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My self-summary
**latest update (which pretty much sums me up)
I've just had a song I wrote picked up by a mental health charity, I'll be donating 75% to this charity in royalties. I have wanted to do something for a mental health charity for a while and now I'm on the path!**

Hello there! I know what you're thinking.."Wow..did she really have to write that much?"

Always difficult to know where to start.. so here are a few random facts about me, and other info..

I should add to start with..I'm not high maintenance or one of those "it's complicated" types if anything "I'm simple" , nor am I looking to be with someone who is high maintenance either.

Sometimes I misread words..with comical results.

I am the sort of person who can chat to pretty much anyone.

I have very small feet and therefore hate shoe shopping - I've never understood why many women have so many shoes (so you know I won't be dragging you around to find shoes that go with that one outfit that will only be worn once because no one could possibly see you wear it twice!).

Music is my main interest. I love music, I'm into all sorts of music, it would be great if I met someone who equally had a love of music. I'm currently learning to songwrite and I'm working on my first ever EP.

Things that might help you to know about me:
- I definitely won't go out with anyone who smokes,
- I look a lot younger than I am
- I can appear shy at first sometimes but once you get to know me you'll see I can be very chatty and I take the piss out of myself an awful lot (including some of my mates too)

I am looking for a long term relationship - so please don't take this as "Oh god she's going to be that desperate type" I'm not at all clingy, I can be really independent and I know what I want out of life.
What I’m doing with my life
I love all the other kinds of things people always put down like - going out with friends, cinema, shopping, going to comedy gigs, music gigs,theatre, going to see ballets (I've seen Romeo and Juliet and Swan Lake).

Work wise, I recently was working in a PRU (which I did for 6 years, I've recently stopped working there) with the really challenging types of children who for whatever reason can't make it in mainstream school, this was all about behaviour management in the classroom. My current job is my own music business teaching little ones (and adults) piano, I love creating new games and materials to use in my teaching practice. Quite a bit of time is taken up running my business or rehearsing - however, I know that when I meet the right person, I will make time for them.

I'm doing things that I've never done before and are (slightly) out of my comfort zone.. So I've already done a beginners improv class, a clowning class..an improv rap class..not sure what is next, we'll see!

Recent update: started getting into songwriting.
I’m really good at
I don't really like this box because whatever you write makes you look big headed.. so here are some random things..

I'll tell you what I'm not good at..writing these things!

My job working in a PRU (Pupil Referral Unit) required me to be extremely patient and not get easily wound up by being sworn at etc. Which is why I mentioned it earlier, it isn't a job most people can do.

I am a real people person. I am very good at networking, last year I chaired a business breakfast meeting every last Friday of the month. About 30 people attend the meetings. The role means starting and finishing on time, getting people to stick to their 60 seconds (not as easy as it sounds), getting new people to join, persuading people to do a 10 min slot-who normally wouldn't want to do it etc.

I am really good at public speaking, I don't get flustered talking to a room of people..
I did a reading at my brothers wedding. At the end of it, people asked what my job was, because they thought it included public speaking, or acting..

It has been said I am influential - but in a good way.

Listening to people.

Laughing at myself.

Wiggling my ears. One of many useful skills handed down from my dad. No one else in my family can do this.

Also,I'm a pianist and cellist. I've been playing the piano since I was 4yrs old and 'cello since I was 12. I am working on setting up my own business teaching piano privately-so far it's going well. I perform in a local orchestra and love it! I'm now looking at joining an orchestra in London as well.

I also love taking photos.. and seem to think I am pretty good at it - though this could be more to do with Instagram app.. Claire_Suzanne_
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Not sure what my favourite book is..I am reading a fantastic book at the moment called I Laughed I Cried by Viv Groskop. She's a journalist who hadn't ever done stand up comedy before, and she decides to do 100 gigs in 100 nights. The book is about every gig she did. It's wonderfully written and very funny..I've not finished it yet.


This is going to take a while to fill out..

Pretty much listen to anything..my tastes in music are really quite broad. I quite happily listen to Pendulum next to Prokofiev, Muse next to Mozart and Miles Davis. One of my all time favourite composers would be Rachmaninov. I was brought up at home listening to classical music and jazz.. Then when I went onto doing Music Tech at college I had to be able to listen to anything and pick out musical aspects to talk about, amongst other things.
There are some artists, or music that I really struggle to listen to Opera being one, Justin Bieber being another..happy to listen to drum and bass, dub step to name but a few genres.

I love finding new music artists to listen to..

TV Shows.
I like shows like Spooks, Suits, White Collar, Covert Affairs, Graceland, Scandal... Also shows that you have to pay attention to or you get lost like Homeland.
I like period dramas, and BBC dramas..just recently been getting into comic book tv series like The Flash, Arrow, Legends of tomorrow...

Can't stand Family Guy.


That make you think, laugh, cry..no horror or scary or gory films..

I love dance films, I'm just fascinated by the dancing part..even if the story line is awful, though Save the Last Dance 2 is an exception - hours of my life I'll never get back.
Step Up 4 is a film with brilliant choreography. I think it's so clever to be able to dance like that.

So to name some films..in no order

Bourne Trilogy, Inception, Now You See Me, Don Jon (watch before you judge me on that one..it has a good message in it..not just about porn addiction)

(I will list more later!)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
2013 I did a stand up comedy course in Edinburgh which was over 2 days, and a total of 9 hours.
At the end of which I performed for 5mins in front of the (judging) public.

Currently, I am thinking a lot about that, I'd never done it before...it took me completely out of my comfort zone.

I really enjoyed it.. Hoping to now go and do some more gigs.. Open mic nights and just see how far I can take it. No idea how far it will go..I just know I want to get back on stage..I am continuing to learn from watching other comedians..and for now it's going to be a lot of open mic nights and free gigs..

I've had some lovely feedback from people including comedians such as the likes of Reginald D Hunter and other comedians who have been in the industry and gigged for some time!

You can read more about it here..and keep up to date..(all my videos get uploaded here too)
On a typical Friday night I am
I teach piano lessons on Saturday mornings..so if I'm out I'm not normally out incredibly late.
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