63Houston, United States
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My self-summary
if you are very very very smart and don't need to be reminded of that fact, then you are for me. you probably have very very very much knowledge and appreciate cultural arts, but these traits are less important to you than other qualities in life like having too much fun in sparkling ways, yes? you might know your samuel barber from your henry purcell, but you also know your lisa, maggie and bart from your wallace and gromit. And you are exceptionally kind and you love cats and, well, Cats. And you want to learn a thing or 2 or 3 more about having more fun that you might have, well, missed. Oh, and, yes, perfect manners matter...manners manners manners manners manners matter. yes indeed they do...and you watch every Astros game intently! and can teach me the intricacies of the game, please.

I am under-aged, middle-aged, and ageless
What I’m doing with my life
I like to title this HOW I AM LIVING MY LIFE:

I feel the capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest significance. Pablo Casals

President Obama...that sounds great

That dick chaney would have you believe we're running Country Club Gitmo. http://www.amazon.com/My-Guantanamo-Diary-Detainees-Stories/dp/1586484982/ref=sr_11_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1211660698&sr=11-1

MY NAME IS OIL thank you jon stewart!

"exxon is giving lee f. raymond one of the most generous retirement packages in history, nearly $400 million, including pension, stock options and other perks, such as a $1 million consulting deal, two years of home security, personal security, a car and driver, and use of a corporate jet for professional purposes." don't you see, if raymond gave you $100 million he would still have $300 million...and the bodyguard.

i am amazed that the novel by larry beinhart, american hero, about george herbert walker bush (upon which the film wag the dog was based) is as fresh and timely today for his son george w. bush as it was during desert storm. read it and be stunned by the parallels unless you do not want to wade through pages and pages of footnotes in your FICTION!!! or is it?

Bill Clinton As They Know Him: An Oral Biography by David Gallen, 1994, ISBN: 0963647725.

seven years and 8 1/2 BILLION dollars in iraq, not counting returning service men and women's recuperative benefits, and this country's administration had not accomplished its mission yet...finding an elderly terrorist and purported weapons of mass destruction.

"we cannot let terrorists and rogue nations hold this nation hostile or hold our allies hostile." george w. bush (hocus potus); really, i didn't make that up. really. jon stewart is going to miss george w. bush soooooooo much!

from znet 2006: the Women's Call for Peace, which has been signed by more than five million women around the globe... their call urges that the strategy in iraq change from a military model to a conflict resolution model by withdrawing all foreign troops from iraq. their belief is that women will play an integral role in the peacemaking process. what a surprise!

currently, i am responding to the bush/cheney/rice U.S. administration's statements by citing the lyrics to a great song called "people talk by talking," by too much joy. for complete lyrics please see my journal.

if you voted for the war criminals who ran the white house for the past eight years, no amount of flag decals and magnetic yellow ribbons on your car can change it. voted "yes." mccain is wishy-washy. obama voted "no."

"every gun that is made, every warship that is launched, every rocket that is fired signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those that are cold and not clothed." -President Dwight Eisenhower

"10/31/06 (2006-10-31) Army specialist Alyssa Peterson was an Arabic speaking interrogator assigned to the prison at the Tal-afar airbase in far northwestern Iraq near the Syrian border. According to the Army's investigation into her death, obtained by a KNAU reporter through the Freedom of Information Act, Peterson objected to the interrogation techniques used on prisoners. She refused to participate after only two nights working in the unit known as the cage. Army spokespersons for her unit have refused to describe the interrogation techniques Alyssa objected to. They say all records of those techniques have now been destroyed. Instead she was assigned to the base gate, where she monitored Iraqi guards. She was sent to suicide prevention training. But on the night of September 15th, 2003, Army investigators concluded she shot and killed herself with her service rifle." [KNAU]

"I cannot support a mission that leads to corruption, human rights abuse, and liars. I am sullied. I came to serve honorably and feel dishonored. Death before being dishonored any more. �Colonel Ted S. Westhusing, suicide note written in Baghdad, June 5, 2005."

"the revolution will not be televised, will not be televised, will not be televised," by gil scott heron. for complete lyrics please see my journal.

i am an active supporter of texas coalition to abolish the death penalty (please see www.gracelaw.org)) and amnesty international. i also deliver houston peace news. i do not support the death penalty for any circumstance. i also support a woman's right to choose; i do not believe government should be involved in any person's bodily decisions. in addition, i am a long-standing vegetarian because of the manner in which animals are viciously murdered for their meat products. i don't pay any attention to vegan or vegetarian vocabulary. please do not ask me about that. i eat cheese and yogurt. i drink milk. i just don't eat meat or fowl or much fish because of the slaughtering techniques. humans have rights and animals have rights.

"what ever you are, be a good one." - Abraham Lincoln
I’m really good at
lucky for me i can play the cello, now just for fun.

my sister calls me the spooky librarian because i know how to look things up...

i use the associative property, maybe to the infuriating extreme??? by way of explanation i am able to posit the tenets of jung's synchronicity theory very very very well.

i can entertain you with emily dickinson's poetry in song--yellow rose of texas, amazing grace, america, auld lang syne, beverly hillbillies theme, it came upon a midnight clear, yankee doodle, what child is this, or gilligan's island theme. take your pick. you can also sing her poems to "you've got to hide your head..." and "ghost riders in the sky..." but i don't know those songs.

and, yes, if you want a scrumptious latte, you can get one at my house, and i grind the beans in an antique french grinder.

