29 Orange, United States
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My self-summary
I work and go to school. I just started school a year ago, and i want to b a registered nurse and then a psyche tech. I want to work with kids and teens with a mental illness and drug histories. I wanna help them lil trouble makers and be the detour sign that might help them go in the right path. Im shy at first, but the more i talk to you, the more ill come out of my shell, and once im out, youll wish id go back lol i can be mature and an adult, WHEN I NEED TO BE, other than that, im a kid at heart. Im a bit sensitive and hurt easy, but i will never hurt you even when you deserve it. Im very family oriented and god comes before them and anything else. I have a huge sense of humor and $20 says i can make u laugh amd smile, especially when you need to. I love affection! I just LOVE IT! I wanna cuddle, kiss, hug, and hold you...anything else youd like to know? Message me ;)
What I’m doing with my life
Im an elextrical aasistant, but i also work for my dad, i work for friends and ill take any side jobs, such as cleaning, yard work, painting...anything i can get my hands on. Im not rich, but im not a lazy, begging bum either lol im in a band and i lead it. Im going to school to jump in the nursing field and im very excited about it...i actually like school lol i want to be a nurse working with kids and teens who have mental illness and drug histories. Y, u ask? Lets just say i understand them ;) lol and about being in a band? ...thats just for fun, im not trying to b the next one hit wonder lol
I’m really good at
Writting poetry and music. I can sing, scream, and growl into the microphone lol i can play the drums and can create music also. Im a really good listener, and have been told that i give really good advice. Im good at standing out, being heard, leading and not following, im really good n bed lol and im also really good at pleasing my partner ;) lol
The first things people usually notice about me
My long hair. My appearance. I do my own style and dont try to dress and copy what is seen on the television (even though i rarely watch the television). Youll notice that im really outgoing and nice, but have a dark side too lol youll notice my kindness and my willing to help others. Youll notice that im not like the others and that im one of a kind ;)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I dont really have any favorite books, but i do love reading horror stories and near death experiences, and stories of people going to hell/heaven and back to tell the thats some interesting $h!t lol
About movies? Anything gory, bloody, scary and funny w action :)
Favorite tv shows, music, and food?!? 0.o 'tf lol just ask me when we talk ;)
The six things I could never do without
My phone. Friends. My band. Music. Sex. And my family.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Wut tomorrow will bring. Where my missing sock went after i pulled my clothes out the dryer, n y im always left w an extra sock :/ when i turn off my fone, does it dream? Why is the house i live in haunted. If you were scared half to death twice, what would happen? Whats a toothfairy and who is this one they call santa? Sneaking in my house at night when im asleep and $h!t and leaving me homework as a present :/ why am i so awesome? If you wake up dead, are you still alive? Why do birds fly in a "v" shape? Will they ever pay the piper? Why do i have such a high sex drive (Like seriously, its a problem lol)? Is there a monster under my bed? Wit is tht monster doing under my bed? Wut kinda panties are you wearring? And wut color are they ;) lol why do i sometimes wake up at the opposite end of my bed? Do my stuffed animals fu¢# eachother at night? Cuz i have heard some $h!t :/ why is wolverine so awesome? How does deadpool survive? Why is marvel comics the best thing ever and why is stan lee a god? ...i wanna be a god ;) and why do i fear my mother :/ ?? Lololololol
On a typical Friday night I am
With friends (my band)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Uummm, if i told you, then it wouldnt be private :/ lol
You should message me if
Youre interested in me...if u dont like wut u read, then thts ok too. Just move on to the next lol