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My self-summary
Do you ever feel like you grew up in the wrong era or realize how you feel detached from your generation or you feel odd? Ever feel like you're a future Hogwarts student who is waiting for their letter? Ever feel like you have an odd hobby or passion that gets you so excitable and obsessed? Ever been the child at heart who longs to be free yet is afraid of adulting? Ever feel like you've been in perpetual identity crisis asking "what will I do with my life?" Ever long to have AWESOME friends and want to feel accepted yet free to be completely authentic?

Well, you've come to the right place!

I'm a
A Joker looking for his Harley
A Deadpool looking for his Vanessa!
A Hatter looking for his Alice!
A Jack looking for his Sally!
A Wybie looking for his Coraline!
A Beast looking for his Belle!
A Scott looking for his Ramona!

Hi, my name is Zane Chesivoir. I'm from Washington DC but I graduated from college in Greensboro NC. I'm a creative writer and I have a deep passion for film, theater, and music. I love talking about creativity and meeting people who are highly creative, brilliant, self-expressive, being completely open-minded, eager to express their authenticity, and who are non-conformists and free spirits. I'm on OkCupid just to make new friends in Washington DC and having awesome conversations about creativity, movies, and a wide variety of topics. I'm a deeply passionate free spirit! I have no interest in sexual relationships or hookups! I want to make new best friends and meet like-minded friends.

I feel like my personality balances the enthusiasm, spontaneity, and creativity of the ESFP, the free spirit and desire for novelty of the ENFP, the intellectual passion and the highly imaginative inner world of an INFJ, and the love for ideas of the INTJ.

My Enneagram type is Type 4-The Individualist with the creativity and living in my inner world and Type 7-The Enthusiast who gets easily passionate and obsessed.

I'm looking for a theater lover and a fellow traveling companion who can go with me on amazing adventures! If someone loves to travel, is deeply passionate and enthusiastic, has a wide variety of passions and who loves characters, than you're awesome!!!

Outwardly, I'm a bit like Wybie from Coraline, but really i'm Jack Skellington and Jack Sparrow with some Sherlock Holmes and Tony Stark and i strive to be awesomely crazy in that devil may care way.

In conversations, I get extremely bored with small talk but if we talk about travel, movies, theater, or any unique topic, than I instantly connect to you and I have a new best friend! I'm looking specifically for making new friends with girls because I struggled for years around social awkwardness with girls and it's getting better for me but I'm using OkCupid to expand my horizons and discover girls and women, and maybe guys who share my passions.

However, I'm not looking for an ideal friend or someone who is perfect! I'm looking for someone who is imperfect, aware of their imperfections, and embraces imperfections and who seeks to do better and to learn from mistakes. I know what it's like to struggle being the odd one out because I spent my whole childhood feeling "weird" and going through periods of self-doubt.

I highly value open communication where we can discuss any topic so we can learn about each other! I might not have faced your struggles and I can't solve your problems but I can help by being a friend and giving you space without smothering you and being needy and "always available."

Instead of seeking relationships or hookups, I'm seeking out friendships to expand my social circle! However, I'm open to Asexuality, Pansexuality, Sapiosexuality, Polyamory or Tantra, an Indian practice of intimacy and ecstacy. I'm also highly interested in meeting people on the LGBT spectrum and the Autism Spectrum. I'm deeply fascinated by Neurodiversity. I also am fascinated by Highly Sensitive People, Empaths, Extroverted Introverts, Ambiverts, Mature Souls, and Old Souls and kindred spirits

I'm NOT a Nice Guy, Prince Charming or a Bad Boy! I'm striving to be that awesomely authentic jester!!! The guy who makes you laugh hard and who taps into your deepest passions!
What I’m doing with my life
I just graduated from college in 2016! My plan for the future is to live a life on my own terms where I focus my life on discovering new passions, achieving self-actualization and living a nomadic lifestyle. I'd love to connect with travelers and artists because those are the people who I love socializing with.
I’m really good at
Being imaginative, being eccentric and getting extremely enthused about meeting new friends, creative writing, storytelling, going on adventures, discovering new passions
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have WAY too many favorite movies and books to count!

My favorite movies are Tim Burton films, "Scott Pilgrim vs the World," "Mad Max Fury Road," Disney films, Shakespeare adaptations, and so many other movies!! OH AND I'M OBSESSED WITH LAIKA STUDIOS!!!!! They made "Coraline" 'ParaNorman" "The Boxtrolls" and "Kubo" and i passionately love those films and won't shut up about them!!!!!

