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My self-summary
I'm a generally optimistic person, upbeat and even keel. But online dating is about the most challenging experience I can imagine -- especially when people start by making assumptions about what being in a wheelchair means about me. I'm looking for the person who can be honest about their questions about my disability without jumping to assumptions. Let me know if that might be you. Being in a wheelchair does mean a few things, like, um I can't walk. Doh. But it doesn't mean much more. Being in a wheelchair is a part of my life, but it is just one part of my life. It doesn't mean I'm nonsexual, which seems to be the most common OKCupid misconception. Nuff said.
I am an adventuresome person. I travel more than most (3 months a year minimum--Hawaii, Austin, Spain and Holland, Maui, San Diego, Portland last year, Argentina & Uruguay in February and hoping for India soon). I enjoy learning languages (Italian right now) and speak several. I seek out art of all kinds. folks say i'm open and honest and engaging and i'm looking for more people with those traits in my life. Age, looks, size, shape, color, gender and monogamy are not important to me. wit, intelligence, humor, creativity, ability to be vulnerable...and dark chocolate, coffee with cream and sugar, fine loose teas, 1980s dance music, independent films, warmth, conversation and art are very important to me.

I have been a community organizer and disability rights activist for most of my adult life, organized for better infrastructure in San Antonio's poor neighborhoods, helped build an indie film project and community art center called Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts: DIVA (, two disability rights organizations (Coalition of Texans with Disabilities and Lane Independent Living Alliance), two arts/nonprofit buildings (MidTown Arts Center and Zoomtopia) and am co-chair of the board of directors for an Oregon-based social justice organization called MRG (

I've recently moved from Portland to Austex to Maui, though my life spans all of them at the moment. When I recently vacationed in Maui and decided to stay.

I'm bi, poly, and don't bite (well the first two are true) I like to explore and cuddle. Nice distractions or distractors welcome. I'm a big conversationalist. Bizy like the energizer bunny. I care about people and about issues, and people who care about issues.

I am Carole with, an E, and a smile, and I zoom.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm living in Maui now, spent two recent years in Austin -- back after a 20 year break. Oregon for a dozen years too. Making new friends and creating art -- printmaking -- are my priorities.

I still have strong ties to Portland, having created a development project called Zoomtopia--a renovated industrial building that has been transformed into a flourishing community of artists, dancers and creatives working together in SE Portland. The vision for the building came from hundreds of conversations with artists, leaders and activists about what the SE community needed. After 19 months of work, it is gratifying to see it in action!

My art is primarily performance photography and Japanese woodblock. I also recently received a fellowship and took time to write then perform a theater piece with Impetus Arts. Much of my work can be seen at In addition to art, I'm an activist working on progressive issues, disability rights, political strategy, leadership training and fundraising for nonprofits. Currently I'm traveling the world for fun and profit.
I’m really good at
Kissing. Thinking through problems in a creative way, looking at the world optimistically, making meaningful connections with others, making lemonade out of anchovies...that kind of thing.

Being sincerely interested in understanding who a person is rather than sizing her/him up for a check box list. People are complex. I know that and love that.

I maintain a warm humor even in serious discussion. I know that my situation can be a bit intimidating so i want to assure you that there are no questions I haven't been asked. While subjects can be serious, I value having two-way conversations about whatever comes up.

curtious says, "The first thing I thought when I saw Carole was she is damn sexy! She has an edge of butchness to her that is lovely. She has now become one of my very best friends, and with the way she kisses and the way she can talk honestly and openly about sex, I bet she is a great lover!"
The first things people usually notice about me
Huge, everpresent smile. A good sense of humor. I am a big conversationalist. I'm bizy like the energizer bunny. I use a wheelchair and a ventilator. And if folks are lucky, they'd notice I am a helluva kisser.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Well I'd like to say i read books like most intelligent folks, but I prefer to read online. I do find myself reading over and over and over ad nauseum the banner opposite my condo that says in ugly yellow and brown: "If you lived here, you would be home by now." We jokingly create banners to rival that one: "If you lived here i dont know where you'd sleep" is my personal favorite.

But seriously I read and reread _Stumbling Toward Enlightenment_ by Geri Larkin every year and still get new meaning out of it. William Least Heat Moon's _Blue Highways_ and _Prairyerth_. Douglas Adams' _Universe_ and _Fish_. I've been a big reader in my day but now tend to read articles on the internet and listen to podcasts for information.

I like indie films and documentaries. As a matter of fact, I'm featured in a documentary (showing at times on the Documentary Channel) called _Independent Little Cuss_, by my cousin Jeff Patterson. When it first came out I had a hard time seeing it for what it was because I am in it. But I recently saw it on the big screen and heard the feedback from the audience. It is good, damn good. He found a good story and told it well. I want him to do a sequel about the folks who have come together to keep me independent since i started using the ventilator. Now that's a story.

My favorite music in general is 1980s dance music. It was a good time for music and a good time in my life. Specifically enamoured of Prefab Sprout, Comsat Angels, ABC, Thomas Dolby, Kate Bush but I also like current music like Samamidon, Songs: Ohia, Jonatha Brooke, Decemberists, Bright Red Paper, Rachels. Heard of Tinariwen? Amazing. I enjoy some experimental, noise/concrete, and gamelan (Indonesian percussion)!! But sorry...don't like country music or j a z z (have to spell it that way or OKC thinks i LIKE j a z z and matches me to folks who love it).

I like spicy...I like my food, my life and my loves spicy. For dining: Indian, Thai, Japanese and Mexican food rank high on my list. But nowadays I'm enjoying more cooking in and less eating out (tho recommendations are welcome).
Six things I could never do without
As my life currently works, I cannot do without:
--my camera in hand
--text messaging
--a heater
--my friends.

Though I know I could do without most of that.

Last, I spent 40+ days on the road in Knoxville, Nashville, Asheville, Austin, Jackson Hole and Boise in hotel rooms with an internet connection, an art project and a CocaCola, with just enough clothes for a week. It made my tiny condo seems so big when i got back!

So it's all relative.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Filming my travel adventures, re-opening my art gallery in Maui, where I've just moved...

In general I fit in thoughts about the importance of art of all kinds in telling the stories of life, theater that stretches the mind or the heart, film that is engaging but not necessarily linear, polyamory and how to be closely connected to more than one person at a time, ways of acting out social justice in our increasingly unjust world, why OKC thinks I'm kinky when I'm just sexually openminded, how to keep lint off my dark skirts. You know: I spend time thinking about all the big stuff. :)
On a typical Friday night I am
Out at dance, theater, music, dinner, art opening, movie, LoveTribe party, making dinner, something fun. Nowadays usually in watching a movie at home, cooking dinner, hanging with friends.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm used to (but tired of) facing folks' bullsh!t when they realize I use a wheelchair and a ventilator. It is an important part of my life, but only one facet of many more interesting things.
You should message me if
if you find my profile enticing. I like OKC because you can meet folks easily and find out what you might have in common. That said, I'm really looking for relationships not just casual connections.

If you are open minded, you can keep eye contact, you can converse meaningfully, you are looking for a close connection, if you like a challenge and a good conversation, get in touch.

I am looking for a romantic partnership/triandship, with strong sexual and emotional connection. Trust. Honesty. Fun.
The two of us