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My self-summary
Hi, my name is Zane Chesivoir. I'm from Washington DC but I go to college in Greensboro NC. I'm a creative writer and I have a deep passion for film, theater, and music. I love talking about creativity and meeting people who are highly creative, brilliant, self-expressive, being completely open-minded, eager to express their authenticity, and who are non-conformists and free spirits. I'm on OkCupid just to make new friends in Washington DC and having awesome conversations about creativity, movies, and a wide variety of topics. I'm a deeply passionate free spirit! I have no interest in sexual relationships or hookups! I want to make new best friends and meet like-minded friends. I feel like my personality balances the enthusiasm, spontaneity, and creativity of the ESFP, the free spirit and desire for novelty of the ENFP, the intellectual passion and the highly imaginative inner world of an INFJ, and the love for ideas of the INTJ. I feel like I'm a fusion of Alice from "Alice in Wonderland", Belle from "Beauty and the Beast," Calvin from "Calvin and Hobbes," Buster from "Arthur," and so many other eccentric characters! I'd love to meet people who love creating stories and characters. Currently, I'm discovering a new passion for Elizabethan England theater particularly revenge tragedies.

I'm looking for a theater lover and a fellow traveling companion who can go with me on amazing adventures! If someone loves to travel, is deeply passionate and enthusiastic, has a wide variety of passions and who loves characters, than you're awesome!!!

In conversations, I get extremely bored with small talk but if we talk about travel, movies, theater, or any unique topic, than I instantly connect to you and I have a new best friend! I'm looking specifically for making new friends with girls because I struggled for years around social awkwardness with girls and it's getting better for me but I'm using OkCupid to expand my horizons and discover girls and women, and maybe guys who share my passions.

However, I'm not looking for an ideal friend or someone who is perfect! I'm looking for someone who is imperfect, aware of their imperfections, and embraces imperfections and who seeks to do better and to learn from mistakes. I know what it's like to struggle being the odd one out because I spent my whole childhood feeling "weird" and going through periods of self-doubt.

I highly value open communication where we can discuss any topic so we can learn about each other! I might not have faced your struggles and I can't solve your problems but I can help by being a friend and giving you space without smothering you and being needy and "always available."

Instead of seeking relationships or hookups, I'm seeking out friendships to expand my social circle!
What I’m doing with my life
I'm preparing for graduation in Fall 2016! My plan for the future is to live a life on my own terms where I focus my life on discovering new passions, achieving self-actualization and living a nomadic lifestyle. I'd love to connect with travelers and artists because those are the people who I love socializing with.
I’m really good at
Being imaginative, being eccentric and getting extremely enthused about meeting new friends, creative writing, storytelling, going on adventures, discovering new passions
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have WAY too many favorite movies and books to count!

My favorite movies are Tim Burton films, "Scott Pilgrim vs the World," "Mad Max Fury Road," Disney films, Shakespeare adaptations, and so many other movies!! I am obsessed with films and I get extremely passionate when I talk about films. I love analyzing films, and re-imagining films. I love studying a director's filmography and I'm passionate for auteur theory where the director has creative control over their own work. My favorite filmmakers consist of Tim Burton, Edgar Wright, and Quentin Tarantino because they have a complete freedom in their filmmaking.

My favorite books are The Artist's Way by Julie Cameron, The Creative Habit by Twlya Tharp, Mastery by Robert Greene, and Austin Kleon's books, classic fairy tales, and so many other books

My favorite shows are "Breaking Bad" and "Daredevil." I LOVE BOTH SHOWS!! I love watching shows to observe the filmmaking, storytelling and character development.

My favorite foods are a wide variety of food but my all time favorite food would probably be steak and burgers. I love Thai food, Chinese food, Italian food, Indian food and so many types of food!

My favorite music consists of 1960s music ESPECIALLY Simon and Garfunkel and The Beatles! Honestly, I love listening to a wide variety of genres like jazz particularly jazz ensembles and improvisational jazz, classical music, folk music, rock music, soundtrack music like Danny Elfman, Disney music, John Williams, and so much other music!
The six things I could never do without
Freedom, creativity, theater, music, movies, my passions, and my imagination. The way you can hurt me is by controlling me and through anger and fear!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My future, how I can become self-actualized, what are my deepest passions, where do I want to travel, and how I can express my creativity and my true passions. How I can connect with highly creative and quirky people who are ENFPS, ESFPS, INFJS, or INTJS. How can I meet a girl who is deeply passionate, and enthusiastic? What new hobbies and adventures can i go on?
On a typical Friday night I am
Going to the theater, going to see a movie, exploring the city, going on an adventure, but sometimes I spend my weekend a bit too much indoors.
You should message me if
I'm intrigued by women who have a multifaceted personality such as the exuberance and passion of a child telling a story, a bubbly quirkiness or a strong sarcastic wit, a deep intelligence and a passion for learning, someone who is grounded in their own values and has a life purpose and who is completely free. Someone who is highly authentic and eccentric and who embraces their own passions. I'm at my happiest when I'm deeply invested in a passionate conversation where my friend is ecstatic and I can feel their passion. I love creativity and imagination, passion, authenticity, and a gift of storytelling! I'm fascinated by meeting storytellers, artists, writing, filmmakers, travelers, theater lovers, actresses and singers!

I'm looking for someone with whom I can build a deep and lifelong friendship with! I reject shallow social interactions and i'm completely disinterested in small talk. I want to know your vision of life, your life philosophy, your ideas, and your mind!! I want to learn about your struggles, your adventures, your passions and pain but i'm most fascinated by your imagination, creativity, and ideas!! I want to find a best friend who is such a force of personality. The kind of person who starts the day with a "WE'RE GOING ON AN ADVENTURE" or "LET'S IMAGINE!" or "WE'RE GOING TO THE THEATER!!" text and someone who gets so vividly imaginative, I can feel their passion rage like an ocean wave. I love the person who gets so overjoyed they can barely speak but they don't hold back!

I've always been fascinated by characters like Belle, Coraline or Ramona Flowers. I love people with an adventurous free spirit, a Carpe Diem attitude and who loves books and adventures!! The kind of person leaping and bounding through a bookstore or library clutching a book and beaming energetically.

I also love meeting people who are able to be deeply relaxed and calm! The kind of person who is very chill and easy to talk to but who has a fascinating mind and who captivates you instantly!

I want the conversation end with me being speechless about how awesome my new friend and I get so excited to see them again.

I want my friend to be a great theater companion, traveling companion, and bookstore companion who gets so excited when we're hanging out together!

I would love to meet someone who can go on a day trip or a weekend trip to another state near Maryland or who wants to go to the beach with me over a weekend or who can go up to New York, Phillie, Pittsburgh, or the beach or Coastal NC, Virginia, or Coastal South Carolina.

Do not send me a generic "hey" message or request nudes or to date or for hookups! I don't even dignify a response!!!

If you want to connect with me on Facebook, feel free to send me a message at Zane Chesivoir.

If you want to follow me on Tumblr, follow me at