37Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
Alright here's profile (my original is available to read, I saved it).

I'm not exactly sure what to put here so I'll stick with basics and some adjectives.

I'm gainfully employed and for now what I do works for me so I'm sticking with it. I have three jobs so I'm pretty busy. Not so busy that I cant make time for those I want to spend time with. What else? I'm totally independent and don't need hand outs and like it that way. I wish that some day I'll be wealthy enough just to do philanthropy from my couch while I watch movies or hang out.

Physically I'm fit but I'm not trying out for GQ anytime soon. I like to think that if an Apocalypse were to go down (even a Zombie one) I would easily hold my own. I jokingly say that I'm a modern classic type man. I know how to clean up nice and conduct business with affluent persons but I'm also fully capable of building, fixing things working with my hands. Camping? no sweat. Super fancy schmancy dinner? no prob. Thrown into a battle royal to the death? Pft easy.

Really there's a lot more to me but I guess I'll just leave it with this...I'm a man, I'm not fresh out of college or fresh out of a bad relationship or fresh out of any other weird thing. Just a real man, single, passionate, with manners, a dark/edgy side, intelligent that's looking for company/possible relationship. But lets just take it easy and not rush anything. I mean if we all met our true loves on the first date, OKC would be out of business in a week.

Random update 11/15: I'm a tech geek too. I love tech and I think its cool. There I said it.

I'm as much an outdoorsy type as I am being comfortable in the city.

How I dress? Well for work its business casual (see pics) and if its just hanging out probably t-shirt and jeans. I love my technical gear (NorthFace etc).

Background. Colombian, Panamanian, Irish -- American. Former U.S. Marine.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm working for a firm (real estate) where I manage buildings in the east village, I broker deals and I manage a company. I'm not some asshole sales agent either, my livelihood does not depend on commission. Managing a company and being responsible whether it fails or not, keeps me busy, don't worry not so busy that I don't get out. If i like you and we click I'll happily make time for us.

As a hobby I do zombie makeup and horror makeup. I did a quick stint for the History Channel and even earned the nickname "ed 'the butcher' devine", yes my last name is Devine. No I'm not a narcissist. I made a site to show some of my work too

I've run the Spartan Race. You never know when the zombicalypse will go down so I keep survival skills fresh. I've become really interested in Adventure racing (its usually 8-24 hours, kayaking, mountain biking and hiking with your own team and maps). Edit:I'm signed up for the Citi field Spartan Race 4/13. Its gonna be hardcore and is only two weeks away!! Update: i ran it and took names. Ask me about it if you care to. Update: running another spartan race at Tuxedo Ridge NY. And no you don't wear a tuxedo its the name of the town.
I’m really good at
Handling stressful situations with a cool head. People don't get to me, especially trolls that try their best. I can run with the best of the best with out being a dipsh*t. Survival in the concrete jungle and in the the green one too.

listening, talking, kidding around, getting things finished and relaxing when I'm not busy. I'm good at getting comfortable under blankets on a cold night. I can navigate at night with a compass (no gps). I could probably(edit: definitely) even hunt down my own food (imagine a spear and warrior face paint) I can handle challenges and crazy situations with a cool head. I can't really dance all that well but being half Panamanian I can definitely move hips and feet. I can do incredible zombie costume/make up, I mean really I'm so good I should be paid to do it.

Standing up for what I believe in and accepting of other opinions. Geez this is going horrible so far I probably sound like the least attractive guy on here. I need to hire someone to do this for me.
The first things people usually notice about me
i have no idea. I'd guess my smile, or eyes or I don't know or that I'm pretty straight forward no b.s. type guy.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: There is a lot of these favorites but I'll name a few....(edit: I added some from my kindle app)
"the war of the worlds plus blood, guts, and zombies", Macbeth, dead city, "apocalypse of the dead" withe the exception of the most obvious titles most above are new/independant authors that sell books for a couple bucks on amazon.
1984, DaVinci, the art of war, many stephen.king books, Plato: the republic, the five dialogues, pride prejudice and zombies, world war z, dawn of the unforgettables, a bunch more other books as well.

Horror/terror , action, mystery, docs,
shows: game of thrones, walking dead, family guy, american dad, hoarders (so crazy), shark tank, simpsons, cbs sunday morning (with coffee), nightly news w/brian williams, wheel of fortune, modern family, and more.

Music: Well this is tricky because I'm sure it makes a big difference. I listen to all types of music but generally around these types - rap, hip hop, rock, classic rock, 60's music, big band, orchestra, classical a whole range, Vietnam era protest songs. Really though I'm pretty open to different types of music. My workout mix on my player includes..

It was a Good Day (ice cube)
Ny state of mind (nas)
I like the view (lil wayne)
jay-z (watch the throne)
Mightly healthy
Shook ones pt 2
Lost (feat gorilla Zoe/lil wayne)
On My Level
Pop That
Spend it Remix
We'll be fine
My Moment
No Lie

Those are just a few. Really though I listen to many genres.

Food - ahh well lets see...scallops, seafood, combination spanish reciepies, american fare, italian, bar b q, desserts (mmmmm..) Just thought I'd mention that I am a great cook, no really I even watch hells kitchen and master chef. I cook all my own meals, sometimes I eat out too..
Six things I could never do without
1. Keys to my apartment
2. The subway
3. Friends/Family
4. My mind
6. Fresh air and the ocean
7. American rebel spirit
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Goals, and ideas.

Three scenerios...

1. Me versus a grizzly bear and all I have is an axe.
2. Me versus a grizzly bear and all I have is two hatchets.
3. Me versus a pack of hungry wolves and all I have is two hatchets.

Also I think about, why I struggle with filling out profiles. Is there an easier way to convey that I'm a great catch, without looking like some troll on here?
On a typical Friday night I am
Typical Friday? ehh well it could be anything I suppose..drinks, relaxing with a movie, out with friends, the gym or yoga, hanging out with my brother in the east village people watching on the stoop.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm an open book so this is a tough one. Sometimes I make up words in conversation to see if the other person either 1. knows that I just made up the word or 2. agrees and doesn't say anything. <- don't worry its not a spelling bee when we hang out
You should message me if
you are digging me and you are secure with yourself. You're friendly, sarcastic and independent. It's cool if you're a little crazy but look if you hate men, don't message me. You're looking for someone real. Have you seen portlandia?
The two of us