31Troy, United States
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My self-summary
Send me your favorite pun or dad joke

***Some date I can't remember***
New plan: ignore everything below and lets get coffee, get food, go for a walk, or whatever. I want to meet people, make friends, have conversations, not talk online.

*** 3/8/2015 ***
TL:DR If you think the webcomic Questionable Content is pretty much the best thing ever ill like you.

***Updated as of 10/16/2014***

Looking for people whom enjoy the occasional hockey game.

FYI: If I message you I took the time to read your profile. I ask that you do the same. There may be a quiz :)

Now I need to have 500 words! What is this a high school English class?
update: Now they want more pictures. They are awfully demanding around here.
update2: Now its 1000 words. Dear OKC, why am I never good enough for you? You always want more no matter how much I give. Please accept people as they are and you will be much happier.

Things I like more than a should:
- Taking things apart and putting them back together. If there are parts left over then it is just more efficient.
- Rolling down hills.
- Making up words and using them in everyday conversations.
- Lame jokes, especially math or science, nerdy or geeky, and "your mom" or "that's what she said" type of jokes
- Mom and pop coffee houses
- Dinosaurs
- Building forts out of pillows and blankets
- Ninjas

Things I enjoy:
- Concerts and Stage Productions (not putting music, seriously, who doesn't like music?)
- Driving and random road trips to nowhere.
- Video games. This could maybe go in the above list. I have a PS3, 360, Wii, N64, NES, Atari 2600, and a PSP. They are all jealous of the attention I give the PS3.
- Star gazing
- Hockey, especially of the Blues variety.

Things I could talk about forever:
- Cars
- Car Audio
- Home Theater (Audio, Video, Room design, etc.)
- My Zombie preparedness plan (You never know when this will be useful.)
- My Velociraptor preparedness plan (Again, better safe than sorry.)
- Math or Science

Things people usually dont understand about me:
- My sense of humor. It is very sarcastic, usually doesn't shut off and can be some what dark at times. So people don't know when I am serious and think I am insane or something. I assure you I am not crazy and can be serious.
- I dont share my feelings. If i need to talk about something then I will. I dont need to be badgered about what i think or feel. Trust me I am very vocal about these things when it is important.
- I like nice things, but not in a materialistic way. I just like quality things and the joy i get from using them. I couldn't care less about what other people think.
- I value peoples actions more than their words.

Things I do not enjoy:
- Organized religion
- The general public. Is it me or does it seem like they have a collective IQ of about -100. I mean, who doesn't know coffee is hot.
- People with no goals, dreams, or ambitions. Come on, everyone needs a purpose or something to strive towards.

Things I am not good at:
- Apostrophes and commas...punctuation in general. I can fake it pretty well though.
- Going to bed early like a grown up or waking up early.
- Remembering to update my fantasy football roster. Who expects players to be injured on their off days.

Things you should know:
- Its fairly certain that I like my dog more than most people. You should probably like dogs too, we're a package deal.
- You shouldnt challenge me...then i have to do it.

I am spontaneous, creative, and awesome

The question what do you do for fun is one of the dumbest questions ever. Please dont ask it.
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to un-grow-up. Is that possible? Anyone have any suggestions?

- Playing lots of risk. Dont judge.
- Trying to get settled in Missouri after being away for 3 years. Oh how I missed Saint Louis and Columbia.

**Update (2/13/2012)**
Im in the process of buying a home. Im not really sure how this fits into not growing up but it sounded like a good idea at the time. I guess in about the next 6 weeks ill be living in O'Fallon, MO. Look out!

**Update (7/2/2012)**
I did move to O'Fallon a few months ago as the previous update suggested. It just took me awhile to get around to updating this.
I’m really good at
- Building pillow forts
- Killing zombies
- Dodging shurikens
- Making friends with and entertaining kids. I think it is because I am a kid myself.
- Making friends with dogs. Never met a dog that didn't like me. I may one day be like the crazy cat lady but with dogs........and a guy.
The first things people usually notice about me
I would say my eyes or possibly my funny ears and large lips, but is usually my piercings or how thin I am...Yes, I eat. In fact, I can probably eat more often than you. Unless I am hanging out with materialwings, she starves people for fun.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Dont read as much as I'd like but i tend to like fantasy/sci-fi, history, military, and technical books. I will watch just about an movie you can think of. The only music I dont care for is rap and country. My favorite food lately is sushi and I will never get tired of pizza.
Six things I could never do without
- Cold pillows when going to sleep
- Tea/coffee/beer
- Good cartoons (ie: Thundercats, G.I.Joe, He-Man)
- New gadgets to take apart
- internet. I need for informations!
- humor

I've decided that family, friends, pets, and maslow's hierarchy of needs is a given.

Some things that I can't wait for them to die:
- anything on MTV
- political correctness
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I dont think too much about where I'm headed, I just do things. So far it seems to be working out for me. Plus, this gives me more time to think about more important things like string theory, time travel, my apocalypse plans, what would be the best superpower to have, how to get said superpower.
On a typical Friday night I am
Typically going out with friends. Typically this involves some sort of shenanigans or adventure

That's really just a cover story. More than likely I am fighting evil doers vigilante style.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am a part time ninja. Would be full time but it doesn't pay the bills Now that you know if you tell anyone you will meet a silent death...

Or maybe that I'm on here. Not sure how I feel about that.

Honestly I'm pretty open. If you are curious about something that's not in my profile just ask.

Since it seems to come up a bit I'll save some time. If I get to that point with a guy I prefer to catch.
You should message me if
- You read my profile the whole way through :)
- look forward to the zombie apocalypse.
- Laughed at least once while reading this.
- This should go with out saying but you need to have good morals. Easier said than done it seems

I guess if you made it this far I can have a serious part, so here it goes (I'm not good at serious, seriously):

I'm not sure what to expect out of this online dating thing. I dated a girl off her once and its ended awesomely bad, but I remain mostly optimistic. If you want the story feel free to ask.

***Updated (7/15/2013)***
With that said, I do know that I want to find something that will hopefully evolve into a long term relationship with loyalty and trust. Id like someone that is active/atheletic and outdoorsy on occasion. You should be witty enough to have comebacks to my sarcasm and takes things with a grain of salt, if you are easily offended it will never work. Please have goals or dreams of some type (doesnt matter what they are) because i think people always need something to strive towards. Unless your dream is to grind my bones to bake your bread then you should message someone else. Family is important to me and I would like to start one of my own someday and its one of the few things we need to agree on.

Or if you think you can woo me

You want to be my world travel buddy.
The two of us