62 Worcester, United States
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My self-summary
update - taking a break from here for a while - emails welcome of course.

Update - please ignore my horrid typing - I'm really not illiterate but a poor typist and am noticing lot of grammatical errors in my answers to questions.

About Me
I'm a single, professional male in Worcester, MA. I'm 6'1 and 280 lbs (big but working on reducing). I have a full head of graying hair and a gray goatee. I am overeducated, a PhD in Psychology and an OD in Optometry and am looking for someone who is intelligent & interested - don't need my level of advanced ed - but do need to be a thinker - have some wonderful friends that have never completed much formal ed but are very intelligent. I was a full time academic scientist until Jan 2004 when I switched to administration.

I was born in NYC and lived in Boston, St. Louis, CT, Baltimore, Wichita and lots of other places. I have never married and don't have children but my 2 nephews in Baltimore are a source of joy to me (and I can always give them back to my sister when they get to me - sort of the best of both worlds ;-))

I asked several woman friends of mine to describe me and the responses were: ‘a great catch’, ‘a great guy’, ‘a prince among men’ (one of my more theatrical friends) and ‘who are you again?’ (one of my left over '60s friends). I do think of myself as ethical and moral (though my morality is non-standard), spiritual, smart and educated (2 different things), and relatively life competent (though a horrid typist and speller - thank all the gods for computers). I value my extended, non-biological family and am basically a decent guy.

I'm looking for a mature (doesn't mean old - refers to experienced enough to have some life wisdom), adult woman who is intelligent and open. Someone who isn't too wounded from their last relation, or who loves drama, or hates men, or is looking for a savior, or considers them self 'high maintenance'. I want a woman who can stand with me as an equal.

I hope this is enough info to start. If you would like to explore some more please contact me at - I can send you pictures & a web page with more info about me if you wish.


- if you are very religious (any religion) and your life is guided by what a book says or what a pastor/priest/imam/yogi/whatever says rather than what your critical reasoning says - we probably won't mesh well -HOWEVER, spirituality, belief based on critical consideration, etc are very welcome.
- if riding motorcycles is your passion we probably won't fit well - been there, done that, got the injuries - not a judgment, I just don't ride anymore
What I’m doing with my life
trying to fully experience it while:
- contributing to our culture
- trying for better life balance
- trying to understand what's next & looking for the next set of opportunities
- etc
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
lots - we can discuss in person
- Most recent is Daniel Quinn's work
- Neither Wolf Nor Dog
- Morning of the Magicians (if you know this work please contact me it is an important book for me)
- My Dinner With Andre
- Reading about Jungian Psych Lately
- I'm an aspiring writer and so whatever I'm reading for my own writing
Music: Classical or Jazz
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Science - real science not just bottle washing
recently - personality psychology
What should I be doing
Our US culture & how did we get here?
On a typical Friday night I am
don't really know what's typical - BUT - I'm often at a movie - I really enjoy Film, theater & other forms of story telling and on Fri I'm usually tired from the week so a movie fits the bill to decompress the week
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
It isn't private but it is important - i'm pretty allergic to cats - working with a functional med doc (bonus if you know what this is) to try to bring this under control but at the moment cats are deal breakers for me - when I have a reaction my throat closes up and I wheeze - not comfortable and just treating symptoms is not what i want to do.