40Santa Cruz, United States
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My self-summary
i've lived in a lot of places, traveled to more, & held many jobs;

i'm interested in everything & am always trying to figure out how things work & why things happened;

i'm a writer & i teach college on the side;

i'm very liberal & can get a tiny bit obsessive about politics;

i use semi-colons correctly (& when i don't, my way makes more sense);

plants love me;

i don't like spicy food or whiskey but i could live on seseme bagels, eggs, diet citrus drop, & coors light
(p.s. if you know what citrus drop is, i already like you);

i'm a good talker & good conversations are among my favorite things in the world;

i don't really do dance clubs;

i was born on flag day;

i love big dogs & really all animals;

i can recite the entire karate kid;

i like ampersands & often don't bother with capital letters;

i like santa cruz but i'd move to the city tomorrow if it was an easier commute;

i don't really feel 37 (the way i'd have pictured as a kid) but i like how my life has gone & where it's going;

i've answered a ridiculous number of questions on this site & now the highest "match percentage" i have with anyone is 99.93% - which apparently means i'm unique;

i'm a really sincere person but my favorite relationships are ones where we pick on each other a lot;

i'm a terrible speller but i'm a really good kisser.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books: i've been reading history books lately for some reason, but when i think of my favorite novels & books of poems:
the unbearable lightness of being (milan kundera)
another bullshit night in suck city (nick flynn)
budget travel through space & time (albert goldbarth)
bluets (maggie nelson)
the letters of mina harker (dodie bellamy)
on the road (kerouac)
practice of the wild (gary snyder)
reality hunger (david shields)
and anything by hunter thompson, stephen elliott, murakami, steve almond, sarah vowell, chuck klosterman, jess walter, kim addonizio, eula biss, frank o'hara, philip larkin...

movies: the graduate, eternal sunshine, the royal tannenbaums, paris j'taime

music: neutral milk hotel, mountain goats, bright eyes, the clash, leonard cohen, okkervil river, yeah yeah yeahs, madeline adams, beirut, elliott smith, david bowie, modest mouse, a weather, brenda weiler, mark kozelek, lou reed, the white stripes, dresden dolls, the beatles, & pretty much anything that was on the radio back when i was in high school in the early/mid-90s.

food: i'm a boring eater. all simple stuff. salads, stir fry, bagels, kool-aid, eggs, diet citrus drop, rice, peanut butter, clementines, & coors light. i can always find something on a restaurant menu, but i'm not a particularly adventurous eater. i know this makes me sound lame, but i'd hate to disappoint you later.
You should message me if
you like guys with scruffy faces & glasses;

you won't get terribly jealous that dogs will like me more;

you're not particularly religious (or offended that i just wrote that);

you want to travel & see more of the world (& america for that matter);

you're fairly sure you'd be better friends with john oliver than ayn rand;

you like books;

you're open to a relationship, but you're not spouse-hunting;

you like playing;

you like talking too;

you couldn't just spend every day in bed, but if it happened once in a while that'd be okay;

you like thunderstorms;

you like road trips or (better) train trips;

you've made peace with how insanely awkward it is to casually email a stranger, & are willing to shrug and roll with it if initial correspondence seems a tiny bit lame or uncomfortable;

you're curious;

you can keep me on my toes.
The two of us