68 Washington, United States
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My self-summary
**UPDATE: My divorce became final Jan. 7 2016.

Retired from a 30-year career as a State Department diplomat/lawyer.

Have lived several places abroad, and have traveled to many more: Europe, Russia, China, Middle East. Studied several foreign languages: German, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, French, and Dutch. (German and Hebrew are fluent.) I love studying new languages--and improving existing ones, including English.

My world outlook is decidedly European. I'm first-generation American. My parents were refugees from Nazi Germany. I feel very comfortable and at home in Europe. I could easily live in Europe -- at least part-year. I'd always need to keep a base in the USA. (*Be tough to go an entire year without Costco, stores open on Sundays, etc.

Still lots of places I haven't seen, especially E. Europe. Love to try a river cruise, down the major waterways of the world: the Rhine/Danube, Volga, Yangtze.

I'm not "rich", but completely comfortable and secure financially: A good US government pension, health benefits for life, an income property in Georgetown, investments. No debts, aside from a home mortgage.

I'm a type "A" -- passionate about many things, practically all things, really. I love sailing. Done a lot, in interesting parts of the world: Northern Europe, Turkey. I am pro- ficient in the basics, but need training in the technical aspects (electrical and engine systems, electronics, meteorology, etc.) -- before I take the plunge to buy my own boat (and perhaps sail it across the Atlantic, a dream I have toyed with for years.) Most peo- ple consider me an intellectual.

I'm interested in virtually everything (professional sports excepted.) I Can't recall the last time I was bored. I've studied many things, spent many years in college, graduate school, then law school. Music is another passion-- ev- erything from Bach to the Stones. I was 60's "flower child". I'm no "baby-boomer" -- I'm "Woodstock Generation". My hippie heart has never changed. In retirement the “Age of Aquarius” values are reemerging. (*I actually was at Woodstock '69 and Kent State May 4 1970......"Four Dead in Ohio".)

I'm gregarious and enjoy meeting new people. Entirely comfortable entering a room of 500 people and finding someone to talk to -- usually many people. I'm never the wallflower at the party. (I received formal training at the State Department on how to "circulate" at large diplomatic functions, and have had 30 years of such "professional experience" in my career.

I have one grown son, living on his own in DC, has several fascinating, well-paying jobs, and is a true intellectual -- majored in Classics at Oberlin. An all-round great kid, who can dis-
course on anything -- the more esoteric the better. He makes me an exceedingly proud dad.

I'm an animal lover (4 cats, 2 dogs) and a supporter of animal rights. A quasi-vegetarian -- I do eat fish/seafood, but no warm-blooded animals.

I find humor wherever I can, and where I can't, I manufacture it. It follows: I appreciate a keen sense of humor in others. Looking for someone with whom to spend time and--hopefully--life. I do not really enjoy life without a relationship of intimacy.
What I’m doing with my life
I am comfortably and VERY happily RETIRED..... :-)

I get to stay up, sleep late, watch entire operas, immerse myself in modern physics for the 1st time in my life, reading almost constantly, and of course ........... pursuing my sacred quest for True Love.