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My self-summary
Nuts and bolts: Born and raised in Central California, surrounded by family, strawberries, rodeos and broccoli. I am to this day a big fan of three of those things. Went to college, then taught internationally for a few years and came back to the States once Bush the Deuce was out of office. I've been in the Bay area for about four years, and in Oakland for almost one. And loving it.
I'm often overwhelmed by how little I know. I try to learn something new or make myself better everyday, I approach the world with wonder, and appreciate it when others do the same.
I am actively trying to rid myself of isms and other outmoded forms of thinking that are no longer working for me and are keeping me from evolving. Meditation has been a huge part of that, and I think we could all use more silence and stillness in our lives.
Trying to keep my life as simple renewable and sustainable as possible, but I'm not trying to climb up any crosses while doing so. "Sustainable hedonism" is an -ism I identify with.
What I’m doing with my life
I currently exchange my time for money as a college transfer counselor and health educator, and in my "free" time I am studying holistic nutrition. I also have some friends I play music with consistently, which has been an amazing blessing for all involved. I'm half heartedly training for a marathon relay and a mud run, but now that the weather is getting better I will be more motivated. When I can I try to volunteer with some local groups working with decorporatizing food systems, community building and healing, non violent communication, etc.
Good people, good music, good beer, and good food are mixed in there somewhere. And Netflix. Way too much Netflix.
I’m really good at
Making things taste like what they're supposed to taste like.
The first things people usually notice about me
I really don't know. I usually enter a room smiling, so I would hope its my smile. or my massive, throbbing intellect.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Authors that changed my life: Alan Watts, Joseph Campbell, Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, Sogyal Rinpoche, Lao Tse, Vonnegut, Bukowski, Camus, Tom Robbins, John Irving, Irvine Welsh, Garcia Marquez, Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz. Right now I'm eyebrow deep in nutrition journal articles and textbooks.

Music: lately, Kimya Dawson, Blockhead, Bonobo, Intocable. But anything and everything. This week I am listening to a lot of Mexican banda because I'm in an accordion sort of mood. Last week was a lot of dj stuff, and I went to a few metal shows last month. Anything that has some FUCKING heart, and that is made to be art and not a commodity will get an honest and open listen from me.

UPDATE: I'm on a visual media fast for Lent (I'm not Catholic, it just makes it easy to calendar). So no Hulu, Netflix or movies until Easter. It'll be curious to see how I end up filling my mindless time, hopefully something productive.
Movies: I watch more documentaries than can possibly be healthy. If it's about political/financial corruption, food, ancient history, or aliens and it's on Netflix then I've probably seen it.
TV: I get obsessive about TV shows, and when I do I can go through a season in a couple days, or a series in a week or two. Freaks and Geeks was amazing and I can't believe that I just discovered it. I just tore through all 6 seasons of Dr Who (the 2006 reboot), and loved it. I realized recently that I tend to be drawn to hyper-rational problem solving protagonists (Dr. Who, MacGyver, Sherlock Holmes, John Stewart, Temperance Brennan, Indiana Jones) who don't resort to violence. New Girl, Daily Show, Stand-up comedy, Parks and Rec. And lots of other stuff.

I take food very seriously, and I see myself transitioning into a career around food within the next year. I'm not sure yet in what capacity, but I find my bliss in the kitchen, and around food in general, so its worth pursuing.
I'm trying to walk the walk of the budding nutritionist and eat as little processed food as I can (read: I try to make sure my food is nutrient dense and hasn't had all the nutrients stripped, boiled or bleached out of it.). Monsanto is a menace to humanity, and I am an activist for all things organic and against all things GMO. I'm not anti-science, I just have a problem with a chemical company monopolizing food production and seed genetics so they can sell more poison. I like my veggies fresh and local and my meat and eggs pastured, and though I personally don't have any dietary restrictions or sensitivities I find it fun to put constraints on myself in the kitchen and cook for my friends who do.
Many years living abroad and travel have taught me that being a picky eater limits a person's ability to experience a culture and a place. I won't eat humans or endangered animals, but anything else is pretty much fair game. With that said I am mostly vegetarian, and I really appreciate local and organic whenever possible, but I also live in the Bay area and have that luxury. Recent kitchen experiments include: a no cook/low cook black bean and tortilla soup, smoked sea salt, gluten-free pineapple scones, and some awesome spice blends (taco seasoning, raita blend, beef rub, etc.)
Also, If you say the words "Chinese food" and "Panda Express" in the same sentence, I get a little miffed.
Six things I could never do without
Music, Family (my good friends are kin to me), Silence, Bad jokes, Fresh ingredients, Nature
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Skills and whether I got 'em or need 'em, non-violent revolution, community empowerment, corporate power, the distribution of wealth and its consequences, alternative models of trade and commerce, starting a business, when I'll get to play music next, brewing beer, sustainable cities, integrating food production into city life, herbs and spices, worker's cooperatives, sugar and obesity, meeting somebody, what my next kitchen experiment will be, how many carcinogens are in the products I buy, nutrient content, recipes, how many more days til the weekend, how many more days til I go back to work, work, how bad ass nature is, how bad ass people can be, permaculture, lesson plans, violent revolution, the state of the world (laugh?cry?drink?maybe all three?) and how drastically different the human experience can be for people on this planet
On a typical Friday night I am
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My name isn't really Chlorophil. And I've started using the interjection "For real?" and I'm not quite sure where I picked it up.
You should message me if
Making a genuine connection with someone is more important to you than finding a long-term partner, while keeping the door open for that. Hiking, cooking, making music, going to a concert, eating, cafe study buddy, language practice friend (Spanish or Mandarin), volunteering, taking pictures of murals in the Mission. I'm down for all of that, and plenty more that would be complimented by some company.
The two of us