39Cincinnati, United States
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What I’m doing with my life
I’m usually burning the candle at two ends or more. You’ll rarely see me sitting in front of the a television (despite the fact I have not gotten around to canceling my outrageously expensive cable for the 2 hours a month I watch something on HBO). I am passionate about my career in real estate, with a particular focus on historic and urban properties. Also I play music a few nights a week. I play string bass and electric bass and perform with several groups playing rock, jazz, and a little folk/old country.

If not working or playing music, which is sort-of working I guess since it does pay, you may find me working on a restoration project on my house, out to dinner and drinks with friends, checking out an exhibit, architectural tour, or music or theatrical show. I love to entertain guests at my house and it lends itself well to that. I enjoy welcoming my friends over whether it is for a small dinner with a few close friends or 100 folks from work for an office holiday party.

In between the working, playing music, and socializing, I have been forcing myself to go to Crossfit to not feel guilty for my laziness. (I give credited to my Catholic upbringing for my successes as result of guilt from not working harder.) I’m not a Crossfit nut but lack my own self-motivation to convince myself to jump on a box 60 times in row, I need my succumbing to peer pressure for that and it is much cheaper than a personal trainer.
I’m really good at
Other than writing run-on sentences, which I have already fully demonstrated, I am pretty handy and can fix or install almost anything, home repair wise. A sort of odd stupid human trick I can do is guess the age off any house within about 5-10 years based on the architectural details, materials used, etc. (I can see you clicking on the “send him a message” button now!) That odd skill is more about me being an historical architecture nut than being a realtor, although trapsing though thousands of houses showing property is good practice.
The first things people usually notice about me
The most comments I receive, at least positive ones, are of my eyes. They’re very blue I get complements complete strangers on them including the homeless. “hey man, you have a dollar?, your eyes are really f…ing blue, are those contacts?”
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I listen to NPR constantly. I receive most of my news and information there that I often times have the issue of having no idea what a politician or whoever is in the news even look like. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit but this burning the candle at both ends thing does not bode well for me reading nearly as much as I would like. It seems the only leisurely reading I’m getting in is while traveling. With my interest in music it ranges vastly from Bach, to Miles Davis, to the Beatles, to Mumford and Sons. I have some odd playlists going.
Six things I could never do without
Stimulating conversation
Wine (usually white)
Internet/connectivity (this is sort of lame but access to instant information and communication is very addictive. It can make things much more efficient but also a curse in its power to distract and make everyone, including myself, ADD)
Learning more about things I’m interested in
Socializing with friends
You should message me if
If you enjoy and capable of stimulating conversation and prefer being social than being a homebody. If intellectualism is very important to you. If you take care of your appearance and have sense of fashion. If you’re not overly religious, and don’t believe that a guy named Noah literally put two of every animal on boat (or any other crazy religious tale), or would have issue with me being agnostic. If you are open minded and prudish would very rarely be an adjective to describe you.
The two of us