26Austin, United States
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My self-summary
Im chase, Im tall, charming.
I SUCK AT SPELLING/GRAMMAR, I did my best to write this so if you're the perfectionist type then leave, this will only end in a very poor spelled flame war ;) Moving on:

At first i may seem very reserved, laid back, and quiet. But once we get to know each other I'm very loud, disruptive, I love breaking social norms, rules (just for fun). I love girly things (like shopping and chick flicks). I am looking for some one that i can be besties with (and steel all there friends [because i hate making new ones its super monotonous]). Need less to say I'm super eccentric, and a narcissist.
What I’m doing with my life
Currently I'm a prep cook (fulltime) at a nursing home. I don't see my self leaving right now (throughly enjoy what i do - and i get paid well), but at some point I do wish to go back to school or become Mr. MOM (dream job). I live by my self in my own apartment (I'm 100% self reliant, and have money to spare [I'm fairly good at money management]).
I’m really good at
-Cooking: i can cook very good. Pretty much anything from noodles to beef/chicken/pork to fancy stuff like turkey al a keen. Pretty much you tell me whats in it and i normally can make it, don't normally need all the measurement (although it doesn't hurt).
-Baking: some would think its the same, but its not. I do this more or less for a living, so I've gotten pretty damn good at it. My favorite thing to make it banana cake (its so good). The secret is using rotten bananas (super flavor).
-Computers: basically anything from software to hardware i know a lot about it. Or I can google it and figure it out.
-Bull-shitting: Im really good at pulling half facts out of my ass and being some what right (or completely right).
-Picking shit up on the fly: Normally when it comes to handy man stuff I've seen my dad do it, but I don't have much hands on experience, but if i google it and see how its suppose to be done (normally not the way my dad did it) then i can fix most anything (with the right tools of course).
The first things people usually notice about me
-Im tall - for some reason every one comes up to me and asks me how tall I am. Its very annoying!
-Im reserved - most of the time when entering a new situation (a new group of friends) I'm supper quiet. Till i have time to analyze every one. Then fit in a role that is missing in the group. Normally though I'm extremely blunt, and say things for either a laugh, or to watch peoples face drop.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
BOOKS: I can list the number of books ive read on one hand :) I mostly just read for information (ie textbooks, whitepages, etc). I do find reading quite daunting, tedious and boring. So dont try convincing me otherwise, but i do enjoy some one summarizing a book for me in storytelling form (much more enjoyable).

MOVIES - Generally i watch action, adventure, comedy, romantics and romantic comedies (i <3 chick flicks). Heres a list (no particular order):
catch me if you can, dark night, devil wears prada, the engagement, die hard (if im in the mood), oceans 11 and 13 (not 12), star wars, lord of the rings, Italian job, MB1,2,3, ironman, spiderman 1,3, batman begins, saving private ryan, black hawk down, american pie (like every one), labyrinth (we heckled it), Alice in wonderland (Tim Burton), nightmare before christmas, sweeney todd, shawn of the dead, Snow white and the huntsman, hunger games, hangover, hot fuzz.

shows: community(RIP - WHY GOD DID THEY CANCEL IT), supernatural, new girl, family guy, simpsons, american dad!, office(RIP), modern family, 3d rock(RIP), park and rec, grim, Once upon a time in wonderland, blacklist, sleepy hollow, mindy project, marvel agents of S.H.E.I.L.D, snl, dan vs. (rip), brooklyn 99, misfits, face off, the awesomes.
Unfortunately i don't get to watch all of them all the time, so sometimes i get super behind and have to catch up 0.0

music: Pretty much anything in the top 40s. Some of it i dont like, but i pretty much like anything thats good (except country, cuz its never good).

bands: 3oh!3, eve 6, bvb, nirvana, aerosmith, great big sea, flogging molly, gotye, maroon 5, offspring, ff5, howie day, lifehouse, matt nathanson, the script, bodf, bmv, train, counting crows, nickleback, heart, newsong, black eyed peas, john mayer, linkin park, Fray, lady gaga, goo goo dolls, pink, PARAMORE!!!!!!, tom petty!!, beyonce, yellow card, matchbox twenty, and probably way more;p But this gives you an idea

food: Italian, but i eat pretty much anything (even alligator, and snail).. i love eating new food (and cooking it too)
Six things I could never do without
1. Friendship - i can be a total introvert like 80% of the time, but if i have to be around people i need someone i can vent/love/etc, and some one that does the same to me. Thats like super important to me, like more than anything.

2. Cuddling - I love cuddling, its like my favorite thing (more than sex idb). I just like knowing that there is someone there that cares about me and wants to be with me. That I'm the one they think about all the time. When some one rest their head on my shoulder or lays there head in my lap, I know they really want me there, that they trust me, they want me to look after them, that they love me, and that makes me happy.

