39Salt Lake City, United States
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My self-summary
A human being who wants to be and let be, who wants everyone to be their best beings. Let that be enough.
What I’m doing with my life
Overthinking it.

I tell people I work for a nonprofit and I'm attempting to launch a career as a science fiction and fantasy author. Which, judging from how people react when I say this, sounds way cooler than it actually is.
I’m really good at
Writing. I mean, not *really* good at it. It's a slow process, but I'm often impressed by the ultimate result.

Befriending dogs and small children.

Seeing the cloud within every silver lining.
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't know. Quiet? Amusing? The mutton chops?

You tell me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite shows: All hail Joss! Yes, even Dollhouse, though Firefly and Buffy are my favorites. I'm also a big fan of 30 Rock, Bojack Horseman, and Gilmore Girls. Apparently I'm supposed to be embarrassed about the last one, but nobody can explain why in a way that makes any sense to me. Looks like all my picks are either comedies or dramas laced with a heavy dose of comedy. I'm okay with that.

Game of Thrones is usually entertaining, occasionally hard to stomach. Same goes for Westworld.

Favorite books: I'll admit I don't read as much as I should. When I am reading, I'm frequently doing a beta read for a fellow indie author. I could be all hipster and brag about reading things that practically nobody has heard of, but if you're anything like me, the pile of books you're meaning to get around to reading already rivals the Great Pyramid of Giza. Adding more recommendations to the pile would be unwise.

As far as mainstream fiction goes, I'm partial to science fiction, fantasy, non-fiction science/politics/history. Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Scott Westerfield, Vernor Vinge, are among my favorite authors. I really enjoyed Harry Potter, but I also push people to read a long-and-insanely-clever bit of Harry Potter fanfic called "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality."

I'm a huge Jane Austen buff, and Northanger Abbey is my favorite of her novels. I know most people go for Pride & Prejudice, and more intellectual/pretentious fans prefer Sense & Sensibility or Persuasion. What can I say? I just think Northanger is the funniest.

Favorite movies: Nerdy stuff. A lot of the recent Marvel movies, Interstellar, The Martian, The Force Awakens, and just about any bad movie that's getting the MST3K treatment. Or I'll just put on a bad movie and try to mock it myself. I also enjoy Jane Austen adaptations and other hoity-toity British period dramas.

Favorite food: Whatever nourishing calorie-gruel is entering my chomp hole at the moment. I take a low-effort, utilitarian approach to food, in preparation for a future where our overabundant population is nourished by emulsified switchgrass smoothies.
Six things I could never do without
I suppose that depends on what you mean by "do without." And also by "six."

I'll think about it and get back to you.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Politics of the left-wing variety.

How to create a world that works for everyone in it, and for the people who come after us.

Thinking. I mean, I have a squishy ball of gray matter that is capable of thinking about itself. Isn't that fantastic?

Artificial intelligences as tools, as potential fellow beings, or as future overlords.

How to express more self-confidence and be more assertive without becoming more of a jerk.
On a typical Friday night I am
Socializing, when someone's invited me out. Netflixing as a fallback plan.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm really embarrassed to admit this, but I sometimes ((ENDEARING QUIRK)). Yeah, I know. My face is really red right now.
You should message me if
(( mulling... 73% complete ))
The two of us