32Toronto, Canada
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My self-summary
Hmm, very into music. Friends are important.

Other stuff...LOVE seeing bands live. Not too picky who but some I will refuse to see (no matter how much love I have for them) unless I get standing. I'm weird like that. Yeah, weirdness... Another major Chris quality. Not weird like weird, but quirky. For example talking about myself in the third person! It's worked out so far alright. Must keep working at this...still got to add. So you know, I hate talking about myself like this. Not good at it.

One final thing: I am done studying chemical engineering and have made the heinous mistake of entering the field professionally. This does not mean I am socially inept. I am one of the lucky ones that can study engineering and also interact with people. Neat, huh?

I am feeling, dazed, and confused
What I’m doing with my life
I have moved to Toronto for my very exciting careers first step. Mostly working and trying to have some form of social life in between.

Having said I am mostly I can figure I am basically paid to play spot the difference most of the time! Well spot the difference and being incredibly anal (yes I send drawings back because there is no space before the hyphen.).
I’m really good at
Not that much really... Must be something... I know what I'm bad at... Why can't there be a box for that! I am very good at procrastinating. And telling people what they need to do even though I can't do the stuff myself! (A position in management it seems beckons me somewhere along the line!) I understand it...but can't do it!

Apparently I am pretty good at climbing stairs! Lots and lots of stairs... (I did this years CN Tower Stair Climb with a respectable time of easily under 20 minutes.)
The first things people usually notice about me
Height. Wish it wasn't but it usually is. Too obvious. Well that or I am reciting a Bill Bailey, Family Guy or some other random joke word perfect as they turn and run for the door!

That or the fact I am holding down a perfectly solid conversation with myself!!!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books...should read more. Liked Dracula a lot. Bit of Discworld stuff is good. High Fidelity was very good.

Movies, Fight Club, Die Hard, Bridget Jones, Miss Congeniality. Very wide selection. A lot of thrillers as well make it there and Garden it...SO good and Juno.

Music...Should NOT be here. I could write about this for days. Foo Fighters, Snow Patrol, Green Day, Hundred Reasons, Eisley, Feeder (mostly Yesterday Went Too Soon and Echo Park), The Shins, Kooks (Inside In Inside Out is my current must listen to, although I had Design For Life by the Manics in my head all today) list goes on, Death Cab for Cutie, Decemberists, Feist, you get the idea! Music is pretty much my life. Thankfully I will go pretty much across the board, completely across it if it's something new. Recently some old faves are resurfacing, read as the Manics, Stereophonics, Travis that kind of thing. Even a little Catatonia got a nod of appreciation :P

Food, probably lasagne, cheesecake, ice-cream and any Chinese food... And Pizza (I think I should be on first name terms with the woman in Pizza Pizza but haven't asked).
Six things I could never do without
My CD collection. I would DIE without most of it (still some remnants of my sad sad musical past, and in fact am dieing a little inside every day I am here so far from it!). Something to play my CD collection on (what good's a load of plastic disks without something to let you know what's on them!). My sarcasm, really gets used to excess, possibly a bad thing..Only used in a fun way and internet connection, so many people I know who live miles away, e-mail has become VERY important to me. Two more things... The uber geek inside me says, fill in the two spare slots with, Perrys Chemical Engineers Handbook (7th edition of COURSE) and Process Heat Transfer by Kern. Ah, the core texts for my life! Maybe I should replace one of the above with Cranes Technical Manual 410... That seems pretty important now for fluid flow. Yeah, scratch Kern for Crane. That makes six right? Or maybe ditch one of those texts for a good quality knife. I've seen enough wilderness survival shows to know that's all you need to survive. That and a fresh water supply... Those are probably better than the text books. I need water and other stuff more than how to model fluid flow through a pipe (which I wouldn't have) to a process unit (which I also wouldn't have)...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My friends, what I want from life and how I can get there. Usual stuff you are expected to think about. That or when will I next be able to do something fun? Should I buy skates? (I bought skates.) What is that song that goes boop bada boop, boop bada boop, boop bada boop, boop bada booo-ooo-ooop... (Bonus points for getting which song that is, hint: it's by one of the artists mentioned previously). Many useful and as many (if not more) pointless things.
On a typical Friday night I am
Ah Fridays nights are the night of take out, friends and movies. If I'm feeling more adventurous a couple of quiet drinks down the pub may be called for. Either way something low key and easy.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I guess the most embarrassing is that I own a ***** CD (don't try work it out, I just chose a random number of stars). That or that a few summers ago I read Pride and Prejudice of my own free will! (WHAT? I was in a rush to work and wanted something to read on my break? Just happened that was the random I picked up! Plus it made me feel sophisticated for a couple of weeks :P )
You should message me if
You are fun and like being yourself. Really...people that aren't genuine aren't worth bothering with. Also message me if you are bored. I do it enough!!!

If you like chocolate brownie ice cream... Cookie dough ice cream?... I don't know?... See those straws just out of reach... See how I keep grasping at them to no avail... Awesome huh? Let's face it if you got all the way down here you should message me because clearly you thought something sounded interesting and interesting things should be investigated. Otherwise why did you read all the above? If you have that much time on your hands to waste go something for the good of humanity like volunteer somewhere. Help some kids after school sports club or something!
The two of us