47 Lexington, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a Faithful Romantic Single Man. Hopeless Romantic. Very caring loving guy with a crazy fun real side. I like to live life to the fullest or just snuggle in front of a fire or under a sky full of stars, oh heck ill even snuggle under clouds or out in the rain. I'm a man who loves to spoil and pamper my lady and let her know how i feel about her. I'm looking for a friend, best friend, soul mate, lover and someone that as i am leaving them i cant wait to see them or be with them again.

Through a set of circumstances i never wanted to go through i have learned life's valuable lessons of whats truly most important. Family, Love, Life. Don't ever let a day go by without letting someone you are with know what you mean to them because you never know what may happen through circumstances. I've learned to appreciate the things i didn't use to appreciate and to not worry about the things i use to think was important.

All that follows is the serious side, you'll have to speak with me in person to see the fun side!!!! It's better to get the serious stuff out of the way first anyway - leaves more room for the fun stuff!!

I need unity of purpose with one person. I don't need a yes woman but rather a woman who compliments my life and balances me as well as I do her. A relationship built upon trust, openness, respect, as well as love and passion. I don't profess to have all the answers but I do know I have a desire to succeed with someone who completes me and I them.

Let's just take things as they come and not put any labels on them.

Things you will RECEIVE from me:

1. Complete HONESTY & DISCLOSURE for ALL things, including feelings and thoughts.

2. SUPPORT & ENCOURAGEMENT ? I will help and encourage you to accomplish your goals and desires, and would hope you would do the same for me.

3. UNBELIEVABLE PASSION & SENSUALITY and ROMANTIC - Expect me to do special things just because I care and to show you how much. Actions do speak much louder than words, and it is the little things that can mean the most. ;)

4. NON-SMOKER, DISEASE AND DRUG-FREE - I don't chew tobacco. I've never done drugs. A non-drug user is a MUST for me as a partne

5. PEACEFUL - I really hate to argue and i'd rather determine the solution to disagreements by cuddling up together and talking things out. Not to mention the fact that just holding each other has a calming effect and defuses the anger a bit so that you can get right to root of the problem. There is a solution or compromise to every problem / disagreement.


1. SOMEONE WHO HAS SIMILAR GOALS AND DESIRES - likes to do some of the same things I do and actually wants us to do them together; we are both moving in mostly the same direction in our lives rather than in opposite directions

2. SOMEONE WHO TAKES PRIDE IN THEMSELVES - I really do hate to be superficial, however, I just can not beat the uncomfortable feeling I have when I am with someone who "just throws something on and prefers comfort to effort". If we are not important enough to make effort for each other than we dont need each other.

3. SOMEONE WHO MAKES ME LAUGH AND THAT CAN LAUGH AND BE PLAYFUL WITH. laughter, passion, being reliable and honest, and love are the keys to my heart.