31Brisbane, Australia
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My self-summary
I like fun.
I like me.
I believe everyone only needs 3 friends... pity I only have two...
People that make me laugh? They are great
People that i make laugh? They are better.

Im a thinker. Are you?
I share a hive mind with my flatmate, it took some getting used to, still scary.

I am big tail man person, Changing, and holier than thou
What I’m doing with my life
First update in a long time. After surviving the christchurch earthquake i found out i lost my job so am moving to brisbane.
New friends in brisbane please :)
I’m really good at
thinking and procrastinating. also thinking while procrastinating and thinking about procrastinating. risk stoneage and free cell .

My 17 times tables
Pretending to be animals (so much fun, try it... GO be a puppy. NOW!)
Jumping for joy!
The first things people usually notice about me
My tail. That Im quite possibly the funniest guy youve ever met.

Or that im in bed (not in THAT way).
Also if you havent noticed that im the funniest guy in the world you probably would notice im rather annoying (its one or the other mostwise)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A) LotR, Silmarillion, Hobbit, Roverandom etc
Dark Tower series
Robin Hobb
One of a kind
Terry Pratchett
the adventures of tom sawyer
(list is just too massive really)

Most books actually

b) boondock saints. Pulp fiction motorcycle dairies, love actually and a requiem for a dream, Eagle vs Shark. Second hand lion. Alot of new zealand movies.

c)Everything!! Except teeny bopper pop. especially bob dylan and CAT STEVENS rem phil collins and led zeppelin. the white stripes
Rolling stones and Guns and roses. The Who are cool too
Jimi hendrix is right at the top

f) CHICKEN. Non-casino Food. Fresh pasta. coleslaw
Six things I could never do without
Board games
My two friends (will you be my third???)
Beer and burbon (im counting it as one)
An audience (im an entertainer)
and "strings or nothing"
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Well ive given up trying to fix the world, now im thinking about my exact plans for Z-day.
Im a daydream believer and a home coming queen
On a typical Friday night I am
same thing i do everynite pinky, trying to save the world.

Failing that ill see you at the pub!!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i enjoy puns. seriously though, they are hillarious.
Ill admit to anything, even if i didnt do it.
(as every other nobby says on here if you want to know something im normally quite happy to answer it)
You should message me if
You have more than the necasary: Toes, fingers or limbs. You like the sticky spot because it stops the children running,You believe that a little knowledge is not half as bad as alot of ignorance. You really liked Samuel L JAckson in the matrix, You sometimes cut yourself to relieve the pain (hehe). You are from caspier (it sunk). You would like me to grab a belt sander and grind the ugly off your face (no im serious). You want to be my vanilla bear, You believe people in glass houses sink ships

[Paragraph to breathe]

You control the sandwhich monkey, you know who TheJo0vler is, your just like a women, You want thaat one.. (are you sure you want that one), your the third guy in the three guys walk into a bar joke but was running late, you are after "my preciousssss...", you have ham but your not a hamster, Your willing to dedicate your life to being my third friend, you want to know what my joke is, you think your better than me, your struggling with life as a lesser deity in the modern world aswell, you like to party it up like its 1699,

[Paragraph to think]

You want to, Your a favourite child, meh, You don't believe in germany, you have a fictional big brother who is bigger than my fictional big brother and can throw him over the fence, you enjoy puns, You wnat to be in our movie, If you don't believe in love, If you've read this far through my reasons to message me (if you have then you HAVE to, its the law), If your dads a doctor or lawyer or Revolutionary guerilla or even a silverback gorilla that would be pretty interesting aswell! did i mention if you have extra body parts? thats awesome! aaaaaand im done now.... END RAMBLE
The two of us