33 New Cross, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I plan to die alone with cats,

when i was young I did many a stupid thing, one of which was running around outside, stick in hand, chasing and being chased by friends with bits of wood too.

my mum yelled at me "if you keep running around with sharp sticks you're going to poke your eye out—what will you do then?", "i'll become a pirate, mum" and continued running around like a fool.
What I’m doing with my life
i come from scotland and i moved to london two years ago, since then i got to teach kids to make computer games at bletchley park,and I got invited to buenos aires to speak because i said something funny on the internet.

i work from home, in east london, doing computer, usually in a new york ish time zone. i get to sleep in every day and i feel like teenage me would approve. i end up making a bunch of trips to san francisco every year and it is pretty nice to be honest.

i do a lot of computer, and it is my lever to move the world, but really i'm a bit of a burnout

i'm also non monogamous fwiw
I’m really good at
i am ok at origami. i smoke, i fidget, and folding little bits of paper into things relaxes me, and i end up teaching it to bystanders. i have ended up at conferences surrounded by other nerds making little dodecahedrons, cranes, and weird little ways to fold a map like a solar panel.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books: isotype. ursula k le guin. tschichold.

i love information. i am often distracted by reading, and as a result i have learned bits about typography, signage, book design—i cannot resist an attention to detail.

one of the things i look up to is the work of isotype. started by otto neurath, continuing with marie neurath, they set about to change the world through education, by making information about the world accessible. i also love the dispossessed by ursula k le guin.

film: paprika. pi. nausicaä

for film, i love the sensory overload, the sort of film that leaves me spinning and stuck between trying to come to terms with what has been happening and just awe struck by everything. satoshi kon's films, especially paprika, i still go back to.

music: devo, board of canada, ricardo villalobos

with music, similarly i love the wall of sound. mbv's loveless stands out still, and i recently find myself in a pit of talking heads. i've recently got into ghostly records stuff and it is lovely.

food: burritos, fry-ups. bibimbap

as for food, i have been spoiled—i have eaten the burritos in california and yes they are enough to ruin them in the uk. i love cooking and i love fry-ups.
The six things I could never do without
universal healthcare, free education. i wouldn't be here without them.

getting out of the house and seeing my friends. i'm a sociable creature, and yet i also need space to call my own.

similarly i also crave change and familiarity.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
existentialism, my impending mortality. i guess i'm a bit of a goth
On a typical Friday night I am
feeling or fuelling regret
You should message me if
you want to meet up in person.

i am a blunt person and quite happy to talk about dealbreakers. i would rather get things done than have things drawn out, if only because the anxiousness destroys me in the meantime.

you want to work out who can sing talking heads better

you know where to buy square sausage in london. seriously.

edit: also willing to settle for where to find tattie scones