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My self-summary
Another, "oh yeah I have a profile here, huh!" update.
Book has now sold copies and gotten good reviews. Author now, not just 'writer'. -go me! :-)

For those who wonder why I've been on here so long, I'm not "hunting". This is more a "can't win the lotto if I'm not buying a ticket" deal than anything else. I don't make any first contacts, here or elsewhere. I'm happily single, but realize the wonderful side of being in a relationship as well. Now back to your regularly scheduled surfing. :-)

Long while since I updated here. Book is published. It's up on smashwords as "After the Burning: Princess", and can be found via goodreads, sony, kobo and other places. Now back to working on the next one. :-)

Surfing profiles the last couple days. A lotta folks on here would NOT survive a zombie apocalypse. Just sayin'.

So I'm still smoke free since I wrote the bit below this back in July. Yes e-cigs work. Took a writing break for awhile, but ramping that back up again. I guess I'm a winter writer. The world is pretty much the same as the other stuff in here from my perspective at this point. Still driving people from one place to another in the taxi...which has turned out to be a very good fit for me. Still an objectivist.

Micro tiny update to this: I'm FINALLY completely smoke free thanks to e-cigarettes. (not the cheezy kind in the malls, rather the good kits you have to get online. would be a good place to check out the gear). It was so easy to switch I almost feel guilty about it. -heh heh.)

It continually boggles my mind how this site matches folks up. So to be perfectly clear:
I'm a libertarian / Objectivist. Don't know what that means? It means that I think the republican party is only slightly less manky than the socialist libtard democratic party. .
So if you think that poppa government should take care of everybody... if you think global warming is actual science and not a political grab for yet more control over YOUR life... if you think capitalism is bad...I am soooo not your guy. Now back to our regularly scheduled profile

Time to update this thing a bit.
Sometimes writing takes longer than the writer happily guesses at. Such is the way of the evil muse who lives in my closet and drinks all my booze. sigh.
1-24-10 - Finished the first draft. Now to drag out the red pen and the editing hat!

For the last two months I've gone and tossed the IT career in the bucket. My focus is on my writing, so I decided to do something I enjoyed that did NOT involve brain melt downs each day. So out came a piece of paper and I jotted down the things I like to do best that don't involve computers. Driving and talking to folks came to the I went out, took the tests, filled out the paperwork (tons of it) and got my limo license. More paperwork and such and now I'm driving a taxi for Metro here in Denver. Not only a good decision for the writing, it is an actual pleasure (most of the time) driving folks about. (So see the new pic I uploaded for my new "keep the roof over the head whilst I create" job.) --it also is about as "gone Galt" as it gets. :-D

Finished the 2nd revision pass of the novel. 1824 pages of corrections/red penning and headaches. Gawds I love it! :-D
Now if only my test readers agree...

Other than that, an it geek, tech, and all that goes along with that. (That's not ALL of what/who I am, but better up front with what jazzes me, eh?)

I am outgoing, intelligent, and single and not unhappy about life at this point. :-)
What I’m doing with my life
I AM working full bore on a novel currently. I intend to try and get this one published, Oh yeah, and driving people around for money. Ultimate capitalist job if there ever was one...and for those who 'get it'....allows me to "go Galt".
I’m really good at
Writing, tech stuff, drinking coffee, writing. Actually whatever I set my mind to I'm pretty good at.
Add driving a taxi to that list. :-D
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes. (or so I've been told.)
Job related now: I'm not an immigrant, I am a Denver native, AND I know where I'm going. ---things that have surprised some of my customers. -grin
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Atlas Shrugged.
The Potter series, Peter F. Hamilton, George R.R. Martin, Naomi Novik, Orson Scott Card, Dan Simmons) and most recently: The Demon Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark- Carl Sagan, Sword of Truth series. The Emberverse series by S.M. Stirling.

