37 Baltimore, United States
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My self-summary
To begin with, as you have hopefully surmised so far, I am a 30-something lady trying to leverage the stupendous powers of the world wide web to find fantastic dudes.

A desire for ongoing (if gradual) self-improvement and learning
makes me feel in perpetual beta. I try to be willing to change myself based on new information and reasoning. Despite championing reason, though, I've got a pretty strong emotional side, which I believe is to blame for my secret affinity for melodramatic music.

My enthusiasm for NPR programming knows few bounds. I don't own a television, not in the I-watch-TV-through-the-internet way, but in the I-pretty-much-haven't-watched-TV-for-over-a-decade way.

I place a lot of value on openness to new experiences. In a former
phase of my life I was an overachieving art student, and I'm
trying to incorporate more creativity back into my life.

Lifestyle-wise, I'm quite into health-promoting behaviors and fitness activities such as hiking, jogging (I am a hash house harrier), and generally maintaining a regular exercise regimen. I follow a flexitarian diet and could easily lapse into vegetarianism again.

I thrive on high quality social interaction and I guess I'm
extroverted (or so say personality tests).

I will not tolerate lies, but, ironically, I love statistics.

Many excellent things make me swoon, for instance computer geekery (while not a geek myself, I am a geek zealot) and farmers' markets (while not a farmer myself...).

I spent the first 18 years of life in the same small town in Ohio,
and despite moving around to a few different cities while pursuing various gambits to become more cosmopolitan, I remain afflicted by a stubborn streak of very polite, Protestant-work-ethic-laden, Prairie-Home-Companion type tendencies.

I think this description might make me sound sort of earnest and
square, but actually I'm a conniving cyborg supervillain.
What I’m doing with my life
Eh, y'know... I'm just trying to maximize my utility given the resources at my disposal. Professionally, I've technically been a librarian for a long time, but less and less of a traditional one, and I also do web stuff. I'm trying to move towards more specific, world-domination-focused goals professionally and personally, but my lifescript is not thoroughly plotted at this point. I keep myself pretty busy with activities and socializing.
I’m really good at
My sense of humor is very beloved by some, although sadly and mysteriously lacking in universal appeal. I'm usually good at empathizing and trying to see things from another person's perspective (I think). Hearsay indicates that I'm a creative and thoughtful gift-giver. Crafting mail art is one of many obscure, non-lucrative tasks that I execute with noteworthy panache. Historically, I excelled at taking standardized tests, which are unfortunately few and far between after college. I've got top-notch self-deprecation skills, so it's too bad that there is no "I'm Shamefully Inept At" section included in this profile template.
The first things people usually notice about me
On good days, my breathtakingly garish fashion sense.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
BOOKS: A Book of Surrealist Games (Brotchie); Bowling Alone (Putnam); Don't Think of an Elephant (Lakoff); Farewell to Arms (Hemingway); Fast Food Nation (Schlosser); Freakonomics (Dubner and Levitt); Garbage Land (Royte); Gardner's Art Through the Ages; A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius (Eggers); Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Adams); Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events - vol. 1-12 (Snicket); Naked (Sedaris - especially in audio); Naked Economics (Wheelan); Nine Stories (Salinger); Predictably Irrational (Ariely); Satisfaction (Berns); Snow Crash (Stephenson); Soon I Will Be Invincible (Grossman); Statistical Abstract of the United States (US Census Bureau until 2011)

MOVIES: (I don't watch a many movies and actually would like to date someone who encouraged me to watch more of them.) The Big Lebowski; Brazil; Fight Club; Gigantic; I Heart Huckabees; Kill Bill; The Princess Bride; Rushmore; Silence of the Lambs; Sleepwalk with Me

MUSIC: Baltimore Rock Opera Society (they're really performance art, but I think they count in this cateogry); Ben Folds [Five]; Brave Combo; Cake; Decemberists; Flaming Lips; Girl Talk; Magnetic Fields; Mates of State; Mountain Goats; Soul Coughing/Mike Doughty; Talking Heads; They Might Be Giants; Tom Waits; Ween

FOOD: palak paneer and 2 of the categories in which it falls - Indian foods and dishes containing spinach; dark chocolate; grapefruit; bran muffins and other ultra-grainy baked goods; feta cheese; apples - the tart, firm varieties; black beluga lentils; garlic; coffee (coffee is a drug, I know, but usually sold as a food); beer - (another drug, I know!) - I never thought I'd say this, but I have become sort of a beer snob, although still not a big drinker.

ALSO, PODCASTS!: Bullseye with Jesse Thorn; Judge John Hodgman; Sound Opinions; Dinner Party; Jordan, Jesse, GO!; Stuff Mom Never told You; Stuff You Missed in History Class; This American Life; The Best Show; The Moth
The six things I could never do without
a variety of interesting information feeds

a small collection of slightly luxurious writing utensils

potable water in containers that enable me to transport it on my person

healthy* appreciation of the absurd

near-daily opportunities for physical exertion

an industrious team of oompah loompahs doing my bidding

..........*or so I tell myself
I spend a lot of time thinking about
(in no particular order): thrift shopping; humor; self-reporting; current events; gender roles - esp. oppressive/infuriating characteristics of; classification schemes; ergonomics - practical applications of; behavioral economics; food/cooking; power dynamics; parsimony; natural environment - preservation and degradation; art; friendship; Corporate America - usually the evils and Kafkaesque applications of; pink collar ghettos - escape from; public radio programming content; punches-distributing; punches-rolling with; health; festivity
On a typical Friday night I am
I don't currently subscribe to belief in the "Typical Friday Night," and since moving back to the city I've been on a spree of assorted activities, although I often start the weekend with a spin class at my gym.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
-I have a longstanding passionate, tempestuous, and ambivalent relationship with coffee.

-I harbor secret nucular ambitions.

- I'm kind of becoming a frat boy in my old age.

- I'm judgmental towards men who are only interested in dating women younger than them and inclined to think they are shallow and immature.
You should message me if
My house is on fire and you believe that you are the only one who can warn me because I'm so engrossed by OKCupid that I may fail to notice before it is too late to avert a fiery doom.
There may be other valid reasons to message me; please use your personal discretion.


I'm looking for someone with a great sense of humor, who syncs with my communication style. This fellow should treat others ethically and have some interest in fitness. In a relationship, I want a good balance between togetherness and independence, although I like to be affectionate (hopefully not in a cloying or clingy way). I am only interested in pursuing monogamous, could-end-in-being-life-partners dating situations --- I'm old school like that.