35 London, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Boy-shaped object currently living in London (originally from east Kent). Various things I like: punk, science, gothy things, animals, needlessly dark subjects (if it's kind of fucked up I'm probably interested in it), the woods, Manic Street Preachers, the odd drinky, Beat literature (esp. William Burroughs), museums, history.

Stuff I would like to do much much more of: clubbing in places full of weirdos, weird experiences generally, arty things, dressing up, urban exploration, going to gigs - tbh I led a sheltered life for a long time and now I'm really looking for pretty much any new experiences going. Bassoon lessons, kendo, BDSM clubs, ballet - anything. At least once (well, within reasonable limits. I think I'll give smoking meth and joining a Congolese militia a miss).

NOTE: I am primarily here to meet new chums. I guess it's possible that something more could eventually develop, but if I message you it's probably just with friends in mind cuz I want to meet new people generally. Buuuuut I tend to get on with girls better than boys for whatever reason so it'll probably still be mostly girls.

NOTE #2: am currently in an It's Complicated situation. I'm sure you don't care about the details much but in short, I'm not formally with someone but I.. kind of am in practice.
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to make some sort of sense of London, where I've just moved to. Being a country boy I'm a bit intimidated :S

Other than that:
- Working in a charity shop (Mind)
- Studying for my psychology BSc (on the OU)
- Trying to make a living off being a graphic designer
- Learning the cello (currently rubbish; I already play guitar/bass)
- Lying in bed working through the large stack of comics next to it (mostly alternativey stuff.. I don't like superheroes)
I’m really good at
I have no idea. You'd have to ask people who know me. I could only say what I think I'm good at, and that's not the same as what I am actually good at, innit :P
The first things people usually notice about me
The ballgown.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: W.S. Burroughs, Douglas Adams, Wodehouse, horrendously expensive art books, alternative comics.

TV: Young Ones, One Foot in the Grave, Blackadder, Python, Alan Partridge, Black Books, The X-Files, documentaries about horrible things.

I'm not very picky about food. But I am a bit of a sugar addict. I seem to eat an inordinate amount of sandwiches.

Music: punk, rock, a bit of metal. Given I was a teenager in the 90s there's usually a lot of grunge/riot grrrl stuff on my playlists.
The six things I could never do without
My friends, my cat, my computer, my musical instruments, Adobe software, my job (sad, but it does keep me semi-sane)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
A lot of stuff, usually inconsequential intellectual crap. Although relevant here, I wonder how gender affects people's behaviour on OKCupid.

For instance: my female friends seem to get a constant deluge of (usually highly unwelcome/creepy/generally horrifically inappropriate) messages whereas pretty much nobody ever messages me, and I wonder if this is because 1) by and large even online men feel pressure to do the searching/approaching and women are more likely to just wait for someone non-douchebaggy to message them or 2) I'm a bit of an acquired taste, or just not very attractive.

Or also: because of how many scary men there are out there compared to scary women, are men much more likely to meet someone off OKC if suggested? Is it a bit inappropriate to even suggest it or should you wait until someone feels comfortable enough with you that they ask *you*?

Oh god I dunno. I overthink everything as you can see :P
On a typical Friday night I am
Ideally: at a weird event somewhere with a lot of strangely-dressed people, a wee drinkie in my hand and some witty and erudite and quite sloshed chums.

Realistically: looking at Facebook, watching Star Trek and smoking heavily. I KNOW HOW TO PARTY.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm genderqueer (a term I don't particularly like but it's better than a long/dull explanation). I crossdress (sometimes). If that's a major problem for you probably best not to message me. I intentionally put my most girly photo as my main picture because I figure it's best to filter out those people ASAP. Related: I'm not super Tumblr-y, don't worry. I care about social justice stuff but I'm extremely difficult to offend.

Also if you're politically very conservative or very religious it's not that likely we're gonna get on. Sorry.
You should message me if
you think I sound nice? Here to make friends as much as anything, so please don't think I'm gonna assume anything if you do message me.