58North Las Vegas, United States
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My self-summary
Hummm I enjoy being around girls as friends or lovers either is fine. And much more enjoyable then hanging with the guys. Looking for friends first and foremost. Seems like good friends is much more difficult to find then sex partners.
What I’m doing with my life
Working my down hill slide to retirement or at least I'm hoping to. Been on the same job for 17 years would like to retire in about 8 years or less. Own a motorcycle and a Corvette looking forward to enjoying riding and driving without the reason to rush.
I’m really good at
I have donated to causes I believe in such as Shade Tree which is my number that I take either items, money, and also women and their children for
Safe refuge. Some of the girls after being safe was able to decide enough was enough and wanted to go back home ( normally this means out of state) I always leave my number with them. And on three occasions I paid for their trip. What I'm the best at is the ability to talk or reason or perhaps even convince that a situation is on the horizon if they don't change paths.
The first things people usually notice about me
My personality then probably my eyes (though bloodshot has been considered a bad thing I feel its going to make a come back). On the subject of personality I hope and welcome you to check out my test results. Though I agree with some like spontaneous its a Aquarius trait and Artsy as I love to build wall shelf designs and create those same shelves with a built entertainment center. Some of the others I'm sorry to example religion I answered against my true feelings due not many in the lifestyle we may choose run with holy rollers. Nineteen Seventy eight I lost my scholarship to a college that was Bible Training Oriented I was devastated. Shortly after that I accidentally run across a traveling evangelist, who started out his introduction with "there you are" and a handshake. He said I have a message. For you, your disappointed true, but the road most won't travel you will. Its been a strange road and at times a I've been anything but what I felt I should have been. Even to the point of wondering may be I should not be here. One fast reality check and I get called of an accident I arrive and a man who once urinated on a Bible lay waited so it seemed and we shared the simplest and humble prayers I know Now I lay me down to sleep, we said amen and he was gone. I've never said any of this but a few have witnessed. I'm tried and I need to walk away. So in four years I shall retire from work and and continue on believing that where ever I am that's where I should be. One other thing literacy I'm gaged as an idiot, though it might be true, I've written one book with a contract offer for a series. So far my earnings from this book couldn't buy me a free seniors cup of coffee at Mc Donalds. Still life is wonderful.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Nelson De Mille best I can tell is a genius with a pen and paper. As Mr. De Mille mentions he doesn't type he hand writes and the gives it to his staff to make sense of it all. His stories may be based on subjects that has been covered from every angle , except his. At times you can read and enjoy a instant thought of humor he that possibly was so good that he slips it in at the right moment other times he researches for hours on a subject including actually traveling to the location of his subject matter for a hands on feeling for that in which he is putting in his story. If he details the working of most anything that exist he will know how to run it before he writes it. Treat yourself to some you time, my all time favorite charactor is John Corey if you if you ever get a chance you should grab it up.
Six things I could never do without
Another tomorrow ( not much matters without it)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Thinking about my past, the people, wondering about them we all seemed so young. Wondering what they look like after all these years has had its way. Wondering if indeed they are still around, or do they now belong to the ages. Thinking do I google to find out? Or shall I treat the past as if its the here and now so as to not experience another painful fall of those of us thought to be indestructible. I used to play guitar in a band called "No Where" which is exactly where it went (lol) done some song writing but there is one line that always makes me wonder those in my past and goes like this.
I can think of a time when my good friends and I were the partying kind, we had the best dope and it sure helped us cope with a world so unkind.
Back when we were young.
copy right 1981, ~~db~~
On a typical Friday night I am
Home......sometimes....or riding my horse.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Was once handcuffed by an over zealous officer of da law for asking him is it true you can get a dozen donuts on a night stick? When his back up arrived the officer said what happened? Still bent over the counter and cuffed I informed him "I beat him to the last glazed donut.
You should message me if
you have a pulse, yep thought about and a pulse is a great place to start, if you need a guy friend ( its nice to know a guy who does not expect favors). If your in an abusive relationship and want out.
IMPORTANT NOTE* I'm note a counselor, and can't fix what is broken in a relationship. However willing to talk with you when you need a friend. Not real proud being a guy sometimes. Seems to be to many misguided men that have forgotten the importance of women on our lives. I'm easy enough to get a hold of. Keep in mind I am married so sex is not what's wanted. I never involve my wife during extractions but once we are rolling you are welcome to chat with her cell to cell. First time ever my wife talked to a frightened girl my wife had nary a clue what I was doing. Shockingly she has managed very since the first girl who talked to her almost ten years ago
The two of us