51Santa Cruz, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a polyamorous bisexual woman looking for a long term polyamorous relationship.

If this is your dream too, than please respond politely. The points listed below are listed in the order of importance, so please pay attention, read carefully. If you don't fit this description, then please don't waste my time or yours by replying.

1. Pagan, please include what that means to you and which path you follow, whether that's pagan or not. If you study tantra or hinduism, that may be interesting to explore. I also have roots in Subud, Judaism and Unitarians.

2. You must be bisexual, or very comfortable around queer people.

3. Polyamorous.

4. Between the ages of 35-55

5. Intelligent, preferably more bookish than the surfer type, possibly a gamer or computer geek. Kinky wouldn't hurt either, especially if your submissive and not looking for a pro-domme.

6. Non tobacco smoker ONLY. But 4/20 is okay. Not into heavier drugs or copious amounts of alcohol. An occasional drink is okay, but let's not get drunk together on our first date, okay!?

7. Prefer non-vegetarians or at least people who will not judge me for my dietary requirements.

8. Brown eyed and Dark haired, but I don't care what your skin color is.

10. Someone between 5' 7" and 5' 11" would also be preferable.

**update as of 5/1/17, I am planning to move back to Oregon within 1 year from now. Also, if you aren't at least a 80% match your messages probably won't pass my filters.

I'm outgoing, honest, and charismatic. Sometimes I'm blunt and funny and sarcastic, other times I can be quite serious and cynical. Most of the time I'm all of the above. I wear orthotic shoes, otherwise I'd be using a walking cane to get around, and I have other minor disabilities that are too complicated to bother with the details here, but over all I pass as able-bodied.

I'm an artiste and an artist, I see beauty in the world of nature surrounding me -- I am an actor, a dancer (8 years of ballet, one ear of tap. As an adult I have taken Belly Dancing, African, Tango and Samba. I would still love to learn Flamenco, but I'm not sure my body could handle it anymore.); a writer(published) of news articles, a candle maker, cartoonist and a copy editor. I have explored many art forms in my life, I will be using all of them in my workshops.

I'm an activist with a passion for teaching, healing and for finding common ground. I believe in the concept of restorative justice, where both parties are healed and not punished. this is the change I want to see and be in the world. I believe strongly in non-violence in any form and peace as a primary goal for saving the human race.

My activism centers on social justice issues. I'm invested in healing from sexual abuse and domestic violence issues. I am committed to learning about and understanding racism and sexism and how they affect me. I am also committed to ongoing climate change and environmental damage. Recently I have centered my efforts around resurrecting the local Green Party of Santa Cruz. I'm currently a county council delegate. We just recently endorsed a few local issues like repealing the city wide sleeping ban, relieving homelessness and affordable housing issues. We are also endorsing Single Payer Healthcare, Move To Amend (

As a poor, white, queer, woman with few privileges I have learned a lot in the past few years about what privileges I do have. Still I don't claim to be anything but a "po' white trash half jew from the ghettoes of west Los Angeles". I also don't claim to fully understand my cognitive disabilities, but I've been knocked in the head more than once. I have had it confirmed that I'm probably on the autism spectrum, my mother thought she had asperger's. I probably also have dyscalculia. In spite of that I have an IQ over 128, the last time I looked a few years ago. A true sub-genius (points if you get that joke).

I'm genderfluid, mostly androgynous. I'm also high-femme domme. But sometimes a soft butch. I'm white and from a relatively lower class/working class background (I list this as a way of positioning myself and honoring that these things should not be assumed). I lived for three years in the Projects of west Los Angeles and later on for 8 years in low-income housing in Humboldt County. In spite of that, there has been some money at times in my life. So I learned out to handle it and how it effects politics. I've had a lot of first hand insight to classism in our country which is why I work for social justice. In spite of the fact that I have been homeless off and on for much of my adult life, my activism has shown me that even a homeless person can fight for social justice and focus on change and room for making the world a better place.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm spending he summer working at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, it should be fun!
I’m really good at
Networking, talking to people, being funny.
The first things people usually notice about me
Is my big nose, and my big ass. Then usually my dimple (I only have one an done bucked tooth) if I'm smiling and my sense of humor. Next my sharp wit and bad manners.

Occasionally someone scratches the surface and gets to know me better, but not often. I am deeply loyal, and slow to anger, Generous when I have it to give, and compassionate to some of whom are considered the most vulnerable on earth. Lastly I'm painfully honest, to a fault.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
All you need to know is that I am not a vegetarian and will probably never be, but I do eat organically and as consciously as I can, budget allowing.
Six things I could never do without
I'm going to keep my original list here (actually 7 because it's a lucky number for me). But I'm also going to list the 7 things I could not do without in a partner, since there really seems to be no where I can list EXACTLY what I'm looking for:

1. A person who is pursuing their spiritual life with gusto. Who is open to listening to me talk about my own spiritual odyssey.
2. A CIS male partner who is genderqueer, bisexual or just not into being pigeonholed into standard orientation boxes. I like my men very feminine. My women on the other hand can be femmy, or andro, depends on the girl.
3. Someone who is looking to share a home and knows they want a place they can share with several beloveds. (preferably no more than 6 in a household). Who knows that polyamory is just a label like a hanger to put your coat on, and primary and secondary labels are an outline for framing, but not how the relationship is defined. Someone who is looking to spend space and time and practical matters (like finances) with me. Someone who understands my dreams and has similar dreams. Someone who wants to build those dreams together.
4. Someone who can show affection openly when they feel it. But doesn't need it to feel secure.
5. Someone who is compassionate and generous and driven by his passions.
6. Someone who is inclined to be submissive to women.
7. Someone who understands that I am not a barbie doll, I'm human, with disabilities, baggage, a history and a past that is rich and interesting if you have the patience to get to really know me. And that includes my health, as I've worked very hard to recover from many hidden illnesses and disabilities and am much healthier that I would otherwise have been without that effort.

Here are things that I have learned that I can't live with out in a partner either:
Social Justice
Devotion to a spiritual path
Sexual compatibility in frequency(seriously what does a girl have to do to get laid 3 times a week) LOL
A keen sense of humor
Generosity and empathy

And the original seven things I can't live without.
1. Clean, unadulterated air. Preferably out in the country somewhere
2. Spring water.
3. A river to swim in.
4. Good preferably organic food, but I'll settle for good food in a good restaurant. (champaigne tastes, on a beer budget LOL)
5. The right shade of green sunglasses.
6. The right brand of lip balm.

......And the 7th thing I can't live without...Love in my life!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Too damned much, like how to create domestic peace and how that relates to world peace. How to create space to teach my trauma survivor workshops. (that last one seems to be closer and closer every day.)

And what faerie kisses feel like?
On a typical Friday night I am
Time folds like an Accordian for me, so 'Friday' means nothing in my world.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I had a lot of fun dating guys who were strippers in my 30s. LOL
You should message me if
You are a bisexual male or bisexual female.

You are crazy enough to be interested and not revolted.

You know me already.

If you are in the SF bay area of California and have plans or hopes of moving to Portland or NE Oregon.

If you don't drink like a fish or smoke tobacco (and don't even live with anyone who smokes tobacco, I'm highly allergic).

You probably should NOT contact me if you smoke tobacco, aren't comfortable with FTM's or don't understand the term BDSM. And if your under 30, don't even bother contacting me, you're younger than my own children.

If you are local, I'm looking for new friends
The two of us