.....oh, i am developing little garden rooms in my backyard...and tomatoes, i love homegrown tomatoes...
The first things people usually notice about me
you might agree that i have embracing eyes and a genuine smile...and "bone structure"...to quote miss trixie delight from paper moon, or you might notice another characteristic that you usually look for when you first greet a person. People tend to look for their own distinguishing first traits when they first meet somebody...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
what about radio, and internet websites? well, i thought i'd list those first, so here they are:
radio: ktru-rice radio i wish they still called it "f word radio"; kpft on pacifica amy goodman and democracy now!; and on public radio international: click and clack, the tappet brothers; scott simon; from the top with christopher o'riley, who transcribed lots of radiohead for piano; garrison keillor's writer's almanac and prairie home companionand now the film!

favorite websites: houstonlibrary.org; amazon.com; ipl.org; alibris.com (a librarian's best friends); http://vlmp.museophile.com/; guerrillanewsnetwork.com; zmag.org; ebay.com; about.com; mjt.org; groundhog.org; wampum.wabanaki.net; uh.edu; rice.edu; http://skatetrash.org/montrose.asp; astros.com; www.cooleastmarket.com; the stephen crane society: http://www.wsu.edu/~campbelld/crane/index.html; www.cloudappreciationsociety.org; http://www.sashimitabernaclechoir.org/; http://www.saveourtreehouse.com/SaveOurTreehouse/links/our_favorite_- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - treehouse_links.asp?t=Pictures1

authors and books: Margaret Atwood, Joan Didion, Kathy Acker, John Irving, Kurt Vonnegut, Kazuo Ishiguro, Yann Martel, Watership Down, Les Miserables, The Unconsoled, Plato, Marx/Engels, and the list goes on...

movies: often, it's not about the whole movie, but about a line, a vignette, or a scene: wings of desire, silkwood, to kill a mockingbird, all versions of les miserables and especially claude lelouch's 1995 adaptation around nazi germany (but not the broadway musical les mis), most other musicals, the yes men, persepolis; love actually, real genius, lilies of the field, a feast at midnight, the chorus, power of one, christmas in connecticut, what's up, doc?, england, my england, foul play, silver streak, groundhog day, grosse point blank, a fish called wanda, michael, a christmas story, turk 182, dr. strangelove,or how i learned to love the bomb and stop worrying, dodgeball: a true underdog movie, adventures of buckaroo banzai across the 8th dimension,bang the drum slowly, clerks, school of rock, the girl in the cafe; susan's plan, coen brothers, tarantino, and in the right now harold and kumar Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay (i know, sigh, infantile, sophomoric, and juvenile, but what can i say? that's the way i am.) and the list goes on...

tv: reruns of reruns of reruns of reruns of reruns of reruns of reruns of reruns of reruns of m.a.s.h.; the simpsons; the original snl (and only the original cast of snl); mystery science theater - NOT the movie; get smart; ally mcbeal; monty python; homicide: life on the street. what people see in seinfeld i do not know; it seems cruel. and, yes, i have a bajoran earring. and oh, my goodness, thank goodness for jon stewart! and the daily show and letterman.

music: i am very very very "discriminating" about my classical music, only because my undergraduate degree is in cello. my dad always said I was a musical snob, but he said it with a smile and a snort; after all, he raised one genius daughter and one pretty girl with an arrested development problem. i'm sorry, but i love punk ALL the old punk; you name it; i love it...and the silly stuff, and the fringe stuff, and the unclassifiable stuff; what can i say and no wave: sonic youth; the fall, that's mark e. smith; minimal man; echo and the bunnymen; kate bush; nurse with wound; dead can dance; billy bragg; nick cave & the bad seeds; ; king missile; camper van beethoven and cracker well enough; half japanese and jad fair; bouffant jellyfish; negativland; ed hall; rasputina; rem;epoxies; we are scientists; against me!; nina hagen; billy nayer experience; some local boys: dri and 30footfall and the list goes on...

foods: somebody please cook for me! star pizza-joe's chicago style deep dish whole wheat with extra extra garlic and roma tomatoes, cous cous, macaroni and cheese, 74% dark chocolate. pie! ice cream! whipped cream!! big thick cookies from whole foods!!! latte!!! my own homemade! bun cha gio; i've been drinking concha y toro rojo since it was 4.99 a 1.5 liter, oh, going on 23 years now. and the list goes on...
Six things I could never do without
oh, much much much more than 6 silly things...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
"Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra."

snakes on a plane......

how come in a single series the astros can score 14 runs in one game and only 2 in the next......or even NONE in the next! is that what they mean by the physics of baseball?

and lots of other things...
On a typical Friday night I am
doing different things...usually wearing earplugs someplace...except during baseball season...either at a game or in front of the television watching the astros.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
You should message me if
you believe that "the supreme function of reason is to show man that some things are beyond reason." blaise pascal, pensees

you'd like to know what susan sarandon says to paul newman in twilight about my parfum.

you are curious about the title of the travel book huey and michael are looking at during their drive back to chicago in the movie michael...

why i type most everything in lower case.
The two of us