41Lucerne Mines, United States
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My self-summary
I'm thinking more reverently these days about meeting someone who is a damn good dude. Full Stop.

hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic > supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Sometimes I wish the male equivalent of the Pigeon sisters lived upstairs. Or maybe just Walter Matthau.

I am not and will never be the calicoed flibbertigibbet that exists solely to teach you about life and it's possibilities. But I am generous and my weird is your weird.

I've had more fun in a Sabbath Vol. 4 shirt than in a pair of heels.

I'm simultaneously up to no good and very good - in the best way possible. Usually while laughing so hard I hit my head on something.

As with many of us --I myself am often my own worst enemy- but I'd like to believe that enemy is a pretty round character in a larger narrative.

I'm a bit of a dilettante. A bit of an athlete. A bit of a swashbuckler. A bit of a pain in the ass. I tend to reach for the stars...but that is often when I realize that I am in need of a wash...

Way I figure--much of life is about deciding just how to wrap your mitt around the gearshift. More importantly though- and more often than not-- it's about what to do with the peel when you get the banana out of your tailpipe. If you can sort that shit out - you're golden.

I need to be outside. I need to travel. I need to make things (music, art, trouble) and move around, lest I never shut my mouth. So, I am outside, I travel I make things every day, and I move around a lot.

I subscribe to Vonnegut's ideas about common decency. I also like to make images of assholes in much the same way he did. Assholes tend to make spectacles of themselves. We're all guilty of this sometimes.

This here is real important:
I like people (guys) who are excitable and energetic, yet easy going and (listen) devoid of fickleness. People, (guys) who can shrug and say 'what the hell? why not?' by one token yet can make a decision about dinner or a major impasse without an enormous episode or shitty sarcasm. I like people (guys) who treat people with respect, generosity and kindness - not so that they can be patted on the back for it but because that's the only way to be.

Cockiness can be attractive--even a turn-on, blind arrogance and smugness are insufferable.

I value kindness, cleverness, horse sense, and handymen. I relish rampant absurdity and big belly laughs. I really dig indoor/outdoor cats who toggle easily between country mouse and city mouse.

I'm fond of those who don't make me do all the work in conversation. If you can show me, or draw it for me all the better. Make me think. Teach me something. Let's tear something apart.

Laughs and naked go together like horses and hayrides.

Be very honest, be very up front, be huge.

I never forget small kindnesses.

Although the fact is not prominently on display - I'm alarmingly randy.
Smart knows it peels panties. Smart and funny knows that I go commando anyway. Listen:
Laughs and naked go together like horses and hayrides.

Remember: When the demon is at your door -in the morning it won't be there no more - according to Donald Fagan
What I’m doing with my life
Getting under the hood.

Getting my last clean dirty shirt out of the wardrobe.

Spending a lot of time outside. Psychogeography. Hiking. Biking. Drawing.

Bringing Caruso to the jungle. Organizing another Teamster beauty pageant.
Living out an adventure that landed in my lap.

Dancing. Drawing. Writing. Drawing. Writing. Drawing. Singing. Drawing. Dancing. Wishing that I had a pal with a flexible schedule who could help me tear down and rebuild my bike.

I picked up and moved here on a lark from Pittsburgh, (if you're an urbanist, artist, football fan or itinerant weirdo who has a hard-on for post-industrial river towns - I'll tell you all you want to know and more) for a job, with two day's notice. One dream deferred to honor another - its been going really well.

I am a person who requires and enjoys time alone fart around. I putter, take walks and bike rides (regardless of weather) read and draw at restaurants-visit museums what have you. That said - when I am among people I am present, wacky and kind of a "force of nature" as described by some of my closest pals.

Frankly- My schedule is brutal. When at work I work really long hours and spend a lot of time with people who are equal shares brilliant and wonderful- others who are lower than bowl stains. Given that, when I'm done - I don't want to deal with anyone who's a piece of shit, dishonest, flighty or an emotional dwarf. I'm fucking serious.

Who I do want to spend time with: People who want to take a flask and go watch tug boats. People who want to draw or make something. People who like to sing or tell a good story. People who exchange small handmade gifts that are of no monetary value. I know what cool is - I don't need to always be looking for something cooler so if that's what your doing I could give a rat's ass. I want to spend time with people who actually want to spend time.
I’m really good at
Making good on drunk talk.

Having the gall to admit that regardless of how many friends you have New York can be lonely as hell sometimes.

I get comfortable quickly and I think I can set those around me at ease. I can talk to anyone about damn near anything. I also listen well.

Standing up for others - I mean fighting like hell on their behalf.

Giving the finger to racism, classism and sexism in all its forms.

Not suffering "nice guys" who are actually self important creeps.

Getting to the bottom of things while shaking mine.

Being appreciative. I'm a person moved and motivated by simple pleasures and delights- and I am generally impacted greatly by what others overlook or deem minute.

Openly telling people that they're awesome and just why I believe they are.

Being cheeky.

Admitting when I'm wrong even though I enjoy being right. I own my bullshit better than most without being self loathing.

I'm damn resourceful.

Toggling between quiet, solitary activities and being open and social- and sometimes kind of a maniac.
The first things people usually notice about me
I tend to notice them first because I'm always looking around. But generally folks notice that I'm either smiling and saying 'hiya' or that my concentrating face makes me look like I'm pissed off. Guess it sends some mixed signals?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
What I'm listening to today: Harry Nillson, Gil Scott-Heron, Bonnie Bramlett, Bohannon, Eric Burdon, Central Line, Betty Davis, The Free Design MC Lyte, Roxy, Joe Jackson, Tommy James, Soft Boys, the songs of Jimmy Webb, Bacharach, Ellie Greenwich, Big Daddy Kane, P.P Arnold, tropicalia Arthur Russell, Miriam Makeba, The Minute Men, Harry Nilsson, The Residents, Laura Nyro, Bill Withers, The Hollies, The Slits, John Prine, Zevon
Canturbury prog --Caravan is my new thing I think. Soft Machine and just dusting off Gong.

