33 Leatherhead, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
My limited family come first. My best friends and my beloved goddaughter come second. I work for the NHS so don't make much cash. I like to travel, I've been to quite a few countries since I finished uni. I love ski holidays, definitely my favourite part of the year. Love spending time with my friends be it watching a dvd, going to a pub, watching a sporting event or trying to cook Xmas dinner for 20+ ppl. I like to cook when I get time. I used to play rugby and now really enjoy watching it, I managed to get tickets for a few of us to go to one of the World Cup games which was really lucky.
What I’m doing with my life
Costing for an NHS trust, spending time with mates, doing as much travelling as I can & doting over my goddaughter. I ended up writing a poem for her after she was born, I hated the thought of poetry when I was at school. She's a massive part of my life & has changed me and my views about children considerably. It's such a massive honour to have been asked. My mates are so important to me, some are like brothers I never had being an only child.
I’m really good at
Organising and booking events and holidays for myself and friends. Pretty good with numbers and spreadsheets. Ok at skiing. Used to be ok at badminton but not had a partner to play with since I finished uni. Pretty good at doting over my goddaughter! She's awesome! Hopefully I'm a good friend but probably need to ask my mates that. I would like to get back into languages, was pretty good at French and German when younger. I am really good at picking really good friends, I have some that will be there for life; from school, uni, work & others that I think and hope will be there for life. They're such amazing people, I'm so lucky to be considered a friend or theirs.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books - not a massive reader so don't really have a favourite, sorry.
Movies - loads, favourite if I had to choose is probably good will hunting. But there are many other films I love.
Shows - not seen that many but spamalot was pretty good as was cirque de soleil and les miserabbles. Have seen a couple of Shakespeare's that I enjoyed.
Music - like a quite varied selection, pop to rock to indie to dance to reggae so tricky to narrow it down. Iris by googoo dolls is a fav.
Food - Chinese, spent 6 years in Hong Kong as a kid, love it! Had Turkish the other day which was awesome.
The six things I could never do without
Parents, friends, ski trips, other holidays, cooking, nice wine.