrated and equally acknowledged/contributing part of an incredible polyamorous relationship (with no requirement for "primary" or "2nd" ranking systems on our end, unless for example you are a couple and choose to come to the table as primaries yourselves)
-ideally you are willing to build a strong foundation of friendship in addition to any love and passion that might develop simultaneously
-You would really like to have fun and enjoy your life experience together!
The two of us