I am obsessed with films and I get extremely passionate when I talk about films. I love analyzing films, and re-imagining films. I love studying a director's filmography and I'm passionate for auteur theory where the director has creative control over their own work. My favorite filmmakers consist of Tim Burton, Edgar Wright, and Quentin Tarantino because they have a complete freedom in their filmmaking.


My favorite books are The Artist's Way by Julie Cameron, The Creative Habit by Twlya Tharp, Mastery by Robert Greene, and Austin Kleon's books, classic fairy tales, and so many other books

My favorite shows are "Breaking Bad" and "Daredevil." I LOVE BOTH SHOWS!! I love watching shows to observe the filmmaking, storytelling and character development.

My favorite foods are a wide variety of food but my all time favorite food would probably be steak and burgers. I love Thai food, Chinese food, Italian food, Indian food and so many types of food!

My favorite music consists of 1960s music ESPECIALLY Simon and Garfunkel and The Beatles! Honestly, I love listening to a wide variety of genres like jazz particularly jazz ensembles and improvisational jazz, classical music, folk music, rock music, soundtrack music like Danny Elfman, Disney music, John Williams, and so much other music!
Six things I could never do without
Freedom, creativity, theater, music, movies, my passions, and my imagination. The way you can hurt me is by controlling me and through anger and fear!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My future, how I can become self-actualized, what are my deepest passions, where do I want to travel, and how I can express my creativity and my true passions. How I can connect with highly creative and quirky people who are ENFPS, ESFPS, INFJS, or INTJS. How can I meet a girl who is deeply passionate, and enthusiastic? What new hobbies and adventures can i go on?

How I can seek out my Harley Quinn!
On a typical Friday night I am
Going to the theater, going to see a movie, exploring the city, going on an adventure, but sometimes I spend my weekend a bit too much indoors.
You should message me if
Imagine this situation!

I am at a party and i'm looking for someone to talk to. I don't seek out the hard drinking party girl surrounded by suitors. I'm fascinated by the quiet girl reading to herself and petting a cat. That INSTANTLY captivates me because of her mystery!!

This mysterious girl has dark brown hair, alabaster skin, a sweet and genuine smile, and this beauty that vibrates off her!!! Or the girl with dyed hair, tattoos, and a few piercings who tells a whole story visually!

Or the classic Victorian beauty who the alabaster skin and rosy cheeks with a wispy and gentle and soft-spoken voice and who has an AMAZING inner beauty to her!

I tend to get easily attracted and vibe with girls are are eccentric and who are completely unapologetic for it and they embrace it. They have an attitude of "I am who i am" "nobody can control me!" "I do what i want, when i want." They have a devil may care attitude and a complete freedom and an uninhibited nature where they speak their mind and express themselves and they're detached from social norms and gender roles and constraints.

When you first see these girls, you feel this profound sense of deja vu where you feel like "I've known you for years and now i'm discovering you!"

They're the kind of person who LOVES adventure and who has an energetically passionate laugh. They have an AMAZING imagination and the audacity to do what they want!! They are bursting with passion and they tend to gush about their passions EASILY with no shame!!

They greet you with a passionate attack hug bursting with energy and enthusiastically addressing you!!!! They have this bubbly energy where they leap around ecstatically!!

To use fictional analogies, i would love a person who embodies Ramona Flowers, Belle, Coraline, Luna Lovegood, a Zooey Deschanel character, and an Anne Hathaway character with this mystique to them, a passion to them, and this captivatingly sexy charisma to them. They seduce you magically!!!

A Luna intrigues you with her whimsy and adorable quirkiness but Adorkable tendencies and once you get her to open up about her passions, she can't shut up.

OH AND ESPECIALLY HARLEY QUINN!!!!!! ! To me, a Harley is the kind of girl who is LOVABLY CRAZY and who HAS so much passion and energy and I'll gladly be their Joker. (However, i WON'T be toxic like the Joker. Rather I would be an AWESOME Joker who treats Harley AWESOMELY rather than control)

If you want to go on an adventure in Maryland, DC, or out of state or go to museums, the theater, or to a movie or explore a city, I'll gladly do it!!! Feel free to add me on Facebook if you like!! You can add me at Zane Chesivoir!!

1. You support Donald Trump!!
3. NO BORING MESSAGES (eg "Hey" or "Sup". I love surprises)
4. NO TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS (My worst fear is being trapped in a toxic situation)
5. No needless drama!!!
The two of us