35 Albury, Australia
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My self-summary
I am a strange, eccentric guy. I'm a Buddhist but I don't all jiggy with the bells and mantras. I'm just very spiritual. I have a huge eclectic taste in music, ranging from goth, metal, punk, funk, prog-rock, German industrial medieval, lounge, trip-hop, jazz & blues, etc. I am a poet, a musician - I play piano, clarinet, bongos, and am teaching myself guitar - a philosopher, a mystery, and a spaz. I also have a tongue ring which I like to show people at awkward moments in conversations or situations. Like at funerals. Not really funerals, but you get my drift. I'm not THAT evil.

I am weird, funny, and unique
What I’m doing with my life
I went to Uni for a few years, chopping and changing my majors. At first it was photography, then psychology, then biology, then painting, then filmmaking, then philosophy. Then I realised my passion. Counseling, massage and energy flow. So now I'm in the middle of a relaxation massage certificate and a counseling diploma. I'd love to learn reiki, reading auras, and as many other things I can think of, which I can't right now. I'm having a brain-fart of a day.

Except I've taken a year off to have a break. To enjoy life for a bit. Why not? That's what it's there for.

When I get my qualifications, I'm going to travel Europe, and stay in Canada for a while. I'm really interested in traveling to places on a whim (once I can afford to do so). At the end of it all, I'd love to have a massive network of friends overseas in heaps of different countries. That'd be cool. Then we can merge our forces and TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

At the moment, I find myself spending most of my time at pubs with friends singing karaoke, at random parties where I hardly know anyone (that's always fun...meeting new people), or at home reading self improvement books. Seriously. I can't get enough of expanding my knowledge. It's like a drug.

I'm learning how to cook. We should totally have a cook-off! I'll make you something I saw on Jamie Oliver and you make me something yummy too! Yeah! Let's do it!

I go for a powerwalk, use the exercise bike & workout every morning now. Ever since I quit smoking in August, I'm now addicted to fitness and eating healthily. It's awesome. :D
I’m really good at
I can play any musical instrument by ear.

Arty things. Drawing, painting, performance, poetry...

Being the funny guy. Sure my friends call me the weird, strange guy, but that sounds too creepy to me. I'm not creepy. Honestly. Just ask my pet camel, Steven *strokes arm shaped like an emu*.

Having a conversation about anything. Or nothing. Or the metaphysics of how maybe "anything" is nothing. I think I just confused myself. What am I talking about?

Confusing myself and others. I love walking into some random crowd and saying the most random things. And then observing what people say or do. Heaps fun. You should try it. Next time you're in a bank, walk up to the counter and ask if they have any frozen peas. Or when you're in a restaurant, ask if they have fried albatross. But the challenge is to be dead serious. You can't laugh, not even smile. You can laugh your arse off later when you're with your friends. I guess it's my own form of performance art. Where I confuse people so much that they have to laugh just to break the tension.

For some reason this category make everyone sound conceited. Except me. :P
The first things people usually notice about me
Goatee, moustache, sideburns, glasses, strange necklace with a hawk-wing...

I'm usually laughing. Or have a cheeky look on my face. No wait, that's not a look, that's my face. I have a cheeky face.

I have been told many times that I look like Kevin Smith. That's cool. I like that.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Music and movies in general, things to laugh at, what life would be like with an extra thumb, things to question in life, what the media is trying to lie to me about, politics between friends, happy thoughts, how to expand my knowledge, what to learn next, how I can start a band, what my next movie script is going to be, when the next pool/snooker tournament is, new drinking games, kinky sex, new kinks, what the next song on my CD is going to be (I'm making my own CD, where I play all the instruments), what to write my next poem about, what if's, the butterfly effect, sex, how to avoid procrastination, how to make my own incense sticks, how to be a success at a lot of things all at once and fame either from each one or on the whole, how to be more than I am...
On a typical Friday night I am
With friends at the pub singing karaoke, at a party, on a road trip, at a mate's place playing drinking games, at a bbq, or on here. Who knows? Probably a mixture of those things.

Or, if I'm not in the mood, I'd be at home listening to music, watching movies or tv shows, on the internet or reading a book.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm open about everything. If you really wanna know something, just ask. :)
You should message me if
You're weird, local, or just wanna have fun... ;)

If you're overseas, are funny ha-ha or funny peculiar (both is a plus), and have a couch for me to sleep on when I travel overseas. Of course, we'll get to know each other first on here. I'm sure you don't want some random guy FROM THE INTERNET crashing at your house out of the blue. That's crazy talk.

If that isn't crazy talk to you, feel free to message. Hahaha...

People who use abusive language...I just want you to know. Your words are like bullets, they go right through me, and hurt like hell on the way out. So I'll just laugh at you.

EDIT: Not looking to be committed to one person, until I find the right woman. But I won't find her though only dating one woman. This is a heads-up, if we end up dating, I will be dating other women, unless we decide to be exclusive. I'm honest with my intentions - I'm not a liar or a cheat.

Age & body size are not issues for me, as long as you are over 18. I'm more attracted to personality & cheekiness. :P