55Sunnyvale, United States
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My self-summary
4/16 update:
Isn't it great how the love of a pet eventually simmers down into a mild resentment with an affectionate undercurrent?

8/15 pet peeve update:

Who among us believes they have a "bot" that adds hidden likes here to incentivize subscription fees?

My best day was flying my cross country solo in a helicopter over the Golden Gate. I have seen Formula One racing close up and it's incredible. I used to go to the Reno Air Races every year. I have taken a week long trip in a Cessna 172. I have spent countless hours mountain biking, roller skating, skate boarding, downhill skiing and motorcycling. I have a job I LOVE, but something is missing here... hmmm??? What could it be?

Possibly a caring, sexy, sensuous, smart, sassy, sarcastic member
of the softer sex to complete the picture? Someone who actually has
fashion sense and knows how to put 2 colors together. Someone who
needs to get outside and exercise and hates the gym. Someone who
loves nature and science and sustainability. Maybe someone who
loves cars but feels too guilty to drive an SUV because those days are so OVER for this planet. Someone who thinks about stuff like what society and mass media are doing to the evolution of the human race. Not to mention what it means for their own happiness.

I am some combination of MacGuyver, House, and Spock. Which probably means some combination of "assburgers" and ADHD.
What I’m doing with my life
6/26/14 - Someone asked me what I want from OKC

That has been a moving target for the 10 years I have been on OKC. It still remains a moving target. And forming expectations has proven to be a really bad idea. I don't read men's profiles, and a lot of the women put down these long and detailed descriptions of exactly what they want. In my experience what they end up with bares no resemblance to what they wrote. But perhaps it comforted them to write it in the first place. Yeah, it appears I managed to dodge the question entirely. I can say this. For those who say "she is not my type"; people really don't have a type. And you can imagine what you want to find, but when the "one" comes along, that all goes out the window.

I really enjoy a matinee. A day trip to the hills with a picnic
basket and the mountain bikes is the best thing ever. If you like
small planes, helicopters and hot air balloons then we have
another thing in common. I tend to prefer the hot weather to

I am a geek because my job requires it but I don't wear a pocket
protector. I am what some would call "handy" since I can take most
things apart and even put them back together most of the

I don't watch or follow football, soccer or hockey. I don't follow
baseball either but I'm not above going to the occasional game. I
do enjoy a lot of different motor sports including Pro Rally
and Formula One but I'm not addicted.

I would rather go to Monterey Bay Aquarium or a science museum than a sporting event as a rule. I am way too in love with the ritual of
Starbucks... not the coffee so much but the ritual. You will help
break me of that addiction.. or feed it ;-)
I’m really good at
I discovered early that I'm a fixer. I take stuff apart and put it back together. And that can be a metaphor for a lot of things too. I'm an advanced tool user which has benefits in many areas of life ;-) I'm also pretty good at affection. Does that mean I'm in touch with my feminine side? I have the gift with computers which explains my job. I'm pretty good at cycling and I really enjoy the smells and sights more and more.
The first things people usually notice about me
Don't the girls always look at the shoes? ;-)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Movie: Blade Runner, Collateral, Heat, Never Cry Wolf, iRobot, The Island, The Pirates trilogy, Batman Begins, The English Patient, Saving Private Ryan and a growing collection of sappy sentimental titles. I loved Lincoln. The Craig Bond films are awesome. And thanks to Food, Inc. I may never eat again.

Music: Tangerine Dream, Coltrane, Miles, Vangelis and a whole lot of classical, rock and pop. I also seem to have a huge number of soundtracks in my collection.

Food: Aside from recently putting a stop to most of my gluten intake, I have pretty conventional taste buds.

Books: I have a lot of computer tech books and a lot of Sci Fi. I seem to have a lot Arthur C. Clarke. I could never really get into Asimov. I can't get into stuff like Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings. I would like a partner who would push me to get into the classics more. Maybe some reading aloud would be fun.
Six things I could never do without
My Savannah cat to make me crazy
A Bicycle to keep me sane
Mac/Linux to bring home the bacon
Bose-Einstein Condensate to keep the beer cold
The Higgs Boson to help explain the behavior of my Savannah cats
An Einstein-Rosen Bridge for a quick getaway
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Another year has passed me by
Still I look at myself and cry
What kind of man have I become?
All of the years I've spent in search of myself
And I'm still in the dark
'Cause I can't seem to find the light alone
Sometimes I feel like a man in the wilderness
I'm a lonely soldier off to war
Sent away to die, never quite knowing why
Sometimes it makes no sense at all
Makes no sense at all
Ten thousand people look my way
But they can't see the way that I feel
Nobody even cares to try
I spend my life and sell my soul on the road
And I'm still in the dark
'Cause I can't seem to find the light alone
Sometimes I feel like a man in the wilderness
I'm a lonely sailor lost at sea
Drifting with the tide, never quite knowing why
Sometimes it makes no sense at all
On a typical Friday night I am
Planning the weekend rides or binge watching Netflix.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I said NOT here, what ARE you deaf?? ;-)
You should message me if
Your looking for support, loyalty, honesty, mutual pleasure, autonomy, communication, oh and you probably should love animals.
The two of us