3. Space - sometimes i do get super upset, or frustrated, or just need time to think. So if you dont want me locking my self in the bathroom i need time to just clear my head by my self, or at least where your not talking to me. Probably most ideally just laying there with you, holding you, I tend to think best that why. If you are someone that can't be quiet for 2 seconds than we may have a problem.

4. Electronics - I spend a vast amount of time on my computer, or in front of the tv (but normally both). So if you like the computer as much as i do, Like to program, hack, game, or other random shit like that, than that is super awesome. If you're not at all tech savvy don't think i can't be your 24/7 it guy because i won't date a girl that can't solve her own computer problems. Its extremely annoying!!

5. Sex - I mean If this doesn't make your list then your probably not right for me. I'm not super crazy horny, but I do enjoy it, and not living the rest of my life without it, would be unpleasant at best. But i would rather have a best friend that i could cuddle with than ever have sex, so its pretty low, but meh, its on the list (mostly cuz i ran out of things).

6. Food water shelter etc. - Not very high on my list. If I'm gonna die i might as well have all the other things on this list. I mean i could probably go about 3 days without water, 50 or so without food, and shelter, most likely a lot longer. So i wouldn't mind trading this shit for love.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
- People i like: I get like super attached really easy (it sucks trust me).
- Ideas: Especially when I'm around my brother. We do a lot of idea generating. Mostly what if ideas.
- Kinky things: I sometimes fantasize (dont we all), but I most likely do it more than most.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm very private when it comes to personal things, but extremely blunt and ill say or do about anything for a laugh, or to watch someone's face drop. So this is more a list of warnings:

-I am a hopeless romantic. Most people don't guess this because I come off extremely dominate. But some where behind that protective coat is a boy that just wants to find love.
-I am like 1/2 gay and 3/4 lesbian. What i mean by this is I Love shopping, chick flicks, browsing jewelry, talking about hair, about nails, etc. Chatting about boyfriends (or girlfriends). Basically i would say that Im more into girl things than into sitting around with a group of guys talking about how big our dicks ... i mean tvs are.
-I love stroking hair (petting people) and poking noses. Its super fun for me, and its one of the ways i show affection (one of my favorite ways).
-I LOVE SARCASM!! I don't think you really need an explanation for this.
-I'm super reserved when meeting new people til i get to know them. Mostly this is true in groups, i can turn this on and off based on the situation, and my mood.
-I like to break social norms, rules, etc And some times real rules and some minor laws. Normally just for the heck of it, but some times to watch people go wtf.
-I love porn, not only for the pleasure of it, but more for the new ideas, and perverted thoughts, etc. I believe everyone should watch porn to expand their minds.
-I am very kinky. So if you're not at the very least open minded, don't bother cause we wont get along. I'm the kind of partner that will constantly push at your limits, encouraging you to try new things. That said i am respectful and all i ask is that you give it a try, if you don't like it you don't like it, but i really hate it when people won't try something and can't give a reason why not.
-I am very dominate. Not in an asshole sorta way, but more in a pet/master sort of way. I care a lot for my partner and so I try to lead them in the way i think is best for them. So Ill listen to what they have to say, but i do think i know what's best for them and ill push them if i feel they need it.
-I like bdsm, which is scary to a lot of people, but its not a requirement, but i would at least like to have some one that is opening to trying it.
-I HAVE A KINKY CLOSET!! it fairly big and only about 1/4 full, but I'm working on it.
You should message me if
So if you made it down here apparently something sparked your interested, don't expect me to message you, so if your interested please just say hello, or something, I tend to reply to everyone.

If your looking for a partner:
- You're smart (into programing, hacking, or generally computer like stuff like that- if your into gaming you can message me too, but i only play a limited array of games so i may be like ... ummm)
-You're under 5'5" (if your not interested and just wanna be friends then fine, but i really wont date some one under 5'5" [logistical problems])
-You don't smoke, do drugs excessively (not at all is preferred)
-You are open minded and don't mind talking kinky from time to time
-You don't mind or throughly enjoy your hair being stroked (ie petted)
-You don't mind your nose being poked (i really don't know why i like doing this 0.0 but i do)
-You don't get bugged to much by spelling/grammar errors (one of my friends says i have my own language, she hast to decipher everything i type).
-You aren't the super jealous type (most my friends are female, I'm just really good with them)

If your looking for a friend:
-You are interested in finding out why people like bdsm
-You are interested in expanding your horizons or sharing kinky ideas fantasy or experiences
-Want to bitch/vent about an ex or current bf or gf, or just talk about boys in general
-Are looking for a gay friend (I'm not gay but people call me that some times ;-p)
The two of us