Too many movies to list actually. so my current off the top o' my head top ten: favorite: A V A T A R --James Cameron is a god. :D
1.Blade Runner
2. Brazil
3. The Lord of the Rings (trilogy-extended dvd release)
4. Titanic
5. V for Vendetta
6. Children of Men
7. Kingdom of Heaven
8. The Last Samurai
9. Man on Fire
10. Dark City
11. Tron and Tron Legacy

Update for a few TV shows. I'm not a TV "head", but sometimes something really grabs hold and is worth watching. Here's my list:
1. Firefly - Can't stop the signal! (Serenity gets tagged here even though a movie, it concluded Firefly's arc, and did it brilliantly.)
2. Battlestar Galactica (New, not old.)
3. Stargate-SG1/Atlantis (loved the campy fun nature of these.)
4. Buffy -(Joss Whedon = awesome.)
5. Angel -(same reason)
6. Bones - Brennan rules!
7. Castle - best crime procedural on TV imho.
8. Babylon5 - started the whole "tell a story" vs. "tell an episode" sea change in the way television is viewed.
9. Farscape. This should be higher up the list I'm thinking, but as long as its on here, I've done my fannish duty.

Yes I'm a geek when it comes to most of what I watch. :-D

Almost any kinda' food. sushi, mexican, italian, seafood....yeah.

Music. I prefer trance/techno most of the time these days, but I like anything except....rap. (street poetry isn't/shouldn't be considered in the same category. my 2 cents, yer mileage may vary.)

I must also opine that I think that Monty Python's Flying Circus was and is perhaps the greatest comedy troupe to have ever graced our planet.
Just sayin'.
Six things I could never do without
1. My mind. :)
2. Breathing. No breathe, no life, eh? -bonus points for which movie this is from.
3. Writing.
4. Coffee. Good dark whole beans, freshly ground.
5. Imagination. To wonder at the wonder of the universe we live in.
6. Archlinux Ubuntu or linux in general. NOT having to pay microsoft plus NOT having viruses/malware worries is worth its weight in gold.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The novel I'm writing.

Why Atlas Shrugged reads like current events. (seriously).

Why this site seems tons more fun than most of the other date sites out there, including the pay for sites which seem pretty el-lame-o most of the time with the same cookie cutter cosmo reading 14k'er climbing eckhard tolle reading clones. (this asked, so there ya go on that little diatribe!)

Why so many people think that politicians that think that spending our way out of debt is a good thing. Ever tried to do that one at home kiddies? Bet you haven't, or if you did it ended with a cute little chapter 7 attached at the end.

Of course I wonder a lot at sad fact that most people are sheep, and whatever the idiot box tells them MUST BE TRUE! Of course this also explains why TV preachers drive nice cars. I need to ditch some morales and scruples I think....nah.

----the following bit applies to those of the "serious" nature to the subject...NOT those who find it interesting, or for the humor factor. K?

I wonder why astrology is still accepted as more than a historical curiosity. Then I realize that this applies to my wondering about the state of most human beings with regard to rationality and common sense. Of course a lot of folks consider it to be more 'goof off -fer fun' material, but some...some just scare me.

I wonder why I'm sitting here typing all of this stuff, and then I realize that its kinda' cathartic in a way. :D
On a typical Friday night I am
And now...probably driving you around from place to place. (If you're smart and don't want a DUI that is. :-D )

Writing. Yep, mister social party animal I am not. Used to be, but those days are, thankfully, in the past.

Oh, and watching movies, and occasionally taking shots of fine fine expensive tequila (not all that often, but I love a good reposado).

Occasionally going on a date, but not too often.

Watching movi...oh wait I already wrote that. heh heh.

Typing in cupid profile sections!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a legs man. (not my own legs silly, YOURS!)

Hmm. Not sure if that's really all that private, but gonna have ta' do fer now.

Brutal self-assessment:
I tend NOT to be the first one to reach out anymore (online or elsewhere). Too many relationships of mine over the years have been me reaching out first and then wishing to the stars above that I'd just left well enough alone later.

So if you're interested, wink or say hi...I don't bite..much. heh heh.
You should message me if
If you like what you've read, what you see, and if you have any interest in getting to know me better.
(I'll bet THATS original as hell, eh?) :D

Oh and you're not a lumberjack. This is important on oh so many levels. :D
The two of us