23 London, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I'm not single or looking for any romantic or physical involvement. I do like friend-people though.

I possess XY chromosomes and I wish I could grow a moustache. I come adorned with impulsive ink-marks and brutal metal attachments, normally holding a pint of milk and a cigarette. Tea and smoking; I think nothing more could sum me up more adequately.

But, enough of that. My name is Chess, and I'm from London. I've been likened to Daria which I only take as the most stupendous of all compliments. I just wish my sister was as well meaning. I live with my boyfriend and a fluffy, deaf cat who shines snowy white in the lamplight in the evenings. She's remarkably content, even though the home in question is a chaotic and rocky houseboat - strangely, her favourite place to be is staring into the jaws of the Marina...
What I’m doing with my life
What I am doing with my life? Mary, Mother of God - not a huge amount at present, to be honest! I'm starting University in September to study English Literature and Creative Writing, which I am looking forward to with every fibre of my being. I'm looking for work at the moment, ideally street-fundraising as not only does it not require qualifications; it's also a constructive and sociable way to work. May as well make a living and try to help at the same time!

On a day to day basis, I write and read a hell of a lot. I love writing, and if anyone wants to have a nose or, better, give me some feedback on it, there's some on Books are a way of life.

I see my family often, although this necessitates braving Croydon, which I prefer not to - so I'm normally in central London or thereabouts. I love the Southbank in the evenings, and have a bit of a penchant for Deptford Market on Saturday morning - my closest friend Rosie and I are probably the two most over-excited girls you'd find there! The boyfriend hides at home with the cat, but the cries of happiness reach him even there.

I am spending quite a bit of time at the moment thinking about my next project. I have the bones of a story in my mind and I want to see if I can write another book. I find the way human beings think and interact fascinating and want to try and delve deeper into parent/child relationships.

Also, I love sushi [and so does my cat... sidenote: So if you can offer your services as my sushi-protector, I can cross 'constantly infuriating the cat who then meows at me at 3am' off my list of What I Am Doing With My Life. Unpaid]. and spend far too much time thinking about it. I JD daydream off to Sushi-Land.

I'm a homesbody as opposed to a going-out person. This is mainly because I actually really like tea and cookies at home with a joint and good company in the evenings. You can't pull that shit in a pub. What pub sells good cookies? Yeah. SEE?
I’m really good at
Speaking faster than light.
The first things people usually notice about me
Eyebrows (or lack thereof), tattoos, piercings, the fact I've probably just walked into something, whatever awesome assortment of clothes I found on the floor that morning.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books - honestly, I couldn't name them. James Frey, Ben Elton, Barbara Trapido, Sylvia Plath, Carol Ann Duffy, Jane Eyre (we're on titles now just so you know!), Before I Go To Sleep... I could type forever. I don't ever know how to respond if I'm asked what my favourite book is, as so many things I have read have touched me. So many poems; novels; biographies; plays - so many snippets you find graffitied on a wall that make you wonder what the story is behind it. So many words, so much meaning, so many implications - I find it hard to choose a single tome as a favourite.

Movies - don't really watch movies. I really should get back into it!

Shows - love the ballet but don't go often - let's not take the novelty out of it! Giselle and Romeo and Juliet would have been the best ballets I've seen. Once went to a comedy club and that was glorious. The opera Hansel and Gretel is quite beautiful, as well, actually - got given a couple of tickets and happily sat with pensioners feeling right at home! As far as television goes; I don't own one. The internet streaming ability is all I need - Californication is a new discovery, Black Books, The Big Bang Theory for those really stoned moments... And, of course, House. Guilty pleasure would be Supersize vs. Superskinny. Don't tell anyone. Except all of OkCupid.

Music - Regina Spektor, Jim Croce, Belle & Sebastian, Kimya Dawson, Kirsty MacColl, Mary Black, Don McClean, The Beatles, Amanda Palmer/The Dresdon Dolls (her individual music is amazing also. Ever wonder where the eyebrow fiasco came from?!)

Food - sushi, tea, cheese, kedgeree, cupcakes (gluten free sadly! I'm celiac...), bananas. Mmm.
The six things I could never do without
Good sex.

My tobacco and assorted shit with it which DOES count as one thing. Promise. As does lighter.

A good book. Theoretically this will keep refreshing when I finish? Please?

My best friend, Rosie.

Eyeliner, otherwise I'd currently be "Girl With No Eyebrows" and as it is I can merely channel Amanda Palmer.

Pen and paper.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Whether love ever lasts. Are mental illnesses curable. What is the right punctuation here, my gut instinct LOOKS WRONG. Surely eating baked beans out of the can is normal. I want to go home so I can hug Persephone (our cat). Where is X? I miss him/her. WHERE IS THE LIGHTER?!
On a typical Friday night I am
Varies. Can be at home or at someone's hanging out, might actually be out somewhere but more likely the former. Very 420 friendly, by the way. More like enthusiast...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Recovering from anorexia nervosa, severely scarred from self-harm issues which are mainly in remission. This the deal-breaker column, or what?!

Also, I can stand on the palms of my hands when I'm upright. Think about it. It's an amazing extension of touching your own toes... AH, the penny drops!
You should message me if

^ignore, and I shall put no sly words of enticement here.