I don't know why I always seem to forget that the Kinks are so fucking good? Pretty inexcusable I know.

I cook and eat nearly everything but cook and eat mostly vegetables most often. But really - shut the fuck up about food already- 'foodie' is a self serving euphemism for high-falluting pig. If you show me a picture of food I kind of want swing a sock full of batteries at you.

Most recently read authors: James Joyce, Gogol, Colin McInnes, James Baldwin, Voltaire, Jane Jacobs, Rebecca Solnit, Mollie Gregory. and the autobiography of Rod Stewart and a stack of shit about Pro Wrestling

I like space and spaces. The built environment and how it unbuilds and how we move around it and feel about it as a consequence.

Heros: Jane Jacobs, Studs Terkel, Rusty Warren, Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, Paul Reubens, Chuck Barris, Don Cornelius, Yoko Ono. Madeline Kahn, Flo Kennedy, Nancy Dowd, Chrissy Hynde, Laurie Anderson, Adrian Piper, Sonia Rykiel, Phyllis Diller, Fred Rogers, anyone who had a hand in Stax records -and so on...

I know from snobby experimental and foreign film and still believe that Slapshot and Breaking Away are two of the best screenplays ever written. True Stories was a stroke of prescient genius on behalf of David Byrne. Shakes the Clown is almost as important to me as the films of Kenneth Anger.
Six things I could never do without
Coffee, sturdy shoes, sense of decency, ribaldry, a good laugh, maybe cheap libation? more recently, and more importantly the importance of being surrounded with truly awesome people-oh and at least three pairs of dry socks a day.

Shower Beers: Not a luxury - a way of life!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What Led Zeppelin would have been like if Tina Turner sang lead.

Bonnie Bramlett punching Elvis Costello square in the face for being a racist asshole. Respect.

I think about systems, art, politics, people and their behavior. I think about the nature of work and our relationship to it --and how our environments shape those relationships.

Being of a specific generation I can state that Drakkar Noir smells like high school sweatpants boners. With that in mind I believe that perhaps Axe Body Spray is the new Drakkar Noir?


TV Party

I've been thinking about Dick Cavett and fiddlehead ferns. Appalachia, and beyond.

Who are the top ten people I'd most like to crop dust on an elevator?

How to be better at suffering through the mundane.
Wondering whether we as a species are becoming more socially/emotionally retarded or whether we've always just been this way and I'm the hapless asshole who didn't get the memo - because I was too busy saying hi, winking and waving to people?
On a typical Friday night I am
Not doing typical things. I will most likely be working - until late- in a van, somewhere in the city.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Goddamn it if weird ballpark orange nacho cheese isn't my brokeback.

Truth: I am a coal miner's daughter-- meaning my father mined coal.

I've got a spine of cor-ten steel but can bawl in a snap if I'm too exhausted or my feelings are genuinely hurt.

I've never owned a copy of 'Thriller'

You down with ADD? (Yeah you know me!)

Things that are often running through my head:
The Girl From Ipanema
"I wish I was a little bit taller..." -- is virtuosic beauty.
You should message me if
You laugh until you double over and cry --and instigate others to follow suit. A lot!

You get why its important to have women listed in your list of favorite authors directors and musicians. Like really--if you can't deal with a woman's voice on your bookshelf, movie screen or stereo- you're not going to deal with one across from you, next to you or in your bed.

You're a damn decent person.

You don't carry with you the slightest traces of smugness or entitlement. If you aren't sure -ask someone. Clueless entitlement is like a desiccant for the privates.

You're a good pal. and are sincerely interested in engaging in
discourse with another human being.

You aren't afraid of women in their contemporary form. That is to say you appreciate self possessed women with a sense of humor and drive.

You can look people in the eye and sleep with a clear conscience - not because you're a sociopath but because you live with a sense of conviction without being a martyr.

You think getting together to sing or draw or build something sounds like a good time. can stand to: shoot the shit, drink a beer, tighten up,
unpack the careers of Nipsy Russell or Roebling I'm down to hang. I
like mischief. Good mischief is hard to come by these days.

You're prepared to discuss why this is one of the most powerful
moments in television:
and more importantly - you can tell me why Ike Turner looks like
Sonny Bono from space?

If you like to do things. If you like to travel, make things, build
things, or use your own energy to get you someplace. If you like
teaching people about neighborhoods, buildings, and outdoors by
getting them into neighborhoods, buildings places that others don't
bother to investigate. You like to loaf around and goof off.

You might have an old ring or pocket watch, maybe a yo-yo, or a
secret stash of old Mad Magazines.

You've ever painted a train - on one or picture of ...

You're a back patter- a consummate josher. You wink - and maybe
have creases at the corners of your eyes? You know what kind of old
person you want to be and the old people know it - offer you pie,
and give you weird things.

You have a little swagger and self assurance without being
insufferable or smug. You can be self deprecating without being
self loathing.

You like to talk with your elbows on the table - but know when they
shouldn't be there.

Your senses of romance and sexual adventure are constructed within your own imagination or are ideally co-managed in conjunction with a partner versus being entirely under-girded by hours of compulsively viewing the retarded laugh track and clip show that is contemporary porn.

You know when a knee in the hand is worth two in the bush.

If you are as open to the idea of making friends as you are dating or
hooking up or whatever the hell else people log on to this site to
The two of us