67 Kalamazoo, United States
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My self-summary
Hi! I'm looking for an outgoing free-spirited woman with a wacky sense of humor who is bright (occasionally even nerdy), in touch with and able to talk about feelings, slim or at least not overweight, tall (not really necessary), extremely inquisitive, playful, attractive, sexually enthusiastic (in due time, no rush), and very adventurous. Please be on a spiritual path of personal growth, and willing to work on a relationship of depth to bring out the best in you and me.

I am 6'2" 185 lbs. non-smoker, social/occasional drinker, retired. I was self-employed for many years, in computers: mostly technology with some marketing. I have two kids (F-30 and M-31). I have a black lab-hound dog (SF-14).

I LOVE boating (I have a motorboat, canoe, kayak, and sailboat, but I do only kayaking lately) and fun in the water. I love dancing to oldies, rock, reggae, and Latin beats, and singing along with doo wop. I’m adventurous and I love to explore. One of my most memorable hikes was on a treeless ridge in Denali National Park (Alaska) where I sat motionless as a small herd of grazing caribou surrounded me, then moved on. I’ve always followed current news especially political, national, and international. I’m also fascinated by human evolution and ancient history. Please be well-educated like me (MIT), or at least be interested in the big picture around us.

I am open-minded yet sometimes have strong opinions. I’m a social and fiscal liberal/progressive, non-racist, non-sexist, and LGBTQ-friendly, uncovering and adjusting my cultural assumptions (white straight male privilege). I try to be non-judgmental and generous, and to forgive readily. I appreciate clear healthy communication. I try to own my own feelings. I am romantic at heart. I enjoy good well-balanced conversation, and am also prone to tart and subtle satire, and major silliness at times. To the best of my ability, I am gentle, sensitive, kind, considerate, compassionate, honest, unpretentious, and natural. Please be easygoing, warm, and affectionate, to help bring those out in me too.

So if the above resonates with you, please message (I’ll answer every one). And have yourself a great moment!!!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My favorite quote, from Pogo (via political cartoonist Walt Kelly): "We have met the enemy and he is us" and how MUCH that really covers.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I read a science fiction story as a child, about a young man who felt very VERY different but couldn't describe it (among other things, he could partially read minds). One day he learned that he had accidentally been abandoned on Earth by his true parents, who were aliens. And that explained a lot. I still wonder sometimes, about myself...
You should message me if
I'm well aware that almost every sentence above contains "I" or "me". Rather than get too specific about YOU, I hope it's clear that if you sense my personality and like what you see, then you're probably the sort of person I would like.