46Windsor Locks, United States
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My self-summary
..quality ---|------- quantity
.Indoors ----|------ outdoors
...woods --|-------- beach
.....dogs ---------|- cats
.eat out -------|--- cook ---|------- improvise
....liberal -|--------- conservative
...winter ----|------ summer
..boozer --------|-- teatotaler ---------|- cocktail
....bland -------|--- spicy
..artistic --------|-- technical
......bold ------|---- shy
.humble ---|------- proud
.....timid -------|--- confident
focused --------|-- flighty
...teams ----------| indiv. sports
nightowl --|------- early bird
.....suits -------|--- jeans ---------|- scientist
.love job --|-------- hate job
......lefty -|--------- Righty*

(*If you're wondering about that last one: I can shoot pool ambi)

Looking for a day-trip companion that will hopefully bloom into a road-trip companion.
What I’m doing with my life
For work: I'm in IT support. I work for the Glastonbury office of an international engineering firm. I also cover two offices in New Haven CT, one in Charlton MA and occasionally Albany NY and Warwick RI.

Luckily, I enjoy driving, and I drive electric. I'm done with gas; you couldn't GIVE me a gas-powered car to drive. I mean, you could give me the car, but I'd just sell it on ebay to buy solar panels.

For "fun:" home improvement projects. This works out handily because I'm currently working on fixing up my condo to rent or sell, so I can get a real house and do some real home improvements.
I’m really good at
Self deprecation, and I'm really not even that good at it.

I'm getting pretty darn good at cooking; I still mostly work off recipes, but I can usually improvise and modify the recipe if need be.

The beJlmu.

Also, conserving energy and recycling.

...and procrastinating; I'll elaborate more on that tomorrow...
The first things people usually notice about me
My outward appearance. That includes my facial hair status, which is currently my usual Van Dyke, but sometimes I go full bushy. I don't look good clean shaven.

Or that I'm better with one-on-one; not so great in a room full of strangers where I'm supposed to just walk up to people and strike up a conversation.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I've recently learned that apparently I'm a They Might Be Giants fan. Several of the ladies who have contacted me on here are TMBG fans, so I've given a listen to a few of their songs, and they're pretty good. "Electric Car" is my new favorite/theme song. Not a fan of the two most popular TMBG cover bands though: They Could Very Well Be Giants and I Can't Believe They're Not Giants.

Northampton; Postmodern Jukebox; James P. Hogan; Good Eats; "In the Waiting Line" by Zero-7; Reggie Watts; Indian cuisine; Futurama; SoMa FM (digital streaming out of San Fran); chicken cacciatore; Shaun of the Dead; blueberry-cornmeal pancakes; Serenity/Firefly.

And I guess here is the best place to confess my addiction to the Walking Dead. I can't walk through a hardware store anymore without asking myself, "would that hammer stop a walker? Could I make a crossbow out of that spring steel?" It's my only must-see TV, and if I could figure out a way to stream or download episodes, I could probably quit the rest of TV cold-turkey.

Favorite quote: "Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all." -Harriet Van Horne
Six things I could never do without no particular order:

1)My cast iron skillet; it does pancakes, braised chicken, home defense, fly swatting... what doesn't it do!?

2)Linux; Kubuntu in particular, but open-source software in general.

3)NPR, both on the radio and the app (this entry used to be the Daily Show/Colbert Report hour, but now I get most of my news from NPR).

4)The four seasons. No, not the la-dee-dah hotel; the actual seasons. I haven't gone a whole calendar year w/o at least one snowfall, even during all my times abroad and in the Caribbean.

5)My car. I'm afraid it is a necessity when one lives in the suburbs and works on the other side of a major city.

6)My slow-cooker. The ultimate bachelor accessory.
I spend a lot of time thinking about

Sous-vide cooking.

In ancient China, a blind old man would walk from his village to the town to have dinner with his son. One week they visited later than usual and when he got up to go home it was dark out, so his son fetched him a paper lantern. The old man chuckled and reminded his son he'd been blind since the son was a child, and he knew every root and rock along the path home. His son said the lantern wasn't to light his path but to alert others he was approaching so they can step out of his way. The old man praised his son's wisdom and accepted the lantern.
On the way home, in the darkest part of the path through the woods, a stranger walked directly into the old man, knocking them both to the ground. The old man angrily asked the man how he could be so clumsy and not see the lantern.
"Your candle had blown out, Sir."
Also: pressure cooker recipes; Crock-Pot recipes; skillet recipes; sous-vide recipes; recipes.
On a typical Friday night I am
Cooking or baking. I don't like to try new recipes on the other weeknights because they can often run long unexpectedly; It might turn out something needed marinading overnight, or I may have to run to the store for a missing ingredient, etc. So I like to do my experimenting on Friday evenings. If I really get into it, I can always sleep in on Saturday, and I've been known to tinker in the kitchen until the wee hours.

Also, I usually stop by the Whole Foods and Harkens market on the way home on Fridays, so that's when the ingredients are fresh. I get a wholesome satisfaction out of coming home with bags full of fresh produce and restocking the fridge.

Otherwise, I'm up for anything. What did you have in mind?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I spent about nine months studying in Spain on an expired visa. We all (the students in my group) went over on 3-month tourist visas and were supposed to stop by the Town Hall to get a student extension before they expired. But the day I passed by, the line was out the door, so I skipped it and never went back.

I photoshopped (well, technically "gimped") the extra depth of field into three of my pics.

I have the same laptop as Wolowitz and Sheldon

I baby-talk to my cats.
You should message me if
You don't base your relationship expectations on what you've seen in romantic comedies. I don't think replying to an OkC message could qualify as a "meet cute" anyway.

You're in CT or MA and your county starts with an H, or your town borders one of them (I'm lookin' at you, neighbors in Tolland County...). Anything else and we're probably too far. My work is in Glastonbury and takes me down to New Haven regularly, so I will take that into consideration as well.

You like board games. I have an international collection.

Also -and I guess this goes without saying- you're modern enough to agree that it's cool for a woman to make the first move sometimes.

Just do it. As long as you're sincere, I'll reply. I can't see likes anyway.
The two of us